Armin Describes His Experience With SOC, Says The Calls Alone Were Worth It!

Customer Name: Armin

Armin joined the Sold Out Courses program and was absolutely shocked by the amount of coaching and content he received! 

He claims with a passion that the private coaching calls with Dan alone was worth the investment, let alone everything else that comes with! 

What’s Covered: 

-A little on what's inside SOC

-How Armin regrets not taking action in joining Sold Out Courses sooner! 


What's up everyone. My name's Arman. I'm the founder of elite speakers Academy and uh, I have to give a huge shout out to Dan Henry. I invested money in, bought his sold out courses program, which is a coaching program. And it comes with a shit ton of modules and step by step processes on exactly everything you need to know to literally build your online course and scale it. And the coaching calls he does every week alone was worth my entire investment if not more because from one call or from just listening to the recordings of the calls, I have so much value come out of it. That's pretty much fixed. 99% of all the errors I had in my course that I had poorly built. But I had no idea I did. So thank you so much Dan. I am overly GRA, uh, grateful that I have this course now in this coaching program and I'm pissed it took so long to do it. And if you're on the fence, I have to tell you, stop, get off the fence because if your course is not scaling or you don't have one or you want to do this, I pretty much am here to say, I don't think I found anything better than this sold out courses on the marketplace. End of story. Stop wasting time. Thanks a lot, Dan, and I'll make another video for you. When I crossed the first million dollars with my online course.