After a Decade Long Side Hustle Student Takes Leap of Faith When Laid Off

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Rick had a corporate job and a side hustle for 10 years. Then he was laid off from his corporate job and had to support his family with his side business. He joined the course and has been able to be home to walk his kids to school since. It means so much that he can be present that the family celebrates the day he was laid off as an anniversary.


Hey, guys. My name is Rick Mendoza. I'm a husband, father, friend, and I'm based out of New Jersey. When I found Dan Henry's course, I was in a really bad situation in my life. I always believed in having something that was safe and secure, steady income, as well as having a side hustle. I had both. I had my side hustle and my day job, and they were both running for about 10 years strong, but I was always scared to take that leap of faith to move forward and push ahead full-time.
2016, I was forced to make that decision. My corporate job laid me off, so I no longer had that little leg to rely on, so I had to make it work. I needed to learn how to make sure that I was getting enough clients to support my family, my wife and two kids, and I knew that Facebook would be a way to secure that income. I started to research online and look for the quote unquote gurus, and I ran across Mr. Dan Henry, and that's when I decided to invest my thousand bucks and make things happen.

Fast forward a year and a half, and I'm happy to say that training with Dan has changed my life. I've been able to see my kids grow up. I've been able to walk into school, which was one of my things. I've always wanted to take my kids to school and pick them up, and studying with Dan has enabled me to do that. I want to show you a very, very special, out of all the accolades, all the money that I made, everything that came along with the course, the most special thing to me is that my family and I celebrate the anniversary of me being let go of my job, so this is I want to share with you Dan.

Thank you so much. It says happy one year corporate-free anniversary, so my wife and kids celebrate this with me. We celebrated in September, and it wouldn't be possible without your help. I hope this helps you out. I'm on my way to walk the kids to school, so I'm living the dream, baby. Later.