Feeling like you’ve put thousands of dollars, countless hours, all your hard work, just to get nowhere with your course or coaching program? Well, that’s how my client Merrill felt! He spent a year and a half working on his low-ticket offer, putting all his time, energy, and money into it… Just to get NOWHERE with it!  No payout after all that time… day in and day out working to sell his course with ZERO return. But once Merrill discovered my program, he immediately knew that my team and I could help him get the results he wanted. “I came in with this course, with this idea of something I had developed, thinking that all I had to do was just figure out how to sell it better and figure out what to do better…” “…my idea wasn’t fitting into the framework that Dan has set up. What really helped me initially was realizing that my offer didn’t quite fit a framework of an offer, and I needed to pivot that.” Recently, my team member Steph said down to chat with Merrill. So if you’re ready to hear how Merrill used my program to pivot and learned to implement high-ticket methods I teach then check out his interview!
In this video, Steph and Merrill will discuss:
  • What changed in Merrills’ business when he made a few small changes to his offer based on the framework laid out in the program
  • How Dan’s course will walk you step-by-step through the tiny details that are often overlooked (and make all the difference!)
  • AND… how Merrill made $80k during his launch week by simply following the framework of the program

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