How Tin Made $220,000 from his Low-Ticket Offer

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Customer Name: Tin Man Lee
Location: US

"But Dan, you talk about high-ticket offers so frequently... does this mean that low-ticket offers are they worthless?"

I hear this question ALL the time. 

I'm here to tell you that while high-ticket offers DO bring higher levels of success, that is not to say that low-ticket offers are junk. 

Because they aren't. 

Today I'm going to share with you a recent interview I did with my student Tin Man Lee. You may remember him, as I've shared his successes in previous emails...

Well, Tin is still out here just absolutely crushing it. In fact, even during a pandemic lockdown, he's still pre-selling tickets and collecting deposits to his in-person events for NEXT year... 

With only $5,500 in Facebook ad spend, he's made $220,000 in revenue just by following the steps in my program! 

That's incredibly nuts! 

Tin is a prime example of how to take a low-ticket offer (priced at $997) and turn it into a revenue-creating powerhouse.

In this video, Tin and I will discuss:

  • What steps Tin has taken to bring in a revenue of $220,000 on an ad investment of only $5,500
  • Why connecting with your true passions to serve your students will outweigh your tech skills hands down
  • AND... why learning from the best is the fastest and smartest route you can take to hit your goals!


Dan Henry (00:00):

You joined our program, you started your business, you spent $5,500 in ads and in revenue, almost a quarter-million dollars, 220,000. How nuts is that?

Tin Man Lee (00:10):

Yeah, that's, uhm, I'm very happy!

Dan Henry (00:21):

Hey everybody, Dan Henry here. And I'm here with one of my favorite clients, Mr. Tin Man Lee. Tin is an amazing photographer and he has an online educational product that teaches photographers and teaches people how to create great outdoor photography. Tin, how are you doing, man?

Tin Man Lee (00:41):

I'm doing great. Thanks for having me.

Dan Henry (00:43):

Awesome. So this is actually a second interview that we're doing because we had you on previous and you, you joined our program and I'm just going to read the stats here. So you, you joined our program. We taught you how to make a beta version of your course. And what that means for anybody watching is, let's say you want to create a coaching program, an online course, whatever it is. We teach you how to do a live sales presentation, pre-sell tickets, or pre-sell access to that program before it's made.

Dan Henry (01:18):

And then you make some money doing that. You create your program, you refine it, and then you launch it as a full-price program. You give a discount on the beta, you launch it as a full-price program. That's very, very scratching. The surface explanation of the method. So Tin, you, when you did your beta, you spent $500. How much did you make from that?

Tin Man Lee (01:38):

Oh on, on my beta, I make a total of 65,000.

Dan Henry (01:41):

65,000. And it was two 97 that you were charging at the time, correct?

Tin Man Lee (01:47):

Yes, that's correct.

Dan Henry (01:49):

Okay. And so just for everybody, that's watched the previous interview. When we did the interview, he had made about 20,000, but he did an Encore and intend you did an Encore. Just so everybody understands you did a live, you, you ran ads, you did a live presentation. Pre-Sold people bought on the presentation. Then some people bought after the presentation, they were still thinking about it. Then you did an Encore presentation for anybody that couldn't make it. And again, people bought on that Encore presentation. Then there was people that bought after it, when it was all said and done, you ended up with 65,000 in revenue on $500 in ad spend for your beta, correct?

Tin Man Lee (02:27):

Yeah, that's correct. I was following all your email sequence and everything and yeah. And people asked me to do an Encore and then I did it. And then I, yeah, I got towed off $65,000.

Dan Henry (02:39):

Oh, that's awesome, man. Cool, cool. Okay. So here's the, here's where it gets really interesting. So you launch this as a $997 automated. So, you know, ad to webinar, to order page. And we have, you know, it's funny because we have a lot of people that talk about high-ticket these days and they know that I primarily, or not primarily, but I love high ticket and I love to sell and teach and teach people how to sell high ticket. And so we get a lot of questions. They say, Dan, are you still teaching low ticket? Does a low ticket still work? And it's funny because we have like a huge portion of our program is how to sell low ticket. And you used our, our system. You use the system that we gave you for for low ticket automated webinars to an order page with no phone call. And you spent five when you got it launched, you raise the price to $997. So a thousand bucks you spent $5,000 in ad spend. How much did you make from that $5,000 in ad spent?

Tin Man Lee (03:41):

I made $25,000 from the $5,000 ad spend.

Dan Henry (03:46):

Wow. That's that's, that's amazing. Okay. So now here's where it gets really interesting. You sold cause you're, you're a photographer. You teach people how to create amazing outdoor photography. You have an Alaskan it's like an event like a, like a seminar.

Tin Man Lee (04:03):

Yeah. It is like a five days event where I lead a group of interested photographers to see wildlife and also at the same time teaching them. So it's almost like a, in-the-field kind of a course. And in this, in this kind of I mean, in, in the current events, all these things it is just very difficult for people to even have the confidence to sign up for those events. However, when because of your teaching, I changed my whole style of teaching. I really talked to the students, listen to the students and really make sure that everybody had their questions answered. So by the end of that six weeks coaching of my beta course, everybody was really happy and was super, super supportive and super engaged. So they actually backed me to let them in this tour. So so when I announced the tours for next year, I think I was so shocked because basically within a few hours, instead of days or weeks within a few hours so many people booked and yeah, so, so I got a lot of immediate payment for the deposits for next year.

Dan Henry (05:11):

Okay. So I have it written down here cause we talked before the interview. So you got so, so again, we have Phi, just so everybody understands. We have $5,000 in ad spend $25,000 in $997 revenue. And then you got $50,000 in deposits for your event in Alaska. And when people then go to pay the balance of those deposits, that's $130,000 in revenue. So when you add this all up and correct me, if my math is wrong, you spent and let me just, you joined our program. All right. And let me just add this up. You spent 500 in ads for the beta. You then spent $5,000 in ads for the automated $997 webinars. So that's $5,500 in ad spend. You made $65,000 on the beta plus you made $25,000 on the $997, that's $90,000.

Dan Henry (06:15):

And then if you add the 130,000, and I realized that that some of that you haven't collected in cash yet this would be revenue or accounts receivable because they have to, they have to pay the balance when they do the event, which is a normal thing. Then that is... so when, and again, when it comes to revenue, you spent $5,500 and you made $220,000 in revenue. So sorry, $5,500 in ad spend $220,000 in total revenue. And just for the people watching at home, we throw in a lot of numbers around here. If you take so 60 sorry, hold on. So, so 25 is so 65,000 plus 25,000. So that's a 90,000. You turned $5,500 into $90,000 that you collected, right. But then you added a high ticket element to that low ticket. So again, we're turning 5,500 in ad spend into 90,000 in low-ticket. So when somebody says, well, does low ticket still work? I think that shows that it works. And then when you added the high ticket element, you made an additional $155,000, $50,000 of it which you've collected. So again, you, you, you joined our program, you started your business, you spent $5,500 in ads and in revenue almost a quarter million dollars, 220,000. How nuts is that?

Tin Man Lee (07:51):

Yeah, that's, I'm very happy. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah. Yeah, go ahead.

Dan Henry (07:58):

No, no, you go ahead. You go ahead. I'm happy for you. And then let me just say this. And again, one of the reasons I wanted to jump on here with you is because we, we got a bunch of emails recently that said, you know, does low ticket still work? And Dan can you help meet with low ticket? And people forget that I made my first eight, eight, $8 million dollars doing low ticket. And you asked me on a recent coaching call. You said, Dan, you know, you're always talking about high ticket. Should I switch to high ticket? And what did I tell you?

Tin Man Lee (08:32):

Well you when, when I actually was counted to try high ticket, but I remember totally that you mentioned to me that you made your first, first eight millions from from a $997 course. And so I just keep working on that and it's definitely hard work, but basically in, in your, in your program, you actually had everything laid out for us. I I basically, you have all the templates and I just put in my story, my program name and all the email automation and all which I would never have figured it out in many years of my time, but you have everything laid out. So basically all I needed was, I could focus on helping my students. I could get all their questions, make sure that I have all my good stories to help them understand that.

Tin Man Lee (09:21):

But for the rest of this stuff, you have everything just perfectly, all the slide templates or the email automation and everything. And I just need to sit down, follow you step by step. Really it's just step by step. You have all of the house covered. I never have any technical problems basically following your detailed. And when we clear instructions. And so, I mean, I mean from the beta turning into a auto webinar, I literally take less than maybe one or two days to put everything together with all the followup emails and everything, which was a miracle. But, yeah, but once it is set up it is so much easier because for the beta, I actually still had to work to create the course, but, but this one, I just basically pay the Facebook average. You also gave us a really, really good lecture on how to create ads and all, but basically what I do now is I just have to ask running and then the money just came in. Like every morning I check and then there's a money coming in and I don't need to have any phone calls, so...

Dan Henry (10:25):

Well, keep in mind though. You do, you do, you know, it's, I don't want anybody to get the impression that you just turn on ads and the money rolls in you do, you did have to work to create good ads. You do have to rotate your ads at, you know, maybe an ad will work for a while and then it'll burn out, obviously the better an ad, the longer, the last have you had to rotate any, I mean, this is a month, so it's, it's I have you, if you had to rotate any ads yet, or no?

Tin Man Lee (10:53):

I actually haven't even rotated my ads yet, but it's working, but I have to do it because from your instructions, I understand because you know, how, how Facebook really work. And and so I, I need to follow all your instructions, but without rotating the ads I have already been making this amount, so I'm pretty happy, but I know I have to work on that.

Dan Henry (11:16):

Well, no, no, no, no. I mean, if they're working, that's fine, but I'd get some queued up because eventually, you know, the performance will start to decline and you'll have to create some new ads. I mean, if that wasn't the case, then you would see the same Doritos commercial every single day for the past 40 years, but ads wear out, they burn out and then you got to create new ones, but you've only, you've only been at this a month and you've had amazing results. So, but you'll, you'll have to rotate your ads a bit. It will happen, but you have a great offer. And when you have a great offer and you have great ads you do... and you knowwhat's weird about you, not weird, but what's amazingly weird about you, Tin is that you follow I've had, I've had thousands of people that have bought my programs over the years, and I can count on maybe two hands.

Dan Henry (12:07):

How many people have followed my instructions to a tee literally no pushback, no resistance, no experimentation, just following to a tee what I tell them to do. And, and in, in that collection would be like you, Andy Mark, and you guys all make the most money. You know what I'm saying? Like, like, let's, let's, let's be clear here. Not everybody that buys a product from me is going to make an amazing bunch of money, because if they don't, if they don't, even if they don't follow the, I mean, I've had people buy and never show up to a coaching call. I've had people buy and never, ever even use it. But you Mark, Eddie, you guys are all at the top. You guys are all crushing it. And I doubt it's coincidence that you're all also the ones that follow what I say to a tee and as well show up to every single coaching call.

Dan Henry (13:05):

And it's not what I say. It's, I've been doing this for a long time. We've done well over now, almost now, almost like $16 million in my own revenue. And I've helped generate a lot more for others. It's not that, it's what I say or what I believe. It's just what I've discovered, because I've been doing it long enough. And I've dedicated myself to the art of this enough to see all the problems and see what works and what doesn't. So it's not, it's not my opinion. It's just what I've discovered and what I've, I've found that works. And you've really, you know, followed that. And you've really stuck to your stuck to the plan. And so, you know, you shouldn't do high ticket right now. I mean, you are doing high ticket actually. Cause you, you sold, you sold 155,000 of what, a $6,500, $7,000 event?

Tin Man Lee (13:55):

3,500. Yeah.

Dan Henry (13:57):

Tell me more about that. So you, you go to Alaska with a group of photographers and how long is it, a week?

Tin Man Lee (14:05):

Yeah, it's about five days and I know you retake those small planes and then we get into the most remote places. And then we look for like Brown bears and then we get pretty,

Dan Henry (14:16):

Did you take, you take pictures of the bears? How close do you get to the bear?

Tin Man Lee (14:22):

Well you don't want to know. Yeah, yeah. But, but what I want to add to you is cause you earlier you asked me about that I also need a lot of hard work and I follow your steps. And I just want to say that I usually don't follow, but I also also I spend a lot of time taking a lot of classes as you can imagine, but from all my experience only you can really pinpoint the main reason for each step like you would have. I, I think a lot of you who have watched your YouTube channels and all know that you are the best in explaining a theory or a principle with like the best matching stories and all which really get into understanding the emotional reason of that.

Tin Man Lee (15:14):

And when I took the class with if you took the program with you, what I learned is that everything really makes sense. And you are, you are not teaching people how to hack the system, but what you are teaching is really to bring the best out of ourselves. And what you are trying to do is to really understand what the customers need. You're not really playing tricks with them. You are really understanding the emotional pain and like from the emotional point to the to really how to make the things happen to them. And which is I find this connection with my teaching in photography too, right? When people look at photos, there are so many beautiful photos out there. Like if you spend time on Instagram every day, why you just scroll down, there are all these beautiful animal photos and all, but the only one that really people will stop to look at it. It's not a beautiful photo. It's a photo that moves them. It's really triggers that emotional response. And this kind of emotional response is one ingredient after another ingredient is all like, it's all proven by like, you know, Grandmaster oil paint has spent hundreds of years trying to understand the human perception. And for you, you are the, I remember one of your students said that Oh, Dan Henry is like the Einstein of marketing and that's, that's that's Mike. Right. I remember

Dan Henry (16:34):

I'd rather be the Picasso of marketing than the Einstein, but, but I'll take the compliment.

Tin Man Lee (16:39):

On Mozart, right?!

Dan Henry (16:40):

Yes. Yeah. I take a more, you know, some people take a very scientific approach to this and I used to try that. And here's what I found that you can try. And this is why you will find so many internet marketers that are certified in Infusionsoft and email marketing and automation. But for some reason, they all still live in a three bedroom, two bath house. They still have a mortgage. They're not, they haven't excelled. They haven't created real wealth and that's, I'm not putting them down. But what I'm trying to say is that when you focus solely on the science and not the art, you know, how many science... art is, what makes something great. Science is what makes something make sense.

Dan Henry (17:29):

And so you can drill down all of your, your automations and your tech and all that. But here's the thing. I know people that have the tightest tech and email sequences and the craziest stuff. But they're, they're not the best speakers. They're not the best storytellers. They don't know how to explain things that well. And they limit themselves here. And then I know people who really have a mess of tech. I mean, they don't know what's going on, but they're great storytellers. They're great. Like, I'll give you an example. My friend Myron Golden, he's an eight figure earner. And he's a good friend of mine, but you know, he doesn't, he barely knows how to use Zoom. He barely knows how to set up. Like that's not his, and he'll tell you that that's not his jam, but he makes more money than anybody who is the like, that can sit there and go oh emails and Infusionsoft. I'm like, guys, that's not what makes you money. That's not what makes people buy your product? What makes people buy your product is great marketing, great stories, great ways of explaining things. That will be the tech and science every single time. Now, if you have both, then, you know, I mean, you're a rock star, but at the end of the day, if you can open your mouth and say something to inspire somebody to follow you, that will take you farther, way farther than any amount of email sequences or, and we provide all that, like you said, we gave you, and this is another thing you're a photographer, right? You absolutely are an expert at that, but should you have to be an expert at email automation? And this other thing and that, I don't think so. That's why we give you the systems that we've already refined over the years. We hand them to you, and then you have the science, it's done for you. You don't have to be a scientist. I've given you the done for you. You know, tech part, you fill that in the blank with your art, and now you can spread your message without having to be a tech guru, because at the end of the day, do you want to learn how to be a marketer or do you want to grow your company?

Tin Man Lee (19:40):

Yes. I I'll, I'll give you a quick example. So in my own coaching call for, for the students so what they will do is they will send me a few photos each time and they asked me so, Hey man, what do you think of the photos is you think it is worthwhile to submit to any photo contest? I think the photo was really good. They asked me and I just look at it and it's that I can see like 15 mistakes in this photo. How can you say that? It is good? And the reason is because I have been making all these mistakes in my last 10, 20 years, and I have submitted to photo contest. I have into exhibits and make the prints for like six feet and all those, those things. They have never make that mistake because they never had a chance, but I already knew all this.

Tin Man Lee (20:25):

And when I attended your coaching call I would see that you, you are just a super sharp. Like everybody asks you a question before they even finished the question. You already knew what, what is their problem? Because you have, you have seen them all. And the most important thing is so many teachers out there, they would just sugar coat. They said, Oh, this is nice. I keep up the good work. But for you, you are very truthful. You just pointed out because you just want the students to succeed. You don't get them to say, Oh, Dan is just such a nice guy. You want him as it. So

Dan Henry (21:00):

I'm definitely not that nice when I'm coaching, haha...

Tin Man Lee (21:02):

Yeah. Well, it's just because of this philosophy, which is very I, I can really connect with my own when I tell the students about the photos, because I have already made all the mistakes and then they, they don't need to listen, but they would just make the same mistakes for sure. I can, I can guarantee you that, even though there's a, I don't bite you. I, I think my photos are pretty good. And then they, they, they submit it and depose it and then it never works. And then when they listened to me and when they told me, Oh my God, Tin, and it works. And I won and I was not even surprised because I knew it, it works. And I think that's exactly what you are. And you are the one who actually give this very honest feedback. So that's why I, as what you just asked, I can be good in photography, but not, not good in marketing and selling.

Tin Man Lee (21:50):

And oh, and so that's why I, I let you guide me throuh this. I just say, okay, whatever use that, I trust you at the end, because of the philosophy I can just light myself and I can really connect with your philosophy of teaching. And that's why, that's why I have been following and just not, don't need to ask question basically, because I knew from all your previous coaching calls, indeed, it is like a goldmine. And I don't know if other people know about your program is that we can have access to all your previous coaching calls. And basically you have answered thousands of questions, and you have all everything timestamped, so people can just search it. Like, Oh, if I have a question about how to do my introduction in my webinar, that you create the most impact, you have probably 50 examples of how people can make mistakes. And I can just listen to them. And, it is proven, super strong proven things that you won't make the same mistakes as the other 50 people. Right. That is something that I can save probably five years, five years or more for that. So, so that's why I like it so much.

Dan Henry (23:02):

Oh man, thank you so much. Yeah. I mean, you know, I can, I can definitely be a little bit, a lot of bit, direct and a little bit harsh on, on, on events and coaching calls when I answer questions because you know, I'd rather, you, I'd rather, you get mad at me than mad at your mortgage company when they take your house. You know what I mean? Like fine. Be mad at me. I'm the guy, I'm the mean one, but at the end of the day, if you're going to be a lot more upset when your business fails, because you were listening to somebody else who just wanted to make you feel good, you know. How many, how many NFL championship teams do you know of that? Have a nice coach like this bill, Bella check, sit there and go, Oh, that's okay. Ahh that pass was fine. No, he's screaming. He's screaming at his players. I mean, I don't, I don't scream, but you get the point. It's it's you, you, if somebody's not doing something right, you have to tell them you're not doing it, right. I'm not here to be your girlfriend. I'm not here to be your, your therapist. I'm here to tell you the right thing to do to make you money. Do you want to feel good or do you want to make money and trust me when you make money, you'll feel good. So I appreciate it. Not only do I appreciate you following, and I appreciate you, you, you doing the work, but I appreciate you appreciating how we roll in this program and in this company.

Dan Henry (24:21):

And so I know we're going to have another student interview and, and I know that it's going to be even better results. But this is, I mean, you're talking about dude, I mean, to tee to turn $5,500 into $220,000 in revenue. And, and even if you just go buy the cash, that's it. Even if you were just to go down to the $997, forget the beta, forget the high ticket up sells just the $997 funnel 5k in a 25 K that right. There is a Testament that low ticket still works if you do it right. And you do it well. And the only way to do it well is to get help from a team that is the best in the world at this. And I will throw my hat in the ring for a vote of that, because I believe, you know over the past several years, my team has dedicated ourselves to making art, to making us the best in the world at this. And, and because this is what we love, this is what we do. So Tin, if somebody is considering getting into my program and they're on the fence, what would you tell them?

Tin Man Lee (25:29):

Well there, there is no question that you should invest in. You, just like my photography because you are always ask people. Like if you ask people who doesn't really have the best coach in the world, why would you even want to invest in them? And I look back in my last 10 years, I probably have invested over a hundred thousand dollars learning from all the masters in photography. And when I have a chance and back in the days was very, very difficult to find someone who actually can teach you. So if I can find a good photographer who actually they're willing to teach, I just jumped right in. And for, for this, for this one, I just want to add that I have never really did Facebook ads before. I only did this boosting boosting posts before. And so this is really the first time and I got 25 and in a month. And it was a very good feeling when everyday I woke up. And and I know that rent payment has no problem for this. And then also I would just strongly recommend YouTube, everybody to, definitely book a call and talk to your team and, and just join, join yesterday. And it's just, don't waste your time to you to think about this, because this is the world's best right here.

Dan Henry (26:44):

Ahh, thank you, sir. Thank you. I appreciate it. Well, I will I look forward to seeing your continued success and continue to just thank you for taking the time of day to jump on here and talk to me. Thank you so much, Tin.

Tin Man Lee (26:54):

It's my pleasure.

Dan Henry (26:55):

All right. See you soon.

Tin Man Lee (26:56):

See you soon.