After Learning to Market His Business Student Adds in Additional Income Stream With Ad Agency

Customer Name: Rey Laygo
Location: Chicago, IL USA
Rey owns an agency that offers mobile apps and web development. He joined the course to learn how to market his own business. With the course he was able to run successful campaigns so decided to add a new income stream and help other local businesses get clients. Now he is able to use the same skill to work with clients in a variety of industries.


Hey, everyone. This is Rey from Chicago. I am actually going to let you know about Dan Henry's course. I actually bought the course in December 2017. I implement some of the sales processes that he had there on video and the modules, and it worked well, and also implemented some of the Facebook ads for entrepreneurs for my business, my agency. I own agency here in Chicago, and so I do web development and SEO, as well as mobile apps. I actually implemented the strategies for my mobile app business. It worked well. I have some clients from that and then I decided, "Okay, let's do Facebook ads for small business owners."
I started doing that to my agency. Right now, I have clients, a dentist in the suburbs. He has about nine different offices throughout the suburbs of Chicago. Then also, I'm working on a few different chiropractors here within the city of Chicago. Right now, also, yeah one more thing, I do have a client in Las Vegas that I closed with the strategies used in the course. It's a limo service, and I have that basically for SEO and web development/maintenance. Yeah, overall the course is great. If you're still thinking about it and sitting on the fence, there's no need to think anymore. This is hence down the course that you should be using for your agency if you're thinking about having an agency, or if you have a small business and you want to run Facebook ads for your small business, this is a game changer. I hope that helps. Buy Dan Henry's course.