How This Course Creator Joined Dan's $100K Club

Customer Name: Arne

Arne joined Sold Out Courses and didn’t just hit the $10k club, or the $20k club, or even the $50k club… he just hit the $100,000 club! 

 He talks about how unbelievably valuable Sold Out Courses is, and says he couldn’t thank me enough for what Sold Out Courses has taught him. 

 What’s Covered: 

-Arne claims he has no idea where he would be without Sold Out Courses 

-How Arne's software sales more than TRIPLED once he applied what he learned! 

-How Arne's dreams went from $100k a year to making that in a month


What's up guys Arne here from groups or and I've got some amazing news, my man, Mr Dan Henry, he helped me hit not only the 10 k club, not the 25 k club, not just the 50 k club last month we crossed a hundred K in revenue and this is insane. That used to be like my yearly goal is to cross that and in one month we made it happen through a few different revenue streams. So I'm super, super excited to show you guys how I use Dan Henry Education to cross this amazing mark and just blow it out of the water bowl, all my expectations and really set my business up to scale to seven figures for next year. And I'm super excited to show you guys what we did here. So check it out. So first up, I want to fill you guys in a little bit on the story of how I did this.

Well, black Friday is nuts. I'll tell you that right now by Friday is absolutely crazy and is one of the best money making opportunities out there. Especially if you have a course or another product where you can sell a lot of it all at once. In fact, I got my 50 k club award last year also in November. So I was able to generate $57,000 with just $1,000 an ad spend by really leveraging what Dan showed me and also leveraging my Facebook group and my launch strategies as well. So just created this crazy effect of all this stuff happening. And then one year later I was able to pretty much double that on the spot. So pretty insane. So check this out. So we did this really cool promo where a, so I have two main offers. I have a course and I have a software product.

So we went into black Friday and we pretty much want us to do a promotion for both. And we thought, okay, cool. We could do a bundle or we could sell them separately. That can get kind of confusing. So we thought, all right, how about we do the software promotion first and then we can promote the course and next. So what we want to look at here is here is all of the software sales for November through the 1st of December. And we did a big push, we did a big promotion using a lot of the stuff Dan shows me in for his ads and his promotional strategies and emails and all that kind of stuff. And that resulted in just shy of 25 grand in sales. And most of that came in the period of about a week. So it was really, really cool.

And then of course, you know, this are more sales coming in as well. So just under 25 grand from the software alone for November. And let's go take a look at the course. So the here are the sales for the course for November as well. And we came in at just over 27 grand in cash collected for the course with another. Let's see, I think I pulled up the math here, 14,768 and pay plans. So that comes to a total of just under 42 grand. Let's do the math here, plus 27 Oh six, four 42 grand under 42 grand in core sales as well. And we're looking at that that 25 grand from the software. So let's go ahead and just add that up as well. Plus two, four, four or five one. Nice. Not Bad, right? All right, so that doesn't really look like a hundred k club does it?

Let's let's, let's keep digging a little bit. So let's hop on over to paypal. So I also take some payments on paypal as well. So let's add this up. This was November 1st through December 1st nine three four four. All right, there's 75 grand right there, but we're still missing 25 grand. And what's going on Arnie? Well, I've got some awesome awesome news for you guys too. So I also offer a service that is directly related to the stuff I've learned from Dan from direct response copy to Facebook ads to some of this promotional marketing. And I offer that service on a commission. So these are all foundational skills I learned from the 30 day agency course and then I applied them in different places. So I was able to take that and help launch a courses for my clients and also generate, let's see, another 41,000, $273 in commissions for myself. And that is by helping other people make a whole lot more than that. So let's go ahead and add that in for one, four, one, two, seven [inaudible].

All right, so that comes out to a total, a grand total of $116,900 in a 30 day calendar period. That is just insane. You can see, you can see a, we got a couple of wires here. I don't want to show you guys all my bank info, but there's some big numbers at the bottom there. That's what you really want to see as some of these wire transfers I have coming in from these clients. I don't take it on stripe or paypal or anything. We just go with the wires. So that's how I crossed my first six figure month ever in business. And I want to say shout out to Dan for teach me how to be a savage marketer. And a also got my, my soul out of course to the sat on underneath helped me out a ton there. And yeah, and just helped me so much with, with all of this stuff, gave me a foundational skills I really needed.

I wasn't really making it online until I got into 30 day agency. In fact, I was one of the first like 10 or 20 people in the program way back and I took those skills and I just stuck with them and I ended up building community building products. I'm using that, all that marketing stuff, all the funnel building stuff and making money with it. So it's been amazing to, you know, be on this journey. Oh, hey, I got one more head on or need to go my Leto hat. As you can see, I'm a, I'm a fan and I went to the events, I spoke at the agcon event. Tons of fun. So wanted to give a huge shout out to Dan for helping me make this a reality. I never thought this would be possible to, you know, even have a six figure a few years ago, let alone a six figure month.

So this is you know, I want, I want to you guys a fuel and excitement and motivation that you can do crazy things. If you are under the 10 k mark, cool. Keep reaching, keep going. Go hit the 10 K mark. If you're past the 10 k mark, keep reaching for that next milestone. Yes, it will take time. Yes, it will take energy. Yes, it will take effort, but it will be the most worthwhile thing you ever do. So follow it. Dance as, get us courses follow the path and put the work in. You'll really, you'll really love the results. All right guys, take it easy. Thanks again Dan.