Do you struggle to stick to the script and fail to close your sales calls?

Maybe you’ve tried all the sales scripts you could get your hands on, but none of them seem to work. You might fall off the script or get distracted with a question from the client that the script just doesn’t cover.

It might feel canned or generic, and you find you just can’t be yourself on the call.

My client Nicole felt the same way.

She came to us for help after she struck out and closed ZERO out of thirteen sales calls…

She felt defeated. Nicole believed she was no good at sales because she couldn’t stick to the sales script.

She knew she had some amazing knowledge that she could share to help other business owners, but losing sale after sale was crushing.

After learning about Dan’s coaching program, she knew we could help! She invested in herself, went all in with us and wasted no time jumping right into the sales training!

As a result of working with us, Nicole has honed her sales skills

“I understand sales, so I don’t need a script anymore. And that’s the beauty of it.”

But, she also gained the knowledge and the confidence she needed to raise her prices and authentically run her business…

“The biggest result that I had from working with Dan is honestly watching him in action, and seeing how he implements has given me the green flag to do it the way that I want to do it unapologetically and be myself in the process.”

My team member, Steph, recently sat down to talk with Nicole. If you’re interested in learning more about how Nicole was able to hone her sales skills and gain the confidence to raise her price to $30K, you can check out her interview now.

In this video, Steph and Nicole will discuss:

  • How Dan’s coaching program helped Nicole make a major shift in her business
  • ​​​​How Nicole was able to ditch the sales scripts
  • What Nicole learned that gave her confidence to raise her price to $30K

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