Are you tired of listening to every coach and guru you can find, investing in every coaching program you can get your hands only to find yourself going in circles?

Well, that’s how my client Mike felt!

He found himself listening to anyone and everyone trying to get the information he needed to build his business…

Just to be told he needed to go in a new direction EVERY TIME he listened to the next guru.

Frustrated, with no clear roadmap and no real focus, Mike enrolled in my program.

But when he found himself stuck and struggling, instead of reaching out for help…

He started looking for an easier way

“…those months of searching for the easy way, it got me to realize that it’s not about the easy way. It’s about the correct way.”

Mike made the decision to commit to following my program and went all in.

“It’s laid out so perfectly for a beginner to go from no knowledge to all of a sudden I’m growing my beta group to then charging $5,000 for my program.”

Recently, my team member Steph sat down to chat with Mike. So if you’re ready to hear what changed when Mike made the decision to focus and commit to building his business by following my program then check out his interview!

In this video, Steph and Mike will discuss:

  • How the program helped Mike to gain clarity and confidence as a beginner with no prior knowledge
  • How following only Dans program helped to remove “shiny object syndrome” and create a focus in Mikes business
  • AND… how Mike has been able to scale his business to six-figures through following the proven framework of the program