After Quitting Job and Struggling With Social Media Business Student Learns Ads and Triples Their Rates

Customer Name: Derek Saraiva
Location: Salt Lake City, UT USA
Derek had quit his job in corporate and owned a social media management business. He was struggling to get results for his clients and seemingly stuck at charging $300 monthly per client. Since he had trouble showing clients his services brought a return on investment, he consistently lost clients. Then he started working with Dan and now confidently charges a minimum of 1k/month per client bringing them at least a 3x return on investment. He credits the simple step by step method that Dan uses to teach marketing for his success.


All right my name is Derek, I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah. And this is a video testimony for the man, Dan Henry. Before working with Dan I started a small social media business, I quit my corporate job, and I was struggling every month. I just didn't really know what I was doing, I couldn't charge more than like $300 a month per client, and they would leave all the time because I couldn't really prove an ROI. I went from that situation to charging clients over a thousand dollars a month, learning how to keep them by proving my worth, by showing them an ROI. You're paying me this much money, I'm making you three or four times that back. And just having confidence in myself and my ability.
I remember the very first time, I'll never forget, that I charged a business over a thousand dollars a month to run Facebook ads for them. It was a preschool franchise in California and I set them the PayPal invoice and I remember seeing it come back, I remember seeing it on my phone and seeing it and I was like, "Holy shit. I can do this."

And if you're maybe on the fence about working with him, purchasing one of his programs, just do it. This guy is the real deal. Not only does he teach in a very simple, easy to understand way, in a way that's executable, but the other thing about Dan is that you know whatever he's teaching you is battle tested. He knows what he's doing, he knows how to make money, knows how to keep it simple. He taps into the amazing community too. Depending on what you're thinking about investing in.

The community is probably one of the best parts about working with Dan. I've made some great connections, some great friendships. So I'd highly recommend you work with Dan or purchase one of his programs. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made and I think it'll be one of the best decisions you could ever make too.