Are you searching for clarity in your business and struggling with low-ticket clients?

My client, Ken, came to us with those issues.

He was exhausted with all the issues that come with selling low-ticket offers.

“I made some low ticket offers available to try to help others. You know, try to help some other business owners. And it was an absolute nightmare. I think every single person wanted to refund, didn’t do any work, it was just a really horrible experience.”

He needed clarity in his business and knew something had to change if he was going to have the time freedom he had hoped to see owning his own business.

Ken decided to invest in himself and made the decision to join our program. As a result, he’s found clarity in his business and made the transition to high-ticket sales!

 “The low-ticket options that I put out there were like $500. So I consider that very low-ticket, and where I’m at now, I don’t close any deals under six figures. So definitely a big jump in a short period of time, but well worth it.”

Recently, my team member, Steph, sat down to chat with Ken. So if you’re ready to hear how Ken was able to find clarity in his business, make the transition to high-ticket sales, and start closing six-figure deals, then check out his interview!


In this video, Steph and Ken will discuss: