Alejandro hit $8K/mo after Dan's Course Methods

Customer Name: Alejandro
Location: Columbia

Alejandro is in his footwear factory, which he says is not where he thought Sold Out Courses would help him! 

Alejandro’s dream was to have a footwear brand, and he builds websites to fund his footwear business. 

He bought Sold Out Courses to help with his web development business, which is now bringing him exponential success, however he also applied it to his footwear brand! 

What’s Covered: 

 -Alejandro’s story going from broke to successful within a year due to Sold Out Courses!  

-How clear and step-by-step Sold Out Courses is 

-Alejandro talks about how Sold Out Courses doesn’t just apply to courses, and how it's impacted his brand


Okay, Dan Henry, Dan Henry. This testimonial is for you, my friend. Now, Dan, right now I am in my footwear factory. My business partner and I 20 foot were factory in Colombia, in Bogota, Columbia. Now I'm telling you this because because I make websites, I'm in simple websites. I was able to work my butt off and put myself in a position where I can work on my dream, which is my footwear factory, my footwear brand. Now, here's the cool thing I learned about you and I signed up to your course because I want to teach people how to make simple websites so they can do what they love with their passion is to make money, whatever it is that they want to do. And You my friend, when I signed up, I actually signed up to learn about how to make a course, but I'm actually learning so much more and because of your course, believe it or not, then we have been able to take a lot of the information that you shared and I'm actually was able to apply it to the factory, which is really crazy because that's not what I signed up for.

I signed up for you to teach me how to create a course that's going to help people and you've given me so much more than that. So I just want to tell you, Dan, thank you so much for your course. I am super excited to be able to teach people what I've been able to do and see them do it. Thank you. I cannot stress enough how much fun, how much knowledge and how great everything has been. I've never, I've really never thought of course, could be like this. Whoever's watching this, you need to get his course, whatever he's telling you, this guy puts his heart and soul into whatever he does, and you can clearly tell because of the results that he's been able to get. So I hope you guys create a great day. We'll lock in whatever you're doing, whether it's Facebook cores, selling your own course, whatever it is. Best of luck. Thank you, Dan. I will see you soon.