How Mike Was Able To Find Focus and Build a Successful High Ticket Coaching Program

Are you tired of listening to every coach and guru you can find, investing in every coaching program you can get your hands only to find yourself going in circles?

Well, that’s how my client Mike felt!

He found himself listening to anyone and everyone trying to get the information he needed to build his business…

Just to be told he needed to go in a new direction EVERY TIME he listened to the next guru.

Frustrated, with no clear roadmap and no real focus, Mike enrolled in my program.

But when he found himself stuck and struggling, instead of reaching out for help…

He started looking for an easier way

“…those months of searching for the easy way, it got me to realize that it’s not about the easy way. It’s about the correct way.”

Mike made the decision to commit to following my program and went all in.

“It’s laid out so perfectly for a beginner to go from no knowledge to all of a sudden I’m growing my beta group to then charging $5,000 for my program.”

Recently, my team member Steph sat down to chat with Mike. So if you’re ready to hear what changed when Mike made the decision to focus and commit to building his business by following my program then check out his interview!

In this video, Steph and Mike will discuss:

  • How the program helped Mike to gain clarity and confidence as a beginner with no prior knowledge
  • How following only Dans program helped to remove “shiny object syndrome” and create a focus in Mikes business
  • AND… how Mike has been able to scale his business to six-figures through following the proven framework of the program

Steph (00:00):

What’s going on, guys? It’s Steph with And I’m here today with Mike Mak, and he is going to share with us about how he was able to just focus on, you know, how he was able to find focus and follow Dans’ program to be able to build a highly successful high ticket coaching program for himself as a beginner. So, Mike, welcome.

Mike (00:25):

Thank you. Thank you.

Steph (00:27):

All right. So, Mike, I’d love to know more about what you do. So can you share that with us?

Mike (00:33):

Yes. So I, my fiance, and I started an office cleaning business out of necessity because I left my day job a lot earlier than I should have. They were just treating us like you know what, and I just with no notice, I just decided to quit. And then, I mean, there’s more to the story, but it was just a sit down with my fiance and I, and we were like, we’re down to our last few hundred dollars. Like we have to make something happen because the bills are starting to pile. And from there we decided to start an office cleaning business, ’cause it was like a quick way in. And fast forward, we scale it to multi-six figures. We are well on our way to growing office cleaning business to seven figures. So from there, we decided, you know, maybe we should teach other people to do this because it changed our life. I mean, we were literally in one of our friend’s like basement apartments with no kitchen to where we’re in like a luxury apartment now, a three-bedroom loft and it’s two bathrooms, and we’re just, we just, our life is just night and day completely different. And we were like we should teach this. We should show other people how to do this. We should show how the people get started. So lo and behold, that’s what I do now. I show people how to start, grow and automate wildly profitable cleaning businesses.

Steph (01:55):

That was certainly a big turnaround from having $300 to being able to build a successful cleaning business that’s a six-figure business. That’s pretty amazing. Okay. So how did you hear about Dan?

Mike (02:09):

Well, I was in Dan’s world really early on his Facebook program at the time really helped me. I learned a lot from Dan about Facebook ads, and then there was a point where I kind of left like the marketing space. So I was like completely out of the world at that point, but then an email from Dan, and I was all of a sudden pulled back in.

Steph (02:32):

So he pulled you back in. It’s kinda what he does. All right. So tell me, what inspired you to create an actual course and what drew you to basically to create one?

Mike (02:45):

So what drew me in was a moment of immense gratitude for where my fiance and I started to where we ended up and in a pretty short time. And I was thinking to myself, like in all that gratitude, where were we? Like how humble were the beginnings? And I started thinking about the day job and how miserable I was with my nine to five and how constantly like being afraid of getting fired, just because of how they treated us. And I started thinking to myself like, wow, I’m definitely not the only one that’s experienced that. I’m definitely not the only one that’s felt like a slave to their nine to five. I’m definitely not the only one who is in search of financial freedom. Like people want to start businesses. This business was easy to start. This business costs $300 to get off the ground. I should teach this. Like, we should show people how to do this. Like, we can free so many people from their day job. It was kind of that thought.

Steph (03:54):

Gotcha. So you wanted to give back, but you didn’t know where to start, right?

Mike (04:00):

Right. I didn’t know where to start. I was like; this would be cool. And then it was like, yeah, but how do you do it?

Steph (04:07):

So now would you say that starting, and like figuring out not having a system to follow, is what drew you to our program?

Mike (04:15):

Oh, without a doubt, without a doubt. When you’re, I think the hardest part of this is going, like not knowing anything. When you don’t know anything, and you don’t have a system to follow, I feel like you end up with the cursed shiny object syndrome where you’re just constantly listening to guru and different gurus, different coaches, different teachers, all different types of programs and courses. And you’re just; you’re kind of just going in circles. Cause you don’t really know if you’re making actual progress because I’ll give you an example. You start making progress at one direction, and then you hear another, you see another coach tell you, Oh, this is dead. Try this thing. And then you’re like, Oh, I have to go try this thing. So because of that, it was just, my hair was pulling out, and I was losing faith that I would ever be able to build a course.

Steph (05:09):

Got it, and so you enrolled into our coaching program, and then what happened?

Mike (05:15):

So I enrolled in the coaching program, and it was great. I got on the first couple of calls, and I got all of the information I needed. So I went to work, and I was so excited. I was so motivated, but then it was a combo effect where I hit a couple of roadblocks, and our office cleaning business was starting to grow at a pace that we weren’t even really prepared for it. So it was like, okay, maybe I’ll put this off to the side because I was a little stuck in the program. And then I was like; we’ll come back to it really shortly. So I came back to it in a few months when I was able to get everything under control again. But those roadblocks remained. And instead of getting the help I should have, I thought to myself, maybe I should go find an easier way.

Mike (06:10):

Maybe there’s an easier way out there. And because of that, I ended up enrolling in a completely different coaching program. And it was like one of the worst smartest decisions ever. I say it was smart because I learned not to stray from Dan’s teachings. And it was the worst, obviously because it’s a lost investment, but it was a great lesson learned because all of those months of avoiding, all of those months of avoidance, and all of those months of searching for the easy way, it got me to realize that it’s not about the easy way. It’s about the correct way. And it’s about the way that works, and it’s evergreen, and it’ll always work. So I made a vow to myself and to my fiance, I was like, we’re only listening to Dan until like we’re seven figures and beyond that’s it. We’re not listening to anybody else.

Steph (07:09):

I think that’s a really great plan so, and that’s okay. So you had a booming business, and so that distracted you, and then you were like so busy with that business that you’re like, I need a little faster process. You invested in somebody else, and you’re like, this doesn’t work. I need to go back and listen to Dan. Yeah. That’s usually how it happens. But by following that process and that system tell us what happened.

Mike (07:37):

Oh my goodness. You know what? Not only, okay. So I would, so I’m in the beginning process of it. And I said, okay, I’m just committed to doing this. And I followed everything. I follow everything that’s laid out. It’s laid out so perfectly for a beginner to go from no knowledge to all of a sudden I’m growing my beta group to then charging $5,000 for my program. That I didn’t think, I didn’t think that was possible, but I got committed. I followed the steps, and I went from, you know, just a Facebook group that was non-existent. There were a few people in there, but nothing was really happening. And nobody was there were no leads coming in, to all of a sudden it’s a live Facebook group. There’s a process where every day, new people are joining, and I’m booking phone calls, getting sales, filling my beta group, raising prices like seemingly overnight. I’m not exaggerating. It was seemingly overnight.

Steph (08:43):

Yeah. Well, that’s great. But was there anything in particular that really helped you out from the program that stood out to you?

Mike (08:52):

Oh, there, there are so many things, but I guess creating, getting clarity on my marketing message was huge for me. Understanding the psychology of why we sell high-ticket. That was huge for me. And just the overall confidence that was instilled by just learning from the man. Just that confidence was like all that I needed with the information and the teachings to really apply this and see a huge difference in my coaching business. Finally launching my coaching business.

Steph (09:31):

That’s awesome. Now, what would you say the outcome of implementing Dans’ strategies, fully focusing on his system, has been for you?

Mike (09:41):

It’s been a night and day difference. Not only financial, but more importantly, the clarity, and with that clarity, there’s no shiny object syndrome. There’s no chasing other offers or anything. There’s no chasing other solutions, tactics. I never feel like I have to keep up because I feel like I have everything I need. So I feel like that confidence was just like the greatest transformation, and then the other stuff, it just follows suit. I mean, this company is going to continue to grow, and it’s just because of the great foundation I got from Dan.

Steph (10:21):

Now it’s great that you’ve had all the success, this business success. So what about your personal life? What has that done for you like in a personal aspect?

Mike (10:32):

Just pride over the moon for not just one business, a successful business, but now a second one. But even more so with my coaching business, because of the people we’re actually helping, and we’re making a difference already for them. And that is just that’s underrated. I don’t know. I hear like the greats, I hear the great coaches, like Dan, talk about that, but it’s like, it’s until you experience it for yourself that you’re actually making a difference to somebody that’s underrated. That’s a big deal. So that’s been like the biggest thing.

Steph (11:07):

Now, this is a scary question, but it’s also a question I love asking people. So what do you think you’d be right now? Where do you think you’d be if you hadn’t invested in our coaching program?

Mike (11:20):

If I didn’t? Oh, I know where I’d be. I would have been investing in more and more. I would continue investing in other programs and other gurus. And then, to be honest with you, like, I would kinda just be spinning my wheels, and I’m not a quitter. So I fear that I would just, I would have been just constantly investing in things that just don’t work. They’re more like a flash in the pan type of strategies and tactics. And I just would have been spinning my wheels, and just kinda just, I don’t know. It’s scary, you’re right. I don’t want to think about that. I’m glad I did. That’s all.

Steph (12:00):

Well, we’re glad that you did too. So now there are going to be people that are watching this interview and might still be on the fence about it. What would you say to them?

Mike (12:11):

If you value clarity, if you really want to make a difference, if you believe that you can help people with your knowledge, then you will not find a better teacher than Dan Henry. You just won’t. If you’re on the fence, get off the fence immediately.

Steph (12:28):

Get off the fence immediately. I love that. I actually get that all the time. So that’s right. Well, we’re so excited to see your growth, Mike, and everything that you’re doing in the program. And we just want to thank you for being with us today. So thank you for your time, and thank you for sharing your story.

Mike (12:46):

Thank you. Thank you. I’m glad to share my story.


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