After Losing Apartment and Car Student Goes From Barely Affording Food to First 4 Clients From Free Webinar Alone

Customer Name: Glen Huff
Location: Deerfield Beach, FL USA
A year ago Glen lost his apartment and his car. He was living with his girlfriend's family barely making enough money to feed himself. He found one of Dan's webinars and using the information in that free training he got his first 4 clients. He invested in the course and within a month was able to finance a car and get his own apartment. His new marketing skills allowed him to quickly increase his income. Now he looks forward to using what he's learned to grow his business.


Hey guys. Glen Huff here. I just want to take a moment to say how grateful I am to have found Dan Henry at a time when I needed help the most. I'm a digital marketer. I took Dan's advice and I don't regret it one bit. Dan Henry's one of those guys that motivate you to take action and stop waiting for things to happen in your life. He didn't teach me just how to create a Facebook ad, and then ask me for my life's savings in return. He taught me how to run an online business correctly. He taught me how to market. He taught me how to get clients, how to serve them. He gave me a completely new perspective on digital marketing. Dan Henry gets straight to the point. He gives you everything you need to start making money from day one from his free trainings alone.
A year ago, I didn't have a home. I lost my apartment and had to live with my girlfriend's family. I lost my car in an accident on the highway. I was making just enough money to feed myself and just get by with my day job and random freelancing jobs that I would pick up on the internet. I came across Dan on Facebook and if you haven't seen his webinar yet, I highly suggest you do.

That training alone got me my first client, who then referred me to two more paying clients. I doubled my income within the first month with Dan's course, and I was able to start financing a new car. I moved out, got my new apartment. I may not be a millionaire or anything and I never claimed that I would be. But literally after a few months of just putting a little bit of effort into starting an ad agency, my life changed. I love the community Dan started, watches how his students grow to making 30K a month. That's awesome. I tell you what, I'm gonna make it a point this year to get to that mark. With Dan's help and his teaching, I know I will get to that mark this year. You need to listen to Dan. Dan knows what he's talking about and he gets results. His students get results and so can you.