After Losing Only Client Student's Confidence with Ads Improves and Business Grows

Customer Name: Jack McCarthy
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jack began working with Dan after losing his biggest (and only) client. Since then he's added new clients and built his business substantially. He's confident in his ability to use paid traffic sources for a variety of industries. He also attributes some of his success to the friends and colleagues he's met in the course community.


Hey. My name is Jack. I'm a digital marketer here in Pennsylvania, and I want to talk to you real quick about my experiences working with Dan Henry. I became a student of Dan's in January of 2017, last year, after I had actually lost a big client. Which had been my only client at the time. Since working with Dan in his programs, I have brought on handfuls of new clients, and build up my business substantially. Which has been amazing for my life, and for growing my business, but also I've learned paid traffic strategies that are super logical and easy to implement for all sorts of businesses. Which has been really astounding.
I guess what I have to say here is, if you're on the fence about working with Dan just do it. Just pull the trigger. It is 100% worth it. It has made the difference for me, and so many others in their businesses, and really changed their lives. So, I can't recommend it enough. Dan has so much knowledge to offer and to teach. He's always learning himself to bring more value to his students. Which is great. Not to mention, the community of students that you can build an amazing network with. I've been so fortunate to build a network of colleagues and of friends just through working with Dan. So, can't recommend it enough. If you're on the fence, like I said, pull the trigger, get in now, and I'll see you in there.