Bootcamp Business Owner Goes From Failing Lead Source to Growing Network of Owner/Operators Joining the 10k Club in Less than a Week

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Matt owns a bootcamp fitness company in New Zealand. Before Dan's course he'd run it for 4 years and grown it to include 15 owner/operators. At that time his business was entirely reliant on Daily Deals delivered via email to generate leads. It worked for years but then all of a sudden open rates declined and the leads stopped coming in. Matt found Dan's course and was able to use it to completely turn the situation around. Using his existing service and funnel he was able to join the 10k club in only 8 days! Since then he's added three owner/operators to his company and is using his skills to help other owners in the fitness industry. Not only is his business stronger but he's able to focus on being a CEO and improve his own fitness.


Hey everybody, my names Matt Tullock and I run a company called Boot It Fitness over here in New Zealand.
So I'll tell you a little bit about my backstory. Before I found Dan's course I'd been running a bootcamp company for it must have been about four years. to dry up. So people are opening their emails less, it's getting more and more competitive for Daily Deals. And the amount of leads coming into my business dried up, to the point where I actually just had no way of getting people into my business.

Now, this bootcamp company, we'd grown up to 25 locations, we had 15 affiliates slash owner-operators, but our whole model of acquiring new leads had basically been formed around Daily Deals. So I had some really awesome relationships with the Daily Deal companies, with the biggest in the country. So that was feeding leads into my business, and that was fantastic.

I stumbled upon Dan's course. As I already had a preexisting fitness business, and a final, I guess, a product to sell, I very quickly went to the 10K club, within two weeks, in fact. It was actually like about eight days. Where I had members signed up to my bootcamp, on contracts that were worth the value of over $10,000. I then rolled that out across my owner-operators, they had the exact same result, we'd got a ton of leads in. And I've now been using Dan's training methods to launch new bootcamp owner-operators. So since I came on, I've had an additional, I think it's like three other bootcamp owner-operators on, we've used the methods within Dan's training to get them launched, my most recent one, within a week they had nine full-paying members. And if it keeps tracking that way, you know, they're already making profit off their business, whereas a lot of bootcamp businesses might take six months to a year to actually get profitable.

So this has been a tremendous thing for me in my life, because at the time I was under a lot of stress. I was carrying the weight of fifteen other owner-operators trying to figure out how we could get everybody leads, and his methods just work. They 100% work. I still use them to this day, and that's a year later. The great thing about his course, is he's constantly staying up-to-date, and across the latest trends on Facebook.

So I would recommend this course to anybody out there who runs, you know, a business, or a fitness business. I'm now helping other fitness business owners as well, outside of my network of bootcamp owners. And it's just really completely changed my life. I now, I bounce out of bed, I'm not stressing. Prior to, you know, this, I was running four to five sessions a day, on top of doing all of the admin, trying to do all of the marketing, everything. Now I'm running three sessions a week, I love running bootcamp sessions, I'm now back, focused on my own personal fitness. I've got my own fitness to the highest levels ... everything has changed for me because of Dan Henry and his course. I'm super grateful to Dan.

I was lucky enough to have a personal consultation with him, and it was just amazing stuff. Both from a mind-set and a technical standpoint, so I can't say enough good things about Dan Henry, he's rough around the edges, he says it how he sees it, and he just says whatever he wants, and I actually, I absolutely love it. Because there's so many gurus, and marketing people out there, who just tell you what you want to hear, Dan will just tell you what you need to hear, and whether you like it or not, it works.

So jump on the course, if you haven't got it already, if you do have it, get it done. Let's go.