How Jason Made Back His $55k Investment in Two Weeks

Are you stuck in the same place financially knowing that you have a successful business but also knowing it could be doing better? Meet Jason… He spent the last year feeling the same way. His business is just over three years old. Successful? Absolutely! Stuck? Also yes. “We’ve been bottlenecked if I’m being super honest, for the last 12 months. Kind of at the same revenue threshold, really facing the same difficulties… and successful, yes, but not where we wanted it to be.” Frustrated and knowing there was more for his company, Jason reached out to me. He invested in himself and his business and made the commitment to work closely with me through my Elite Mastermind. Still skeptical about how quickly he could recover his investment, he implemented the advice from our first two calls immediately. Now, just TWO WEEKS to the day from our first meeting, Jason has made $55k and is on track to continue that upward financial trend during the holiday months (which are historically the most financially difficult months for his business). Recently, I sat down to chat with Jason. So if you’re ready to hear how Jason recouped his investment in just two weeks then watch his interview!
In this video, Jason and I will discuss:
  • How your offer is key to the success of your business and sometimes it just needs a little tweak to be perfect
  • Why simplifying your process can make massive improvements in your business
  • How a mentor or coach can help you overcome mental, emotional, and physical blocks

Dan Henry (00:00):

Hey everybody, Dan Henry here, and I have Jason Phillips with me who has come on for this interview to share how he made a $55,000 investment back in just two weeks. You’re probably wondering what that investment is. Let’s chat about it. Jason, how are you doing?

Jason (00:17):

I’m good, man. It’s a busy day, but very good.

Dan Henry (00:20):

Awesome. Awesome. So real quick, let’s just give some people a little background on you. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business and what you do.

Jason (00:32):

Yeah. So I own The Nutritional Coaching Institute and, so we certify health and fitness professionals. Obviously, nutrition coaching is a big part of training and making more money in today’s economy, obviously, since COVID, everybody’s pivoting online. So it’s a good field to be in. We’ve been open a little over three years now and, really man, we’ve been bottlenecked if I’m being super honest, for like the last 12 months. Kind of at the same revenue threshold, really facing the same difficulties and successful, yes, but not where we wanted it to be.

Dan Henry (01:16):

Got it. Got it. So you reached out to me and you asked about my Elite Mastermind, where I give a very close, personal, intimate coaching and consulting. As well as we have our meetings and our weekly call, but basically where I work with you directly on your business and personally. I always hate to say the price publicly because, by the time people watch stuff, the price ends up going up. That happened three times now, “Dan, I saw your video and the price went up.” But, right now the investment is $55,000. You reached out to me, you asked me about it. We had a conversation, I asked you some questions about your business to make sure that it was for you, that it was a good fit. I wanted to make sure you would get that money back if you implemented the advice. Obviously, if you sold snow cones and you were a brand new business, probably not a good fit, but you have an existing business, doing well, want to do better. So I said, I think it’s a good fit. You wired the money over. We got started right away. You’ve been in for about two weeks and the result after implementing some of the advice, we’ll talk about that in a minute, but where were you last month and where are you this month in terms of, of your revenue?

Jason (02:42):

Yeah. It’s crazy, man. I think when I wired you, the money, I actually sent you a message and I was like, “I’ve never hated to wire somebody, $55,000.”

Dan Henry (02:53):

Jason, it’s kind of a personal thing, how much money you’re making. So let’s not say where you were and where you are. Let’s just say how much extra you made ’cause I think that’s a little bit better.

Jason (03:07):

Yeah, absolutely man. When I jumped in and it’s literally two weeks to the day that we’re filming this from that day, we are up exactly $50,000 from last month. We don’t have a super low ticket offer, so November and December are often thought of as bad months in the high ticket world. Yet we’re already trending 50K ahead of last month, and I think we’ve just scratched the surface. I think that’s actually the bare minimum of what we can do because as we were talking about before this, there are so many things that we haven’t even gotten to yet in two weeks

Dan Henry (03:43):

That was based off, cause you’ve been on one or two calls?

Jason (03:46):

I’ve been on two calls now. Yep.

Dan Henry (03:49):

The advice that I gave you if I recall was on that first call, the advice I gave you, you implemented and when you made that change, that’s when the revenue uped. I think we just had sort of a follow-up session on the second one, right?

Jason (04:03):

Correct. Yeah. On the very first call, obviously, we were able to speak at length about everything. I shared with you the same, the same thing I had shared in the past, like in public settings or with other coaches or other groups or other people that had quote-unquote guarantees. You were able to pick it apart really quickly. I was actually really surprised and the tweak was super small. It wasn’t massive, you didn’t try to overhaul my business, but we did pivot the offer just a little bit. Changing that offer, allowed me to do something in our space that nobody else had ever done and really nothing that anybody could mobilize fast enough and do. It really took advantage of all of the success that we’ve already built, lumped it together, and just made a much stronger offer with a better hook. Then of course we got into the core content and that has, it’s been game-changing two weeks.

Dan Henry (04:57):

We did your VSL (Video Sales Letter). I know you were doing that crazy complicated, ManyChat mess to book calls and we simplified it and just had a really good VSL. So let me ask you this. Before you decided to join the mastermind and work with me directly, cause some people get into our main coaching program or maybe they just buy my book, but you decided to jump right to the top and work directly with me and my small close-knit mastermind. What was the problem you had prior to joining Elite?

Jason (05:34):

It was very singular. It was just lead generation. We have a very good product. We have amazing customer service. I think through and through, I really believe the advantage that we’ve always had, the reason that we’ve been able to be a seven-figure company really since our first fiscal year is that we do have such a great product. We struggled with lead generation. If I wasn’t the one doing marketing for my own social media accounts and no, we don’t do any kind of cold outreach, I don’t love that. But, if I wasn’t the one creating connections then we weren’t selling, and that’s a lot of stress to be under as the person running the business, running the team, doing all of these things. So we were struggling hard there and actually when we had our call about joining Elite that’s what you said.

Jason (06:21):

You’re like, “You know, our whole goal is just going to be to simply book more calls for you.” I think I messaged you like two days ago over the weekend, we booked 12 calls over the weekend total. This is just getting our paid ads up, and I can actually tell you right before we hopped on here, I had people reaching out to get on calls right away. So they’re coming in rapidly. I think I was concerned about trying to book 20 or 25 a week. I remember you were like, dude, that’s, that’s crazy, you’ll blow past that. I didn’t believe you at all but, in two weeks here we are living proof that I think we’re going to surpass that. What that means from a revenue perspective and a growth perspective is insanity.

Dan Henry (07:06):

‘Cause you wanted to buy a house. So you were concerned about taking a chunk of capital away from what you could put down on the house. I said to you, “Well, based on your business…” Again, I have to have a call. I got to look at your business before I decide if you’re a fit. But, when I looked at it, I said, bro, “You’re gonna make that back like that.” and you did.

Jason (07:25):

Yeah, we made it back in two weeks, and given the trajectory that we’re on right now, we’re not just going to make that back. We’re going to essentially be where we wanted to be really for the last 18 months. We’re getting there quickly and with a lot less stress. You know, not only did you help us tweak our offer, but you’ve also helped me with something really small in my deliverables. It’s not some massive and, to be honest, it’s not something that I hadn’t considered, but when we had our call, you’re like “Man, like you have to pull the trigger and do it.”, and then you have the reasons why it would work. You didn’t just tell me to do something. You had real reasons and real like overcoming objections. You put me in the headspace where I was confident to be able to do it. That was honestly like one of the biggest things because now we’re making more money in just two weeks, but I’m also working fewer hours, and come January 1, 2021, I’m going to be working even fewer hours, which is great because all of the things that we’re working on, I have the time to implement. I have the time to put out there and actually get to enjoy a seven-figure lifestyle. because if I’m being honest, I’ve just ground it out for the last decade.

Dan Henry (08:37):

Right, and that’s, well, that’s not why we do this. We don’t do this to grow. I always say, you know, this should be, this should be an enjoyable experience. It shouldn’t be painful. And there are painful times in business and you’ve got to get over them, but overall, it should be a great experience to do this. And I could see that look, you don’t know what you don’t know. If it just like, when you, you know, I know you’ve trained, you’ve been in the fitness industry. You know, if somebody doesn’t know something, they can lift a weight or exercise. So they’re blue in the face. But if you just go over there and go and fix it, it can mean the world difference, you know? So let me ask you, was there any specific reason why you chose to work with, with me and my team and in my mastermind versus, I mean, there’s look, there are tons of people out there that have, you know, and I always, I call it a mastermind, but as you know, it’s not your traditional mastermind. It’s more direct personal coaching with me. And we don’t, we don’t do all this fluffy stuff as most masterminds do, but that said there’s still a ton of options out there. Is there any particular reason why you chose to work with me rather than anybody else?

Jason (09:46):

Well, if I’ve, I’ve invested a lot of money in the last five years in coaching. And so I’ve kind of started to understand what to look for in a coach. Number one, I’ve never seen you talk about something that you don’t do personally. So every time you’re talking about it, I can look at your business and be like, Oh, here’s where Dan does that. And Oh, it actually works. Number two when we got on the call I know I was in a great position. It was, you know, I got to talk to you, but we got, like, we talked about things that would actually be relevant to my business or sorry to my business. It wasn’t just theoretical. I think that was really important to me because I’m in a weird niche, you know, I’m, I’m in the fitness niche, but I’m not in the fitness niche.

Jason (10:33):

Meaning everybody that comes to me, they’re like, Oh, selling fat loss is no problem. I agree selling fat loss is not that hard, but selling certification for fat loss is very hard. You know, it’s, it’s a planned purchase. It’s not an impulse buy. And so there were some hangups that I had and you were easily able to understand that and actually help us just change the offer to match up really what people were willing to purchase at that moment. So I think it was just the fact that you really lead by example and the fact that dude I’ve, been in the game, I’ve watched for quite some time and everything you’ve said you were going to do, you did it, you execute on it and you became successful. And it all the coaches and all the gurus out there, if they’re not doing it themselves, I want no part of it. Anybody could read a book, anybody could regurgitate a book not anybody can implement what’s in a book. I think that that’s been the coolest part, man. I’ve gotten to, I got to watch from a distance and then just the immediate connection of you looking at my business and actually caring about my business instead of my money. That’s what did it, that’s really what sealed the deal for me.

Dan Henry (11:41):

Cool, man. There are some, some kind words that make me blush. Well, let me ask you this. I know you’ve only been in two weeks and you basically made your entire investment back weeks. You have an entire, almost the entire year left, and to take advantage of the program. So again, I know you’ve only been in two weeks, but is there anything in particular cause you mentioned that you’ve hired other coaches you’ve been in other masterminds. Is there anything in particular about elite, about this one that has really helped you or that is especially effective?

Jason (12:20):

So I think anybody that’s watching this needs to, I think this is like maybe the most important part and they all need to understand every coach or guru out there. I feel like they have like this complex system, but they want you to believe is out there. I hope it’s okay that I say nothing you’ve given me has been overly complex. In fact, I think it’s the simplicity of it, which is really allowed it to work. You haven’t asked me to do anything crazy over the last two weeks. I’ve been able to execute on the few things that you’ve asked me to do and I’ve been able to execute well. And that’s what has driven success. I have a full understanding. I have full comprehension. I think you make sure that we have understanding and comprehension as to why we’re doing what we’re doing. I’m very similar to you in the sense of like I’m a no BS. So, you know, there’s no coddling in Dan’s group. Like I think if anyone wants to be coddled like I probably would steer them away. I hope it’s okay to say that,

Dan Henry (13:15):

Man, you know, it’s not butterflies and rainbows in this group.

Jason (13:19):

Oh, like, and I don’t think if you need to be coddled, I don’t think you should be investing in that kind of money. But I think that it’s the appropriate amount. I mean, dude, you’re when I told you how many calls I booked like there’s genuine excitement. And then there’s asking about the house and like, I mean you’re a human and like you genuinely care, but at the same time, it’s like you, you will crack the whip because you care about people’s success as much as they do. And I think that’s the sign of a great coach. You know, I’ve, I’ve been a coach, my whole adult life, you know, I was a nutrition coach and now I coach nutrition is to grow and to scale. And so watching that and seeing that man, like it was just such a, it’s such a cool thing for me to experience because I always put really good coaches on a big pedestal. There’s not a lot of people like that, dude. There are people that’ll get on the call on a phone all the time, but they’re not willing to give simple answers, not willing to give direct answers. They always want to blame it on something other than, you know, the person taking action or not taking action. And you’re like, no, look, here are the facts. This is what needs to be done and let’s go do it. And again, my Stripe account is living proof that it works.

Dan Henry (14:26):

That’s awesome, man. That’s awesome. And yeah, that, that’s the mindset and the type of people that we’re looking for in this program. So let me ask you, let’s say you got on that call and you decided not to use, so you decided to put that money into the Europe coming home purchase and you didn’t invest. Where do you think both your business and just mentally and just, where do you think you’d be right now if you didn’t make that investment?

Jason (14:54):

I know exactly what I’d be. I’d be running ads to the wrong offer. I would be frustrated about losing ad spend. I’d be questioning a home buying decision because of the lack of revenue from our ad spend. And I would still be searching for the solution to really create the future we desire. It’s crazy to say all of those things would S would be missing in my life. Cause when I look at the opposite side of it, where I’m at is massively confident about what we’re doing. I have ROI on my ads. I’m actually looking at a slightly, even better house now, which is…

Dan Henry (15:32):

I told you that would happen

Jason (15:34):

You did say that on the call. And it’s I haven’t been brother, I’ve been grinding for three years on this business. I haven’t been this excited about what we’re putting out and the connections that we’re creating to our clientele and the services we’re providing for them. I haven’t been this excited since day one. And I think that there’s just, there’s no price I could put on that, man. Like a God honest truth, dude, I would’ve paid you a hundred grand for that and

Dan Henry (16:02):

Say that stuff. And, and before this gets uploaded,

Jason (16:06):

Because I’ve invested, I’ve invested over a hundred grand in the past and I haven’t gotten a fraction of this. You know, so, so people are gonna watch this and be like, Oh, Jason’s the guy that invests. Well, I do, but I’ve also had, you know, I need to learn man, like any, anybody that watches this and they’re like, Oh my gosh, I don’t know if I could invest. Like how can you afford not to invest? Dan has, I mean, I don’t know how long you’ve been in the game. It’s been a long time, but as you’ve, you’ve forgotten more than most of us will learn and you’ve tried more things and failed with more things so that we don’t have to fail. That’s how I always look at it. Obviously, you’re able to pass along the success, but you do that so that we don’t have to experience the failures.

Jason (16:44):

We get to keep that optimism. I think that’s been the cool part. You know, one thing we haven’t talked about too is your community. You did, it’s a great community. It’s huge but the people in there are dope. I’ve connected with somebody offline who was like, I got 15 referrals for you. And like one of the 70 clients right away. I know you and I talked about something on a call. We were able to send them like, you know, something, just, the people are really, really cool. Like they’re all on the call. The questions that are asked are no stupid questions. Like they’re, they’re very direct, they’re very relevant. And I’ve learned probably just as much about business in general, listening to other people, listening to you, coach other people. As I have you coach my business and that’s been another huge value add because it’s making me a better coach for my

Dan Henry (17:32):

That’s awesome man. That’s awesome. So again, this is very, you know, oftentimes we’ll have these student interviews after a few months with people, but you know, I just like the story of how you were concerned about the investment because of the house and then, two weeks later, bam, I just love that. So I wanted to get you on here. I’m sure we’ll do another one. Because your results are going to go through the roof even past this, but, how does it feel personally to see this new direction? Like in your, not just your business, but in your life and your personal life, like, because what happens in our business trickles down to our actual life? Like how does that feel right now? What, w what do you see happening in the future for you that maybe wasn’t a possibility before?

Jason (18:19):

So I’ll paint the picture for you perfectly. I was sitting in bed, I have a two and a half-year-old daughter in the next room right now. And I was sitting in bed with her two nights ago. And I had actually, all the housing development stuff pulled up on my computer and I was looking at the different builders and lots, and my daughter’s name is Emmy. And she said that’s Daddy and Emmy’s house. And I said, yeah, that’s going to be daddy and Emmy’s house. And I mean, I instantly had tears. It was like, I can provide that for my daughter. And I don’t question it. I don’t question whether, you know, it’s too expensive. That’s, there’s, there’s no substitute for that in my life, man. I mean, that’s, that’s what I live for. But you know, from a business perspective to know, to have confidence in the actions you’re taking to not second, guess what you’re doing to I know a lot of like entrepreneurs at this level, they’re afraid to spend more money on ads.

Jason (19:16):

And that was me for a long time. And to know that when I put money into ad spend number one, I’m definitely going to get a return. But number two, I now have a resource to, to check that ad, spend against and say, Hey, am I doing the right things? My re-targeting properly am. I like that? Peace of mind allows me to operate with complete freedom. And when I have the freedom I like to think my work ethic is stronger than 99% of people in the world. And so when I have the freedom and I match it up with my own work ethic I know the sky is the limit. And so it’s part of, it’s really gratifying. Part of it’s really exciting. But also to look at next month, December 2020, and know that at this moment today, I literally am going to be working one day a week over the course of that month. We’ve started to put together, dude, I haven’t taken a day off, let alone a month off since I started working. And I can’t, I can’t put that indoors, man. I really can’t. It’s, it’s an amazing feeling. I’m super grateful,

Dan Henry (20:20):

Dude. That is awesome. And I’m, I’m happy that I’m able to help you on that journey. I’ll ask you one final question. And I really do appreciate you being generous with your time. Of course. If someone was on the fence about booking a call to see if they were a fit for the elite mastermind and investing that 55K or maybe 100K cause you know, maybe I’ll raise it right after this, whatever it is. What would you say to them?

Jason (20:54):

Just book the call. Like I can tell you when I had my call, I was driving from Virginia to South Carolina and I got on a call with Dan. He, my, like there was an unfortunate circumstance like you know, my call time had to get moved around and Dan actually messaged me and was like, dude, if you got the time right now, let’s get on a call personally. Book the call. I don’t care who you talked to. I talked to your assistant the week before I talked to you and she was just checking to make sure things were cool and that I was ready for the call and everything like that. But you know, just book it, there’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s always going to be scary and money is. And as Dan has said, I took money out of a house fund, to put into this.

Jason (21:38):

And it’s not a small amount of money. But that money is now back. It’s going back into my house fund. My husband is growing exponentially every single day. And I’m going to get to, I’m going to have everything I want. The only reason you’re saying no is you’re creating false stories in your life. You’re, you’re telling you, you won’t be successful. You’re telling yourself stories that your, this exception listen, if anyone was the exception, it was me. I’m in a super weird niche. I’ve hired some of the top media buyers in the world to buy traffic to my stuff, and they’ve all failed. Dan, fixed it in literally the very first call the very first week we were profitable. Two weeks later, we’ve made all of our money back. I, if that’s not enough information for you to book a call maybe rethink being an entrepreneur. I don’t know. Because the entrepreneur is not about safety. It’s about taking a small risk. It’s about going all-in on yourself. And did you lead by example and we’re just following your lead.

Dan Henry (22:36):

Hey, thank you, man. And yeah, you know, it’s funny. I was reading Webster’s dictionary and, I never bothered to read the actual definition of an entrepreneur. And when I finally read it, I went, huh. It made a lot of sense. Well, yeah, it’s the, it’s a person that takes on greater than normal financial risks to operating a business. And when I read that, I realized how many people call themselves entrepreneurs, but don’t fit that definition. So,

Jason (23:11):

Oh, they’re telling themselves stories, man. And you know, we haven’t done listening. I could go on for days. And we haven’t even touched on the mindset stuff that you talked about. I feel like I came with a good mindset, but it only gets better. And, and that’s been cool. I had, cause I’ve watched people in the group in the last two weeks have big mindset breakthroughs. That’s been fun to watch too. That’s one more thing, man. Like if I can just keep talking like I keep coming up with things to tell you, like

Dan Henry (23:39):

You’re doing a great job, so I’m not going to shut you up,

Jason (23:42):

Having fun in your business, join this group. I’ve had more fun doing what I’m doing because you know, it’s going to be successful. Like when I, when I filmed my VSL before I joined the group, it was kind of a pain in the because it was like, all right, I built the slides I had the scheduled times recorded. And like, and then I’m like, Oh, I hope it works. And I’m going to spend $10,000 on ads this month. I hope that hurts. When I filmed the one after our first call, I was so I think I filmed it literally 48 hours later. I wrote the slides that night and filmed it two days later. And I was like, this is so good. And I was excited. And then I actually wrote my webinar slides just yesterday. And that was exciting. I, if you’re not having fun with the call because you need to have fun in your business and you need to have excitement and that’s what this has done as well.

Dan Henry (24:31):

Awesome man. Awesome. And I cannot wait to have another one of these interviews when you just skyrocket through the roof. Cause I know you’re going to thank you so much for taking the time to come on here and talk to me about your experience. I really do appreciate it. And we’re going to be booking another one of these soon. Thanks

Jason (24:48):

Man. Appreciate you.



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