How Marcus Made $45k in One Month by Switching to High-Ticket

Are you stuck feeling like no matter what you do in your business, you just can’t seem to connect the dots and see the success you have been striving for?

Well, that’s how my client Marcus felt for years!

Marcus had spent years feeling like his business was more of a side-hustle than a business.

Time and time again
he struggled with paid ads and just couldn’t seem to get his ads to gain any traction.

He had all the pieces to the puzzle, he just needed someone to help him connect the dots.

Marcus learned about my program and knew I had the answers he was looking for.

Recently, my team member Steph said down to chat with Marcus. So if you’re ready to hear how Marcus scaled his beta course to a high-ticket offer and made $45k then watch his interview! 


In this video, Steph and Marcus will discuss:

  • Why working with Dan is like having a guaranteed return on your investment if you are willing to do the work
  • How dealing with imposter syndrome can kill your business and how working with Dan changed that mindset
  • AND… why Marcus feels he is a better father, husband, and just all-around better person because of Dan’s program 

Stephanie (00:00):

Hi everyone. This is Stephanie from and I am here with the amazing Marcus Chan who made 45K in one month just by switching to a high ticket offer. We’re going to get to know him a little bit more. Marcus. Welcome.


Marcus (00:20):

Hey Steph. Welcome, Thanks so much for having me I’m excited to be here.


Stephanie (00:23):

Awesome. So, Marcus, tell me a little bit more about yourself and your business. What is it that you do?


Marcus (00:29):

Yeah, so I’m Marcus Chan, founder of Bentley Consulting Group, and I work directly with business to business sales professionals to help them sell more, earn more without any years of experience. I have a program called Six-Figure Sales Academy that I offer to my clients to help them sell more.


Stephanie (00:44):

Perfect. So tell me a little bit about the problem that you had prior to joining our program. What is it that you were struggling with?


Marcus (00:55):

Yeah, so before joining, and working with Dan I was already dabbling in online courses and I was making 10, 20 grand a month, which was fine. I was doing live webinars and I was doing three to four live webinars a month easily, which can get physically exhausting. Of course, sometimes it can go kind of up and down and it really wasn’t a system. It felt very sporadic and I was really getting worn out and that’s when I saw Dan stuff and I’ve been so, so impressed with his whole process. That’s why I had to learn more eventually to join his program. Since then, I haven’t looked back.


Stephanie (01:35):

That’s awesome. So what was the specific thing that made you join the program? What do you feel motivated you to do so?


Marcus (01:45):

Well, I think first off you know, Dan’s whole process on how he got me to, ’cause I’m in sales, so his whole process of getting me from a cold buyer to converted really impressed me. From his marketing, from his advertisements to his whole system and processes, it really, really impressed me. I saw he was able to essentially predict all my moves if you will, as a potential buyer. That really impressed me, it really did. I was so impressed by that initially I had actually joined with his other programs he had, and then I was so impressed with just his style of teaching coaching and guiding and explaining. I knew his other programs were going to be absolutely world-class so that’s why it was a no-brainer to join his bigger programs because I knew based on what I’ve already seen so far, it would help me and, it obviously has.


Stephanie (02:47):

Gotcha. So a lot of people whenever they are in sales, they tell me I got on the call because I just wanted to hack your system because it’s so amazing, and Dan knows exactly what he’s doing. A lot of them ended up joining the program. Do you feel like that would have been your case?


Marcus (03:04):

Well, what’s funny is the sales call piece, I wasn’t worried about that, but I was so impressed with was the system. The system that made it all run, how it just all worked together. It was pretty seamless and that really impressed me. It really did because of the goals that I have under my business, I knew in order to scale to the level I wanted to do, I could not keep doing what I was doing. It was just not going to be physically possible over time, I’ll reach a cap and it just would not be effective. So I knew I needed a better vehicle to get to my goals, and I knew Dan was the only one that would get me there at the speed I wanted.


Stephanie (03:47):

Yeah. So you already had a program whenever you joined our program as well, but you recently switched your offer to a high ticket offer. Tell me a little bit more about that.


Marcus (04:00):

Yeah, well, first before I was already doing a course and then working with Dan, it helped me improve everything drastically from the marketing, the offer, to the program, the quality, everything became better for my clients which is already awesome. Just in working with Dan and really uncovering, there are so many pros to going over to high ticket and that was really way powerful. Right? For me, obviously making more money is cool for sure, but the level of service and results you can deliver by doing a high ticket item is drastically multiplied over from a low ticket course offer even at a thousand, $2,000. So I knew if I do high ticket, I can provide better service, have better clients ultimately make more money for everyone, for myself, but also for my students, they would get more out of me as a result.


So and what was really cool is working with Dan and not just like I had some limiting beliefs, for sure. Like, okay, I’m not really sure. I mean, do I want to do that? But just seeing other people’s success inspired me too. I’m like, wow. You know what, like, shoot, why not go from my beta to high ticket? Worst case scenario, I can always go back down and do what I did before. So why not go right to high-ticket? Of course, once I made that leap I haven’t looked back since. I’m pumped, I’m fired up really.


Stephanie (05:39):

You know, I hear that a lot whenever we ask people, what made you go to the high ticket when you were selling a $997 program? I hear I had so much FOMO in the community. They were selling their program five, 10K. I was like, I want it in. Yeah. So how long did it take you to make that transition?


Marcus (06:00):

Well, the decision like overnight, okay. I’m like, okay, I’m going to do it done. Okay. And then from there, it was just taking time to just build out the right type of systems and put that into place. That took a few weeks, for sure, just with the timing and, the whole economy and the pandemics. I had less time to work on it. Literally, I could have done all within three days, of course, it got spread out, but once I got done though, I mean, I was able to launch it six weeks ago. It’s been amazing. So it really took me a few more weeks than I wanted it to, but it wasn’t hard it just took time to do, dedicated time, but now I’ve done. It can look back now.


Stephanie (06:44):

Now you’re on track to be really successful. You have a very big goal for September. What is that?


Marcus (06:51):

Yeah. So my goal for September is I want to do a hundred grand September. Right? So that’s my goal, I know I can do it. So I’ve already doubled down on all the front end stuff for advertising. So we’re starting to see the call calendar book up. So I’m pumped, I’m excited for September, I’ll break some more records for myself, you know, so I can’t wait.


Stephanie (07:11):

That’s exciting. So, is there anything specific about our program that has really helped you, refine and get really effective with your business?


Marcus (07:23):

I would say it’s, it’s been a lot of things. Definitely in terms of refining my offer and it’s even simple stuff of really making sure parts of my offer and my actual program was going to be solving what my customers need right now is really important. Even the crafting that piece the messaging was really, really helpful for sure. That of course helped me obviously with running my beta and then also just all the backend systems. It really helped a lot, having the systems in place to just say, okay what happens when someone enters into your funnel and what are the systems you have from whether there’s an email responder to Click Funnels, all those things. How does it all tie together?


Right? It wasn’t complex, I just didn’t know that’s all it was. Then on top of that even just the ads piece of learning, the marketing strategy, and the ad strategy, in which before working with Dan, I really struggled at, I forgot to mention that I struggled with ads. So I wasn’t able to get that traffic by myself with ads as well. I can do organic all day long, but of course, you’re limited. So I’ve learned ads and it’s actually working quite well now because of Dan, if it wasn’t for Dan, there’d be no way I’d figure out how to do ads. In fact, it’s like, when I talk with other entrepreneur friends I tell them, they need to join Dan’s program that are struggling ads. Like, how did you figure this out I’m like, ’cause Dan literally taught me he’s guy, you need to listen to not me.


Marcus (08:58):

Listen to someone like him because he knows how to do it at a high level. So that was really powerful. Right? So even that piece of the top of the funnel work, the systems, the marketing really at the end of it, it’s allowed me to, when I reflect back, before I felt like I was running a side hustle as a daytime job, right? Now, with the systems in place because of Dan’s support, his help, his guidance, his coaching, his training, I have a business in place, a business that’s gonna continue to scale and grow and over time. Right? That’s very powerful and it could not have been done without Dan’s help. There’s no way there’s, there’s no way. I mean, it just, there’s no way.


Stephanie (09:46):

Yeah. You know, it’s so funny, one of the biggest things that I recently learned was through a fluke and I’ve actually used this quite a bit. I was coloring with my little nephew and, you know, the connect the dots worksheets, we were learning his numbers and there was one page that had all the dots, but no numbers. It gave me the biggest epiphany, that is exactly what people are doing. They’re trying to connect the dots without having the right numbers in place. So they don’t get the big picture, and that gave me the biggest epiphany. I feel like you had all the dots, you had everything, but you didn’t know exactly where the numbers started. So you didn’t have the big picture. What Dan was able to do for you was give you those dots, and the numbers to those dots, so you could just easily follow the system, follow the process step by step until you had the big picture.


Marcus (10:40):

A hundred percent. It was like, you have all the pieces of the Ikea furniture. Right? But you didn’t have the instructions. Right? Even when you buy something from Ikea, the instructions are all over the place. Right? But when you go and you buy a better quality piece of furniture that comes with instructions that you have a system you can follow, when you follow that system, you are going to get good results. It’s as simple as that, and if you’re really good, you’ll get really good results. Right? So, at the end of the day, if you follow what Dan says and you do what he says, your success is inevitable, it’s inevitable, as long as you do it.


Stephanie (11:18)

Absolutely. I got to tell you, I don’t know, I’d rather build a coaching program, then build Ikea furniture. I’ve completely given up on that. So and I’m so excited that you joined the program, but where do you feel like you would be if you hadn’t joined the program if you hadn’t taken action, where do you feel like you would right now?


Marcus (11:45):

If I had not joined working with Dan, if I hadn’t decided to start working with Dan simply put, I would be probably still running three to four live webinars feeling burnt out, exhausted, worried about driving traffic, because it was all organic. Right? You know, when you do organic it’s pure hustle. That’s all it is and it burns you out. You don’t have a business, you have a side hustle. That’s where I would be. It was a decent income, but from where I came from before, I’m used to making a lot of money. So making only 10, 20 grand a month is nothing. So if it wasn’t for Dan, I would still be churning and grinding. I’d be exhausted, Right? I’d probably be thinking to myself, man, I need to go back to corporate America, get another job. Right? But because of Dan, that’s not in my head at all, because now I know I’m like, okay, cool, I have a machine. If some things aren’t working right I can tweak it and I can get help, Right? It’s very powerful to have that support, to help ensure the machine keeps running in a very, very good way. So you can build a thriving business and ultimately when my business thrives it’s like everyone else can thrive too ’cause I’ll spend that money. Right? Back into the economy so it’s a win-win.


Stephanie (13:07):

Absolutely. I’m so excited that you had so much great economic success, but what about in your personal life? What has changed in your own personal life after joining our program and being super successful?


Marcus (13:21):

Yeah. I mean I think at the end of the day when you’re building your own business, doing these things, you definitely get some imposter syndrome especially when you haven’t had any success or the success you expect of yourself. I definitely had that going through my head this whole time before going to Dan’s program, right? Being able to work through it and have that, it has been amazing for my headspace perspective. Now, it’s like, if it wasn’t for Dan, it’d be like, oh man, the second-guessing of yourself, wondering if you need to go back to corporate America, wondering if you need to go get another job. We’re pretty frugal so the money thing really didn’t matter that much for us in terms of that, it’s just different.


Marcus (14:07):

It’s a different level of stress versus now it’s like, you have a machine you built, you can turn it on at will or you keep the machine running and the machine will always produce, right? You get the sense of freedom as a result, right? A sense of freedom, knowing you have control of your future, you also get that sense of confidence and that inner peace, right. Then ultimately here’s the reality when you have that, you’re just a happier person, which means you are better, I’m better. I’m a better human being. I’m a better father, I’m a better husband, I’m a better everything. So it all ties together. If it wasn’t for Dan, I’d just be probably still super stressed, right? Now, I have different kinds of stress. I’d be super stressed and wandering with anxiety, is this business going to make it to the level I want, and now that’s gone.


Stephanie (14:55):

It’s so awesome to hear, I got to tell you, sometimes I’m listening and I get kind of emotional of like everything that you’ve been able to accomplish and everyone else has. So there are going to be a lot of people that are going to be on the fence, there are some people who are watching they’re on the fence about joining. They’re still unsure. What would you tell those people that are still on the fence about working with Dan and our team?


Marcus (15:19):

Yeah. Great question. I mean, it’s quite simple for those people who are on the fence. It would be like if I went to them and say, Hey, listen, if you give me $1 and I’ll give you $10, would you say, yes? The answer is obviously yes. That’s no different for people on the fence. Like it, whether it’s $1, $10, $10,000, a hundred thousand, Dan can help you multiply that. Why would you not want to do it? It’s simply a no brainer, and even if you don’t have the funds right now, the question is, how will you go find the funds? Because you know, this is an opportunity right now. And that’s what I’ll tell anyone. Right? You and I were talking before we had a call scheduled, it got canceled and I came back on, but the reality is, I’m glad, I’m so glad I got rescheduled because it’s so powerful.


Marcus (16:09):

If you believe in yourself, and you trust Dan is a no brainer, right? It’s a no brainer. If you’re on the fence, do not be. Do not be because it’s simple if you are willing to put the work in, and I’m not saying you work crazy, but you’re willing just to follow instructions, you’ll earn it back. You’ll earn it back, if you willing to be coached, you’ll earn it back very quickly and you’ll multiply it over. So I would not wait. I mean, as well as things are I wish I was part of Dan’s program years ago, because I’ve been trying to learn the internet marketing game for years and, if I joined earlier, if I knew it was around, I would have joined earlier. I mean, it’s one of the things where I wish I knew about Dan years ago because I would have joined in a heartbeat at that time, right. So do not wait if you’re on the fence, join ASAP because you will not regret it.


Stephanie (17:10):

So everyone get off the fence, just dive in. Yeah. That’s awesome. I’m listening to you and I’m like, this guy knows, you have a good radio voice by the way. Has anybody ever told you that?


Marcus (17:22):

I get that. Sometimes it happens. Yeah. So yeah,


Stephanie (17:25):

No, I was like, I’m sold, I don’t know what you’re selling, but I’m buying. Marcus, you have been amazing. It was great, I’m super excited about your success and you’re on track to crush it even more in September. So I appreciate you. I cannot wait to get on another interview with you and hear about everything that you’re doing and how you completely crushed it. So thank you again for being with us today.


Marcus (17:52):

Thanks for having me on and thank you to Dan Henry for all his support and help.


Stephanie (17:56):

Thanks guys. I appreciate y’all.


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