After Spending $5,000 on Courses That Didn't Deliver Student Learns Skills and Confidently Works With 2 Clients in Only 3 Days

Customer Name: Temple Naylor
Location: Portland, OR USA
Temple had spent $5,000 on courses to teach him how to market on social media. Even though they promised, none of the courses actually taught him how to get results for clients using Facebook ads. That left him feeling frustrated and lacking confidence in his skills. Since he lacked confidence it was hard to get clients. To break the cycle he joined Dan's course. With the course he was able to work with two clients in only three days. He's now confident that he can not only work through objections with potential clients but then deliver amazing results for them.


Hi, my name is Temple Naylor, I'm from Portland, Oregon and working with Dan Henry has absolutely changed my life around. I actually dove into previously, and about five courses, all around $997, so that's $5,000 and all these courses just said that they would go into actually teaching Facebook ads and how to get results for clients. None of this was true, and I lost all my money, and I was completely unconfident in my abilities. Because I was unconfident clients could perceive that and they didn't want to work with me, so I wasn't able to close any clients. It was just starting to become really disastrous and toxic, and I didn't think I actually had it in me to do this myself. I was starting think this wasn't for me, and I just lost a bunch of money, and so you know it's just time to move on.
But after working with Dan for only three days, I've already landed my first client yesterday with some objection handling that I learnt from Dan Henry. I landed another client for Thursday and we're having a kick off meeting. He's a chiropractor, I'm super stoked about that one. I learned how to get results for these clients. I learned how to actually get results for myself with Dan Henry. If you're on the fence about working with him, don't. This is coming a guy from about five course and actually had mentorships from other "gurus", and none of them taught me what I needed to know. Dan Henry taught me everything. I could not be more thankful man. Thank you so much. Changed my life around really.