Here’s Why Nike Really Released that Ad and What It Could Mean For Your Business

Attention is the new currency. Even though that’s true, we often forget that our businesses require attention.

It’s that truth that inspired Nike to endorse Colin Kaepernick in their latest ad campaign.

Wondering why that decision was not only a brilliant marketing move but something YOU can use to grow your business? Watch this video!

Here is what is covered…

  • Why the ad is controversial & why Nike would make such a move.
  • The REAL goal of the ad & why it honestly doesn’t matter which side you choose.
  • How to get attention for your business so you stay on your customer’s minds.
  • The inevitable result for Nike & how you can replicate that for your own business.
  • How I’ve used a controversial ad in the past & the results it got me.
  • How to start thinking about how to apply this method to your own business.

What do you think? Do you think Nike made the right decision? Let me know in the comments!

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