I Smoked Weed Everyday For 30 Days And This Is What Happened To My Business

Written By Dan Henry

A couple of months ago, I reached out to a friend of mine who is extremely productive...

You see, I was having trouble sleeping and really, just being productive in general...

If you ask my students or my clients, they would say I'm crazy productive, but it just wasn't up to my standards...

So my friend reaches into his pocket and hands me a pill, Adderall. 

He says, "This is what most of the internet marketers are on and you're going to get a week's worth of work done in a day..."

So I took the pill and set it on my desk for about three weeks... 

Every morning I would wake up and stare at it thinking, “Should I take this medication that wasn't even prescribed to me?”

Now, just so you know, I am not a big fan of pills or pharmaceuticals.

I'd much rather go with natural remedies...

So about a week later, a friend of mine who is also very productive talks to me and I tell him about the Adderall...

He says, no dude here, and he handed me a card...

The card is for his medical marijuana doctor. 

He says, "Listen, go see him. Have an open mind. Just trust me." 

Now, I've never been a real big fan of smoking pot, but in the past several years I've opened my mind tremendously...

So I thought, "Why not give it a shot?"

So I go into the doctor and right away they prescribed me a regimen of medical marijuana... 

Anyway to make a long story short, I used the medical marijuana every single day for 30 days as an experiment... 

I wanted to see how it would affect my sleep, productivity, and ultimately my business.

So I just released a video called “I Smoked Weed for 30 days And Here's What Happened To My Business.”

It breaks down everything that happened during this 30 days, the impact it had on my business and whether or not I would recommend it to someone else...

In this video, I cover:

  • What I do and what my business is.
  • What drove me to try this experiment.
  • The different types of marijuana and what they do. 
  • How this regimen effected my sleep and productivity.
  • Why you must educate yourself on marijuana before using it. (Otherwise you're just a pothead.)
  • Why discipline is mandatory to get the best results and mistakes to avoid.
  • How do you even know if this is for you?
  • How I got my medical marijuana card.
  • Why I made it acceptable for anyone in my office to smoke marijuana.
  • What I plan to do moving forward.

So if you're interested to see the results of this experiment...

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


I smoked weed every day for 30 days. And this is what happened to my business. Hey everybody, Dan Henry here. And in this video I'm going to share the results of an experiment I did where I smoked weed, marijuana every day for 30 days and the effect it had on my business. So just a disclaimer. Um, I do have my medical marijuana card. This is 100% legal, it's prescribed to me. So you know, I want you to know that I did this from uh, the in the spirit of experimentation and having an open mind not to promote or demote, uh, marijuana, not to promote legalization, not to be for or against it, simply to try this as an experiment and report back with the results. Now, what I'm going to cover in this video I have right here, cause we're covering a lot. So I'm going to cover what I do and what my business is. 

That way you can understand the results and how they impact the specific type of business I'm in. Also, what drove me to try this experiment, uh, the different types of marijuana and what they do. How this regimen effected my sleep and productivity, why you must educate yourself on marijuana before using it. Otherwise you're just a pothead. Um, and then why discipline is mandatory to get the best results and mistakes to avoid. How do you even know if this is for you? How I got my medical marijuana card, um, why I made it acceptable for anyone in my office to smoke marijuana and as well what I plan to do moving forward. So let's get started. All right, so the first thing, let me explain what my business is and what I do. So I am the founder of get clients.com and we sell online education, online courses, coaching and mastermind events. So I just want to let you know that it's not a bedroom operation. It is a $10 million company, a legitimate company. We have a downtown office in st Petersburg, Florida. Um, so you know, it is legit. We are a very professional company. Forgot the almond milk.

Anyway, next let's talk about what drove me to try this experiments. So one day I was hanging out with some other internet marketers and large company owners and I was asking them about like focus and productivity and things like that and sleep as well because sleep is huge for productivity. And I found that a large portion of people in my industry that do what I do, CEO's, things like that. They, to be quite honest with you, and I won't name names or anything like that, but a large portion of them are on some sort of drug like Adderall. In fact, that is the main drug that I see a lot of them getting prescribed to help them with being awake, focused and all that. I am not a big drug person. I am not a pill person. I don't even like taking Tylenol. Right. Um, so a buddy of mine who is prescribed this Adderall, he gives me a couple pills and he says, just try it. 

Right. You know, get up early. Take one of them when you know you have a big project to do and you'll be super focused for like eight hours and you'll get so much done, you'll get a whole week's worth of work done in a day. And I thought that sounded great, but you know, as I sat there and I, I was staring at those, those pills, I just, I don't, again, I don't know. I don't like taking pills. So I talked to a buddy of mine, a buddy of mine, and I said, Hey man, you know, what do you know about Adderall? And so he talks to me about it and he says, you know, you should try medical marijuana because they have blends and strains for focus. And I would try that first. And I thought, well that's, that's super interesting. Um, so I found that there was a local marijuana doctor, I guess they have marijuana doctors here in Florida. 

And I went and I explained to them, I said, listen, I have a high pressure jobs, you know, some decent amount of stress, anxiety. But my main thing is I have problems sleeping. I have problems coming home at night and unwinding and therefore, you know, I have all this stuff on my mind so I can't go to bed early. I can't get good sleep, which means that the very next day I'm not as productive because I can't get good sleep and I can't slow my mind down. And so it just rolls over day after day after day and it affects my performance. So she makes some recommendations to me for, well she first she gives me my medical marijuana card and then she gives some recommendations for me in terms of strains and whatnot like that. And I thought it was pretty interesting. It was like legit, like doctor's office that you go in and all this stuff. 

It was, it was quite an experience the first time. Um, and I've always been the person who's kind of, you know, I, I've been guilty of having a closed mind in my life and you know, I've met people that were like, Oh, if I didn't have marijuana, I couldn't get through the day. And it helps me be productive. And honestly, I always thought those people were full of it and they were just potheads. And when I eventually opened my mind to really take a look at this and give it an honest try and see if it is something that could help me, I thought, well, I'll do a 30 day experiment and I'll honestly see what happens. So that said, I decided to get my prescription filled and use marijuana for 30 days every day and see what effect it had on my business. But with that said, let me give you a quick, um, uh, lesson here on the different types of marijuana and what they do and then I'll go into what I did and the results. 

So first you have to understand that there are two basic forms of marijuana. There are a sativa and indica and sativa is a very, uh, more awake style of marijuana. It actually will keep you awake. You'll be able to function during the day. This is the type of marijuana most people smoke when they want to be productive. And I'm sure you all have seen marijuana before, but you know, I mean that's what it looks like for those of you who, who haven't. And um, it's, you know, you smoke this and it gives you a very uplifting feeling. It makes you feel alert and awake and that's, and that's a, that's sativa. Okay. And then you have what's called IndyCar. And Endeca is much more of a, of a like a depressant. It makes you want to sleep. And this is, you know, a type of marijuana you would want to smoke if you needed to calm down and sleep. 

 Okay. And then you have things that are called hybrids. Uh, this is one of my favorite hybrids, uh, called gorilla grapes. It's a mixture of the two. And usually hybrids will either be 50, 50, or there'll be like 70, 30, they'll lean in one direction or another. This one leans a little indicus. So let's say I want to wind down for the night, uh, but I don't want to go to sleep right away. Maybe I want to watch some, um, some, some TV or something like that. I would smoke this cause it'll wind me down, but it won't put me to sleep right away. Whereas, uh, this the Indico, which this particular strand is called nine pound hammer, it feels like you're hit with a nine pound hammer. And so you go to sleep pretty much right away. And so that, that's the different types. And then they have what's called vape pens and it's where they do a concentrated oil blend, uh, and they put it in a cartridge and it's kinda like an electronic cigarette and you just press the button here. 

Um, let me see, I'm not going to actually inhale this because it's an IndyCar and I have stuff to do. Um, but basically you press the button here and that's it. And with these you don't smell like marijuana. Um, it doesn't smell like marijuana maybe for like a quick second. And then it dissipates. You can smoke it indoors. This is cool when you're out and about and, and as long as you have your medical marijuana card and you have the prescription paper prescription with you, it's, well, you know what, I'm not going to comment on legality cause I don't know. All I know is um, the doctor told me as long as I have my prescription with me, I should be fine. And then you have, um, these, these are special blends. So this right here is a mixture of CBD and THC. So this one actually doesn't really get you high. 

Uh, uh, they would say it. This one is called revive a M and it's a special blend. Um, and this actually helps you focus. So I may use one of these when I'm sitting down and trying to get something done, whereas these I would not use all during the day. So that said, let's move on to the next thing. All right, so next, let's look at what this did for my productivity, my sleep, and how I specifically use it. So my intention originally was to only use it to wind down at the end of the night because when I came home, you know, my brain was so full of everything and I could not get it out of my brain. I couldn't sleep and I had not even sleep so much as just having a few hours at night where I wasn't faking about my business and therefore giving myself a mental break. 

And then of course there's sleep. You have to have sleep. And believe me, I'm huge on sleep. I use what's called an orange ring. This tracks your sleep and there's an iPhone app that goes with it. You can see how much REM sleep you got, how much deep sleep you got, your your heart rate during sleep. So I'm really big on sleep because sleep is the main thing that is going to make you productive in your business. So it's very important that you track your sleep. And I knew I wasn't getting good sleep because I felt bad, I was unproductive. And this thing reassured me I wasn't, I wasn't getting good sleep. So, the first thing I did was I tried this nine pound hammer at night. And when I did that, it immediately within an hour I was out. Right. And during that hour, I didn't think about my business. 

I was, I was truly relaxed. Plus I didn't drink any alcohol during this time because this, this totally filled that void. And so it helped me as well not drink alcohol, which again affected, you know, cause sometimes I'd have a drink to wind down and again, that would affect my performance. Um, I, I lost weight. I, you know, it was definitely a plus in that department. And so I, I smoke this and, um, it definitely, it definitely helped me go to sleep. So my, my sleep problem was pretty much solved just by this. But then I realized that I also needed that mental break. And that's when I tried the, uh, guerrilla grapes here. The, the, the, the hybrid. Um, and the hybrid allowed me to relax and at the same time have that, uh, sort of several hour period where I did not think about anything but whatever was on the TV or honestly I didn't think about anything. 

I was just, it was just stoned. And this gave me a great mental break to just, just, just disconnect. And then of course I went to sleep. Sometimes I would smoke this for a few hours and then when I wanted to really pass out, I'd, uh, I'd use this. And so as far as, you know, really giving myself that mental break and fixing my sleep problem, this 100% solved it better than anything I've ever tried. So that was awesome. So that, that happened fairly quickly. And as a result, I was able to get more stuff done at work. I was able to, uh, feel better at work. I was able to be more productive just based on the fact that, number one, I had more and better sleep. I got to bed earlier. And number two, I had that time to not think about my business. So that when it was time to think about my business, I could do it without feeling burnt out. 

Now when it comes to the, uh, the sativa, the stuff that keeps you awake and productive, I'll be honest with you, this is much more of a recreational, uh, type of thing. Um, this is something that you could smoke and feel high on, like a weekend when you're not doing anything. And that's what I'll do this like sometimes on a weekend, um, I'll use this. Uh, I don't, you know, I have my son on the weekends, so I don't obviously don't use it when I have my son, but when I dropped him back off at his mother's, I will, and it's all be honest. It's nice, you know, it's nice, it feels nice and it's better than alcohol. But other than that, there's really no purpose for this. I'll just be honest with you. Um, I tried a few times smoking it at work and that was a terrible idea. I was just sitting there like, and so don't do that. And that, that brings me also to, um, two mistakes to avoid. You definitely don't want to, you definitely don't want to smoke this when you're trying to work. Okay. Now keep in mind that this particular blend right here, that is meant for focus. I've tried this when I had a project to do and it definitely helped me be more productive and get it done faster. However, you know, that was when I had one project to do where I had no distractions. I would not use this if I had multiple things to do. I was communicating with team members or something like that. I wouldn't use anything. But if I knew for the next three hours, I was only gonna do this one thing, like working on a webinar or a sales page or something like that, um, this would definitely be something I would use. 

And then as far as the other pens, again it same thing. Uh, this is this one which is called granddaddy purple is very similar to this IndyCar right here. And um, this is something, again, smoking at night, uh, would help you fall asleep. So as far as the vape versus the flower, it really just depends on if you want to, if you want your clothes to smell like, like weed or not this, they won't. Uh, but the pens are much stronger. These, the flowers less strong, at least in my experience. So I don't like to get like blasted out of my mind. That's not the purpose. I'm not, you know, it's not what I'm doing here. So, uh, that right there is really how it affected my productivity and my sleep. So the other thing I want to talk about is why you must educate yourself on this. 

Otherwise you're kind of just a pothead, right? Because I know a lot of people that smoke marijuana and they do it pure recreational. And if you say, Hey, do you like so Cheever and Nicole, they're like, I don't know. I smoke whatever. And you know what? If that's you, that's fine. But I specifically try this because I really wanted to see if it would have a positive, negative or neutral effect on my business. And in order to do that, I really had to educate myself on what the individual strains did and how they would affect me. Because if I didn't, what happens if I smoked like an 100% Indico in the middle of the day when I'm trying to get worked on, I fall asleep at my desk. You know what I mean? So if this is something somebody wanted to try, obviously you would only want to try it if you're in a state where this is legal or medically legal. 

But when you talk to your doctor, you want to be able to, uh, tell them what issues you're having because they have certain strains that help with anxiety, pain, sleep, things like that. And I didn't know that. I just thought it was, Oh, you know, potheads finally got their way and they got it legalized. But no, when you go into these establishments, they take this very seriously. They look at your concerns and what's going on and they will recommend very specific strains do you, depending on what you have going on and very professional. So it definitely opened my mind a lot. And let me see that, Hey, this isn't just some recreational thing, this is a legit thing. And to be honest to you, I would rather do this, use this than pills. I mean this grows on a plant to me that's way better than something from a pharmaceutical company. 

Also you want to, um, you really want to focus on discipline because it is very easy to let this runaway with you. And if you find yourself smoking all day long because you like the feeling, then it kind of defeats the purpose of what you're doing. And for me, uh, maybe one time I got into like a four day period where I was just enjoying it too much and I had to back up and say, wait a minute, am I using this because I have a goal and I'm using this as a tool to help me achieve my goal of like sleep winding down, taking a mental break or certain times focus or am I just trying to enjoy it? And there was a point where I was like, Oh crap, I'm trying to enjoy it and that's not good. Like there, I have a goal and you know, and that's the difference between abuse and using something maturely. 

And so I really had to look at myself and go, all right, you know, I need, I need to use this and I need to be disciplined. And it's the same thing with alcohol or, or pit. Like imagine you get prescribed a pill, like let's say you have anxiety and you get prescribed an anxiety pill and you take too much because you like the feeling that's abuse. But at the same time you can use that drug to fix a major problem in your life. But either way, whether it's marijuana, whether it's pharmaceuticals, whether it's alcohol, whether it's working out, right, maybe you, you work out to, uh, to, to relieve stress, but you work out so much that you injure yourself. It's all a matter of degree and it's all a matter of being disciplined to not abuse whatever your tool is and instead to use it to achieve the goal. 

So that's very important. All right. Some mistakes to avoid. Um, I've kind of mentioned them, but basically you want to make sure that you only smoke in dukkha if you want to go to sleep, uh, or wind down, uh, also a into cleaning hybrid. If you want to wind down distress, disconnect and then eventually go to sleep. If you don't want to smoke city Eva, if you wanna relax, um, it will relax you, but it will make you want to do something like vacuum them the house or something. And I'm done, right? I, end of the day I'm done. I don't want to do that. Um, so one mistake to avoid is too, is using the wrong strain at the wrong times for the wrong goals. So make sure that when you go to your doctor or if you're in say Colorado where it's recreational, recreationally legal, you educate yourself, the doctor will educate you if you're in a medical state, if you're in a recreational state, uh, I'm not really sure cause I'm not into recreational state, but I mean there's Google, you know, educate yourself on what, or watch this video, you know, um, but make sure that you do that. 

Also another thing my doctor told me is don't, don't smoke and drive. Don't take this stuff out and just have, just have it. Because if a cop pulls you over, and again, I'm not giving you legal advice, I'm just relaying what my doctor said. They said that they can pop you if you don't have your prescription on, on here with you. I'm not, I don't, I don't know why I would ever be out. Like I can't imagine myself on a park bench smoking weed just to see if a cop will bother me and be like, Hey, I have a medical marijuana card. I'm just not. Maybe when I was 19, I would have done that for fun, but I'm 33 and I got stuff to do. So that's another mistake to avoid. Also, again, abusing it. Um, you know, becoming too reliant on it. Uh, and as well, uh, not getting it medically. 

Cause if you get it on the street, Lord knows what, what's in it. You don't know what strain it is. You don't know if it's integral or sativa. And again, now you're, you're kind of just a pothead. So, not that there's anything wrong with that, Hey to each their own. But for me, I did this from a purely experimental standpoint and to see if it could help me with the issues I had in productivity and sleep and effecting my business. Um, so those are some mistakes to avoid. So how to know if this is for you? Well, first of all, you have to have an open mind. If you're the type of person that demonizes marijuana because you just think that marijuana is bad cause it's a drug and bad people smoke marijuana, then this is probably not for you because you have to have an open mind. 

I mean clearly there's a reason it's been legalized and used by doctors because at some point we stopped so much looking at the stereotype and started looking at it from a scientific standpoint and obviously there's a benefit. Next I would say, you know, making sure you have something that this'll help solve or potentially help solve. Um, talking with your doctor about it, talking with them about, Hey, you know, this is what's going on. Can this help? Also, if you're somebody that does not like pharmaceuticals, definitely something to look into because to me it's my personal opinion, something that grows on a plant versus something that is manufactured at a pharmaceutical company with billions of dollars behind it and people in Congress lobbying and trying to make money. Not really. Yeah. I'm going to go with this, you know, just, okay. Um, the other thing is if you drink alcohol, I'll be honest with you, I've struggled with alcohol, not, not, not to a crazy degree where I'm like out. 

I've never got a DUI or anything like that or, or, or been AA. But you know, I've drank, I've owned two bars in my lifetime and that's where I kind of started drinking more. And um, you know, it honestly, it makes you fat. It makes you lazy, makes you feel bad. Um, but I did it because I had trouble de-stressing. I did it because I wanted to have fun and relax, stop thinking about my business and I wanted to sleep. But there were too many negatives that came with that feeling bad, getting bad sleep. Cause alcohol makes you get bad sleep, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And um, this is a much to me is a much healthier alternative. And it helped me quit drinking. It helped me drastically cut alcohol out of my life. Um, another thing I'll mention is real quick is that, you know, uh, when you're doing this to sleep, I would recommend trying to smoke it an hour before you sleep. 

Not like literally right before you go to sleep because it does raise your heart rate a little bit. And if you go to sleep and you have an elevated heart rate, you don't get quite as good of sleep. So letting that heart rate kinda come down and then falling asleep. Some other much better options. So I wouldn't have it on your nightstand and be like, you know, that's not personally what I would do. All right, next. I'm why I made it acceptable for anyone in my office to use medical marijuana. Not in the office, but just in general. Like, you know, I don't, I'm not going to drug test them and say, Oh, you have weed on your list and you're fired is because, well, honestly, at the end of the day I had an open mind. I did the experiment and it helped me. And, um, if I'm getting better mental breaks and I'm sleeping better and I'm being more productive, why wouldn't I want my employees to be? 

And so even though it's kind of odd to be to say to your employees, Hey, it's okay if you smoke weed. I also then realized it was, it's really just society's, you know, influence that says that that's weird in 50 years that probably won't be, you're weird. And so am I really gonna let society tell me what should and should not be weird? Am I going to do what I think is right and what makes sense based on an actual experiment, you know? Um, yeah. And I mean, I smoke this every single day at night, um, here and there during the day as I explained and it helped me. So why wouldn't I want that for my employees? You know what I mean? So that's why I decided that and I didn't let society get in the way and, and you know, the narrative and guys, let's be honest here, the narrative changes every 10 minutes, you know, uh, everybody feels one way about this and then next week they feel a different way and then one week this is offensive and then that's offensive. 

And then I just can't keep up with it all. And I am not gonna let anyone's narrative, um, tell me how I'm going to live my life or run my business. So that's why I decided to make that okay for my employees to use marijuana. And finally what I've decided to do moving forward. Um, so currently I am happy with what I have here. Um, as long as things keep going the way they are, as long as I keep de-stressing, as long as I keep getting better sleep, as long as I keep myself in check and I don't abuse it, I really don't feel like changing that regimen. I come home, smoke, uh, relax, uh, go to sleep and I'll be good. I, you know, if I start noticing that I'm using it more and more during the day or I'm using, you know, I mean using this one during the day is not bad. 

It makes you focus. But trying to basically trying to use it recreationally when I'm trying to work, that's when I'm going to put myself in check. Uh, also making sure it doesn't cause any issues with the, the mother of my child or my child. So for instance, even though I totally feel like I could use this one when I had my kid and it would be fine, I still wouldn't because I don't know, I just shouldn't. Right. Cause your kid, you know, you have your kid, you should be, you know, I mean that, that's my view. Plus I'm sure it would make the mother of my child uncomfortable even though I could explain it to her a thousand times. Why? It's OK. It's just not something that I think is a good decision. And so again, I plan to not use it when I'm doing things like driving a car, driving my boat, taking care of my son. 

Cause you know he's young. I mean, I guess if he was like an adult like yeah, sure, why not? Um, but uh, or working, you know, trying to get something done that's technical or what have you, uh, you know, keeping myself in check not to use it. Just like drinking. Right? Like if you, Oh, I like to have a drink after work. But would you ever drink when you have your son or your daughter, would you have a drink when you're trying to work? Would you have a drink when you're driving? No. You, you wouldn't and you shouldn't. So again, the main thing is I plan on still doing what I'm doing with this and not changing anything unless it becomes a problem and I need to put myself in check or unless my doctor says you don't need this anymore or what have you. 

So that's what I plan to do moving forward. So I hope that this video, which was educational for you, I hope that it doesn't, you know, if you've been following me for a while and maybe you're against marijuana, it doesn't make you feel any different about me because I did try to do this from a professional and an experimental standpoint. And yeah, the results are good. And honestly, I think it's helped my business. It's made me more productive. I've been able to get done, I've been able to get better sleep and ultimately that leads to making more money. In fact, in the past week we had a record week, uh, we have, we have a $30,000 mastermind. And, um, I was able to, uh, onboard five people into it in one week. And we've never done that before. And honestly, it's because I've been more productive and I've had more time to take calls, um, regarding, cause that's the only time I get on a sales call is if it's for our mastermind cause I wanna make sure it's the right fit and it's all, you know, it's a big investment. 

But also a lot of the people in my programs, they make millions of dollars. So it's a good investment, but it's the one time I will personally get on a call. And honestly, for the past several months I did not have time. I was too busy cause I was in op productive. So I didn't sell many of them and I've been more productive. So I got on, I was able to talk to people. And not only were we able to onboard more, um, but people are already getting amazing results as they normally do in my program. And so I'm helping more people. I'm, I'm using something that is as natural as it's going to get in terms of, of, of substances. And I'm happy I'm, I feel good. So it was a successful experiment in that it turned out in a positive way. So I hope this has been helpful and I am not at all telling you to use or not use marijuana. 

I'm simply reporting the results of what I did. And also coming from someone who traditionally didn't like marijuana, thought that people that use marijuana were just potheads. And I honestly, I, I'll be honest, I thought they were just lazy. Potheads and I opened my mind. I tried it and I realized that it's way better than alcohol. And if anybody was, was being the, uh, addictive person, it was me and yeah, uh, I stand corrected. So if you're somebody that's been against marijuana for a long time, maybe this video has opened your eyes. Maybe it's, it's allowed you to be a little bit more open minded. Maybe you're not gonna try it. Maybe you're not going to go talk to your doctor, whatever, but maybe it's just opened your mind a little bit. Or maybe it's inspired you to go to your doctor and see if you can, if it's right for you or if you're in a recreational state, give it a try. 

Or if you're in a state that doesn't allow it at all, maybe it'll influence your vote the next time it comes around. Again, I'm not telling you whether or not to vote this way or that way. Use it, not use it. I'm simply reporting the results of this experiment. I'll let you take that information and make it a decision that you feel is right for you. Um, yeah. So once again, this is Dan Henry, founder of get clients.com and don't forget to follow me, subscribe to me and share this video. Send it to other people. If you find it, it'll be helpful. See you soon.