Are you stuck feeling like no matter what you do in your business, you just can’t seem to connect the dots and see the success you have been striving for?

Well, that’s how my client Marcus felt for years!

Marcus had spent years feeling like his business was more of a side-hustle than a business.

Time and time again
he struggled with paid ads and just couldn’t seem to get his ads to gain any traction.

He had all the pieces to the puzzle, he just needed someone to help him connect the dots.

Marcus learned about my program and knew I had the answers he was looking for.

Recently, my team member Steph said down to chat with Marcus. So if you’re ready to hear how Marcus scaled his beta course to a high-ticket offer and made $45k then watch his interview! 


In this video, Steph and Marcus will discuss:

  • Why working with Dan is like having a guaranteed return on your investment if you are willing to do the work
  • How dealing with imposter syndrome can kill your business and how working with Dan changed that mindset
  • AND… why Marcus feels he is a better father, husband, and just all-around better person because of Dan’s program