Ad Agency Owner Goes From Struggling to Get Clients to $7,000 a Month While Still at Job

Customer Name: Philip Gillins
Location: Brockton, MA USA
Philip struggled to get clients for his ad agency. Then he joined Dan's course and was able to use tactics that immediately brought results. It was an instant validation that he was on the right path. Now he's averaging $7,000 a month and getting ready to leave his 9 to 5 job to work on growing his agency full time.


Hey guys, my name is Philip Gillins, and I'll be honest with you, before I met Dan Henry and his course, oh my goodness, the struggle was real. I was having issues with gaining clients. I wasn't having any consistency. I would get a client here, and it wouldn't work out well.
But, when I signed up for Dan Henry's course, I learned new strategies, new tactics, that were actually things that I could put in place instantly, and could see results fast.

As of now, I'm almost around 5K to 7K a month, average, and I'm looking to leave my nine to five soon. So, I really appreciate Dan Henry for what he's done. And now, it seems like I have a super power. I can pretty much put this stuff into action and get results fast.

So, if you're on the fence wondering, should you even get into his course, if you don't get in, you're going to miss out. So, join in.