After Failing At Ecommerce Course Gives Student A Clear Path to Success

Customer Name: Ishwar Singh
Location: London, United Kingdom
Ishwar was looking for an online business model that would help him change his life. He'd tried ecommerce but it didn't work out then he saw an ad for Dan's course and joined. Even though he's still working through the modules he is confident that this is the path to a successful business.


From the UK, and this is a shout out to Dan Henry. Before taking Dan Henry's programs I was looking for a business model which would actually work and actually change my life. I tried some eComm and it didn't really work out and that's when I saw and ad for one of Dan Henry's programs. To be honest it's been really great. So far I'm still working my way through it and I can see that this is a scalable business that I can make, and it'll be something that can change my life. If you're on the fence about working with Dan Henry or one of his programs, I say don't because you'll defintely make back the money pretty quick, there'll be no problem making that. So that's me. Thanks.