Absolute Beginner Improves His Marketing Skills and Confidence with Course

Customer Name: Joshua Cahill
Location: Newport, Kentucky

Josh started the course as a beginner that found all the Facebook ad technology confusing. With the course he's able to not only set up campaigns but use more advanced tools like the pixel with confidence. He now has an agency that gets results.


Hey, what's up everybody. My name's Josh Cahill coming to you from my home office here in Cincinnati, Ohio. And I wanted to give a huge shout out to Dan Henry for taking the time to create this course, giving massive value, allowing me to grow my own agency with the tips and the techniques that he teaches through his educational courses.
If you guys are on the fence about working with Dan, you definitely want to invest in Dan, invest in the course, invest in the material that he allows us to take advantage of. I've been able to grow my agency, get clients for myself, get customers for those businesses that I work with, all through Dan Henry's coaching and techniques that he teaches.

Before working with Dan, I had no idea how to use a Facebook Pixel. I had no idea how to properly structure a Facebook Ad, and I didn't understand all the back end technology, if you will, of the Ad's manager, it can be very confusing. But after working with Dan, he breaks down the specifics of the Pixel and how to set it up, breaks up the specifics of a Facebook Ad and how to properly set that up, shows you how to walk through a campaign. All these things that you need to know to be part of this total marketing agency for your client to either grow your own agency or to get customers for your own business.

So you guys definitely want to take action, invest in Dan, use what he gives you and apply it in your own business and you'll be successful. So that's it guys, take care.