Business Owner Corrects Failing Ad Campaigns Now Works Less and Earns More

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Chris was told to use Facebook ads to market his business by a mentor. Him and his wife tried but ended up wasting a thousand pounds not getting results. Then he worked with Dan and not only learned how to market their own business but help others use ads also. They can work less while making more money and have the freedom to travel.


Hi, I'm Chris Deeble Rogers from Lincoln in England, and before working with Dan I basically sucked at Facebook ads. Me and my wife were instructed to run Facebook ads for our up and coming business by a mentor of ours, and we tried, and basically wasted a thousand pounds in the process. Since working with Dan we've completely changed that around, and not only are we able to make our own business better, but we actually started helping other clients as well. So, it's completely changed what we're able to do in our lifestyle. We now work for some time for ourselves. We can take our business on the road. We're actually away that moment somewhere for the week, and it's allowed us to give us that freedom, which is just fantastic. So, if you're on the fence while working with Dan, I just think, just go for it. You can put the work in, listen to what he says, it change everything.