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From College Dropout to Millionaire

Dan dropped out of college and delivered pizzas for seven years. Then, he built a multimillion-dollar empire with the money he saved as a pizza delivery guy.

Dan believes the system is rigged against the average person. He believes the only way to beat the system, is through entrepreneurship.

After saving up enough money from delivering pizza, he started buying and flipping businesses. As things were looking up, he made a bad investment and lost it all. To make matters worse, he was sued by the IRS for $250,000.

Dan hit rock bottom. He was desperate to try something new. Then, he discovered "internet money." This discovery made him a millionaire using only a laptop.

Today, Dan is the founder of and the WSJ best-selling author of "Digital Millionaire Secrets". His accolades include winning

The Million Dollar Day Award. Dan is known for his incredibly blunt, often uncomfortable, advice on how to grow a business.