This mastermind is different because it kind of taps into your mind specifically as it relates to my business so that way I can grow.

Customer Name: Mike Schmidt
Location: US

This mastermind is different because it kind of taps into your mind specifically as it relates to my business so that way I can grow.


Hey everybody, Dan Henry here, I'm sitting with Mike Schmidt and we just got done with the second day of our, uh, elite mastermind meeting for this quarter. So I thought I would, uh, uh, we had a discussion earlier about why this mastermind is so different. Um, and uh, I dunno, I just thought, cause you've been in a lot of masterminds, right? Yup. And then several, yeah, you probably, you guys are probably wondering what this is. Would you, would you like to tell them what this is? Let's see here. So, uh, so the thing about Dan is that when you meet, when you see a guy online and you get a certain vibe on memory, like certain personality and Dan has a very distinct online personality, but when you meet them in person, a lot of times they're very different. Like, do you online or aggressive and, and uh, witty and all these things and people have their opinions about to, and I'll tell you, meeting you in person, you're the exact same guy and it's a really, uh, summed up in this thing here. So, um, a lot of people say there's no such thing as a stupid question. Right? Um, I think, would you agree with that? Um, [inaudible] questions, but there's always a teaching moment. So what happens when somebody asks a stupid question here?

What happens is this, Oh shit, that's what happens. You get shot with a nerf gun. I would say that's pretty different than other masterminds that I've been. Yeah, well it's not necessarily a stupid question. It's more like you're asking about doing a shiny object when you should be focusing on refining the thing in front of you. That's true. I'm guilty of that over and over again. I see all these things that all these marketers are doing. I see things that you're doing, you have some of the things that are very foundational. I've skipped, right. Or I've glossed over and having analyzed. So being here in the mastermind with you, um, you know, all joking aside with the nurse gun, I can look at what I'm doing and even in the moment kind of catch like, Gosh, I haven't done some of these foundational things. I get to kind of revisit that.

So that was a kind of a big thing for me during this time here today. Cool, cool. And in terms of like, cause I think a lot of people with masterminds, they're wondering like, oh, what's the format? How do we do this at the meetings and how do we get like what does the access really like and Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. What would you, in terms of how this is different, how would you describe like how it's different in terms of the format? So I'd say this is like super tactical, right? So what I really liked is you started our time together by getting into what are the things we wanted to cover and pick your brain on and really systematically organizing the agenda for us around the things that we wanted to cover. And over the last two days you've gone item by item into very great detail. Um, and then also opening up an opportunity to ask further questions. Where in other masterminds, sometimes it's up to the people who are showing up to present their ideas to, to the group, which I mean, that's a great thing. I've learned a lot of things from other smart marketers in the room, but what I think makes this mastermind different is kind of getting to tap into your mind, um, specifically as it relates to my business so that way I can grow.

Cool. Yeah, and I've been in several masterminds myself where you present and I, I dunno, I mean I think it's a great opportunity to test your speaking skills and share, but sometimes I wonder like, why am I paying all this money for me to present?

Sure. You know what I mean? Yeah. That's definitely one way to look at it. Like I said, I've got a lot of value from those types, but this is something I'm sure that my business needs. I'm really glad that I'm in this format. I think it's very unique that you're doing it this way.

I wouldn't call this a general mastermind, right? It's very specific. You're trying to grow your online business, your trying to sell some sort of digital product, right. And scale that. Right. Um, and I've gotten a ton of value out of other masterminds I've been in where it was more basic entrepreneur networking, you know, some of these masterminds you can join and just, just by being in the mastermind, everybody ends up buying your stuff and you make an ROI just on IBM just by being there. And that's fantastic. Or maybe you ended up landing, speaking, gait, whatever. But for me, there's so many masterminds out there like that I wanted to create something a little bit different, you know, and I wanted to create something where you came in, you have specific problems in your business and we solve those problems one by one shooting down. And so that, that's what I try to do and I tried to make different and so I hope I've accomplished that here. Yeah,

yeah. Duh. Definitely. I mean, yeah, 100% like there's value in those other types of masterminds for sure. Yeah. With the value that you've brought is very, I had a bunch of questions and I had a lot of things I wanted to cover and you asked me that and we went one by one and got to go through those things, which is really cool. You can get shot. You know, I avoided, I avoided it. Right. Maybe I just is ask less questions because of it. I don't know. But let's go by the, I think you got the point right? Like we talked to

about, uh, making sure that the marketing your, we talked, I think the unneeded marketing [inaudible]

yes. That that was, yeah. For me, there's a lot of things I'll spend my time on. Um, but like I said, some of those foundational things around running the ads and testing more ad angles for me was, was a big thing because why would I be bothered setting up a chat Bot when I only have one or two ad angles that are working. I should have three or four, 10 or 12 or all your retargeting or targeted,

you know, all your followup done. Like people I always sends you that, you know, it's like, oh, I'm starting a podcast. Okay, but do you have all your retargeting ads up? Is your email sequences done? This is that. We'll know what, why are you starting start

a podcast? Yeah. It's funny cause you know like in sports, and I'm not a sports guy, but you know the, in sports they talk about the fundamentals, right? Like what are the fundamentals of sports and also what are the fundamentals of a business. It's funny, like we're in a high level mastermind group yet we're still talking about some of those fundamentals and I think that's awesome. I think it's so great that at this level we can really look at that because it's really easy to get distracted or maybe let allow ego to come and checked in the way of the fundamentals. And there's not ego here. It's about let's strip away the ego so we can make sure that even at this high level that we can get those things covered. Because I think that's why the your students and especially at this high level, gets such a great results because you're, you're not willing to allow them to be distracted by those shiny objects and really making sure that they're focused. And that's that the, the proof is in the results of the people in the mastermind.

Cool. Cool. It's, you know, it's kind of like a house. Like you can have a fancy chandelier, you can have marble floors, you can have diamond chipped paint. I don't care. But if the foundation, if that ugly part, the part that's full of concrete and rock and steel, right. If that's not built properly, what happens to the house? Yeah. It's going to fall down. Got To fall down. Yeah. But that, that foundation isn't sexy cause it's concrete. It's dirt, it's rock. But it's the most important part. But nobody wants to really focus on making that good because they want the shiny chandelier. Because that is what makes them feel good. And to me a feeling good is great, you know? But at the end of the day, do you want the result or not? And the Chandelier's not going to get you the results. The foundation is so absolutely agree. Yeah. Hey Man, I appreciate you coming out next quarters meeting. Sounds good. Thanks man.