After 2 Years of Researching Online Businesses Student Learns How to Launch Agency and Offer Ad Services

Customer Name: Jeff Bradley
Location: Mt. Vernon, WA USA
Jeff had been researching how to make money online for two years. He'd learned about SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and Facebook marketing. He had launched websites to promote drop shipping and print on demand products. He enjoyed the Facebook ads portion of his business so decided to learn how to start an agency. He joined the course and in it found everything he needs to build an agency. He appreciates that the course means he can take a short cut to growing his business the right way and has a supportive community to answer questions.


Hello. My name is Jeff Bradley and I live in Mt. Vernon, Washington, which is about an hour north of Seattle. I wanted to tell you a little bit about my experience working with Dan Henry. For about two years, I had been searching online for a way to make money and trying to learn everything that I could about such things as SEO, search engine optimization, I was affiliate marketing, email marketing, using Facebook as a platform for advertising to drive traffic to a couple of websites that I had put together for the purpose of drop shipping and some print-on-demand stuff.
I was trying all this stuff and I really didn't have any direction, and didn't know who to ask. During all this time, I was thinking, well, I really enjoy the Facebook ads portion of the process, and I'm good at doing demographic research and putting together ads and everything, and I was thinking wow, I could offer this skill, this service to local businesses, and I could build an ad agency. What an idea.

You don't know what you don't know. Right? I didn't know what a successful ad agency would look like and I didn't know who to ask. I could have spent who knows how long of time stumbling along trying to figure that out. Fortunately, I found Dan Henry, and I watched one of his presentations, and I realized wow, this guy has precisely all the information, all the answers that I need to put this together. I bought the course and I'm very grateful that I did.

It's been about a month since I've been going through the course, and it's very thorough and complete and comprehensive. Really has everything you need to know. In fact, I like one of Dan's statements. He said if you master everything in this course, all this information, you will never again have to work for a job if you don't want to. You will have everything you need to build a successful ad agency, and a very successful one.

All that to say if you are still on the fence as to whether to get involved with Dan Henry, I would tell you to just dive in. Really, what are your options? You're going to either stay at your job that you hate, that's not going to give you what you want. You're going to be a slave. You're not going to be able to live the way you want to. Or you will maybe try to learn on your own and figure it out how to do whatever, and stumble along and maybe waste months or years, and a lot of money, really getting nowhere, or you could take advantage of this set of skills and knowledge and this training program that Dan Henry has already figured out for you. He's already figured out and paved the way for all of us, and so I would say just dive in.

Why not? If you don't, you'll always regret not having done it. You'll always think back wow, what would happen if I had done it? Also, the money that you would have invested in yourself by getting involved with Dan and his training program, that money you're going to spend it anyway on something, and it's probably not going to be anything that's going to help you build your future. All that to say just go ahead and dive in, and you will be happy that you did, as soon as you immerse yourself in the terrain and you're going to realize wow, I can do this and I can make a tremendous income for myself.

Also, in addition to that, let me not forget to say that besides the training program itself, you have this incredible online community of students from all over the world who are sharing their experiences, helping each other, showing how they overcame certain obstacles. It's all there for you 24 hours a day, any time you go on there, there's going to be somebody on there and everybody's so willing to help. It's just a very positive environment and atmosphere and so the training never ends, because every time I go on there, I learn something.

I'll save somebody's conversation to look at later or I'll turn on my notifications so that as people respond and give answers to questions, I can be notified to that and take advantage of that, too, so I don't miss anything. It's just a phenomenal addition to the whole training program. All that to say dive in, Dan Henry, thank you very much. Hope to meet you one day and let's all become successful and meet each other on the beaches of the world. I'll see you very soon. Thanks. Bye-bye, now.