How Vaughn Is Crushing It With High Ticket In A Traditionally Low Ticket Niche

Do you worry that your niche has no money?

My client Vaughn struggled to sell his low ticket offer in a niche that even the most successful entrepreneurs struggle to make sales at $997.

Even the best in his niche were failing to deliver real results for their clients and Vaughn knew he could help.

Vaughn knew he had the skill, the knowledge he needed to deliver great results for his clients but he struggled to create a high ticket offer that would stand out and clearly showcase it’s value.

After learning about Dan’s journey and his no nonsense approach to coaching Vaughn came to us for help.

As a result of working with us, Vaughn raised his prices and created a 6 figure business!He is now able to get his clients amazing results while having the time and financial freedom he always struggled to attain with his low ticket offer.

My team member, Steph, recently sat down to talk with Vaughn. If you’re interested in learning more about how Vaughn was able to raise his prices and close high ticket sales in a niche with “no money” you can check out his interview now.

In this video, Steph and Vaughn will discuss:

  • What Vaughn learned that set him apart in a niche with “no money”
  • How Vaughn raised his prices with his “non make money” offer
  • The differences between high ticket buyers and low ticket buyers
Steph (00:00):
What is going on, everyone? This is Stephanie with, and today I’m very excited to share a new student success story. And this one is really unique because we’re going to be speaking to Vaughn, who is crushing it with high-ticket, with a low-ticket niche. So I can’t wait for you guys to hear about this! Vaughn, welcome. Tell us a little bit about you and what you do.

Vaughn Brathwaite (00:28):
So I basically teach people how to play gospel piano. I teach them how to play gospel music on piano and the Hammond Organ. I’ve been doing it for six years with my company, The Gospel University, and over 15 years in general. So that’s what I’ve been doing. That’s what I do.

Steph (00:48):
Gospel music. That’s really, really unique. And you have been doing this for a while, but I know that when we first spoke, you were telling me that your industry doesn’t have high ticket offers and even the best coaches out there, the, you know, the most that they charge was $997. Tell us a little bit more about that.

Vaughn Brathwaite (01:11):
Yeah, so our industry’s incredibly fragmented. And the, I guess the more established players in the niche, the most they charged, I think still right now is $997. And you know, it’s been that way for a long time. And sometimes, the quality of what was out there was a little lower. And that’s why I think that the price has stayed in that range quite honestly, but I brought something new to the table that helped a lot of people quickly. And that’s what allowed, I think, me to be able to go into high ticket and really be successful at it.

Steph (01:55):
And that’s awesome. And, you know, we are so excited that you joined that you started working with our team. So can you tell me what were the biggest issues that you were having, or the biggest problems you had prior to joining?

Vaughn Brathwaite (02:10):
Low ticket prices, having a lot of customers at a low ticket price, more headaches, more tech issues, and the quality of customer. They were good, but there were more annoyances than were at the high ticket level. And honestly, I couldn’t serve them the way I knew I really wanted to. With high ticket, it allows you to do so. It allows me to actually make real transformations. And one of the biggest complaints in my niche and industry is that guys can play well, but they can’t teach well. I happen to teach very well and play well, but that’s a lot of time. And for so many people at the price point, it just wasn’t scaling enough. And there was no way I could really serve people the way I knew they needed to to get the results that they wanted.

Steph (03:05):
That’s good. And you know, what made you decide to start working with our team? What brought you to where you’re at now?

Vaughn Brathwaite (03:16):
Well, I had tried every other way, and I was successful in business, and I was making a cool six figures, you know, for a while. But I was using membership sites. I was using low ticket offers. The highest I sold that I think was maybe $297 or $397 for a combo package or something. And I did the click funnels thing. I was a funnel hacker. I did all of that. But and it worked, but then I saw Dan’s journey, and I saw where I started and how he got to where he was at. And I said this dude did it pretty fast. Let me see what’s good with him.

Vaughn Brathwaite (03:57):
And I followed him, and I was looking at him closely, and I saw that he transitioned into this new high ticket framework, and I liked where he was going. He’s a very straight-to-the-point kind of guy like me. I don’t B.S., and I don’t fool around. I like people who are straight to the point. Don’t lie to me, don’t tell me business is going to be easy. Don’t do all of that. Just tell me what I need to do, I’ll grease up my hands, and we’ll get the work done. You know what I mean? And I liked that about him, and I have an affinity with that. And that’s why I decided to work with you guys.

Steph (04:31):
You certainly did put in the work, and let’s face it, you must have had a lot of people tell you, Hey, it’s not going to work because let’s just face it, historically speaking, people in the music industry do not fork up high ticket money. So, you know, but you’re like, I’m going to go for it. I’m going to actually, you know, step into this and take a leap of faith and do it. And how do you feel about taking that action?

Vaughn Brathwaite (05:01):
I think it was. It was great to take it because of one fundamental principle. And that’s when the value is clear; decisions are easy. And one thing I love about working with Dan and you guys is that you make sure that our value is clear. Unequivocably across the board. You make sure we create great products. You make sure that we’re actually doing what we say we’re going to do, that there’s no hype involved. And honestly, results breed the confidence in us to be able to put it out there to the world and charge what we know it’s worth. And I think I was excited about it just because there was actual true intrinsic value behind what it is I’m offering. And that was the culture working with you guys as well. It was very congruent`, it was very fair, and it was very one-to-one. There weren’t any imbalances with anything. And that’s why I was excited to kind of go down that path because it was so congruent.

Steph (06:12):
That’s awesome. I’d love hearing that. How have things changed for you in your business ever since you made that switch? Alrighty.

Vaughn Brathwaite (06:26):
I love my clients. I just, I love seeing them win, and they’re just so cooperative. It’s is a million times better, with fewer support emails. What else? I mean, obviously more money, a lot more money but, but there’s a way money comes, you know, you can make a lot of money, but you can be miserable as hell, and then you can make money, and it’d be cool. It’s still some work involved, but it’s on your terms. And I like the terms of this thing. And it just, it’s been an overall, just a great experience and also a lot more breathing room to strategically plan to grow the business with peace of mind, not having to worry about deadlines and payroll. And am I going to make it this month? Is my ad budget going to cut into profits too much?

Vaughn Brathwaite (07:25):
Is this a dah, dah, dah, dah. It’s been a little more peaceful. The past six years before, and I’ve been only on this high ticket wave, maybe four to six months. I mean, where I actually started charging those moving. I created a whole new program and charge that price. Where before that man launch, down, launch, down some lean months old, almost getting evicted. I mean, all kinds of stuff, ups, and downs, the whole nine yards. I mean, that’s what entrepreneurs go through until they really find that thing. So life has been dramatically different in all the most positive ways. And I plan on keeping this trend alive. I plan on keeping this trend alive for a long time.

Steph (08:12):
I certainly see a lot of big things happening for you, and just seeing the look on your face on how things have changed. I mean, I can see it’s been a world of difference, and yet people are still afraid to step into high ticket. You know, what would you say to those people?

Vaughn Brathwaite (08:31):
Just do it. And if you don’t feel, when you know you’re good enough, that gives you the confidence to do it more. But even for me, I knew it was good enough, but it was a mindset thing. And you have to really think that you deserve more and ask why not you? Why not charge? You know, I mean, not everyone’s in the make money niche, I’m not going to make money niche. So I think one of the biggest things I hear people say is, well, you can only charge high ticket when you’re teaching people how to make money. I’m not; I teach people how to do well at a hobby for most of them, and I’m able to do it. So, I mean, just do it, man. Just, just go in there and do it. Trust the process. Trust what Dan and the team tell you. And you know, if you aim high, if people don’t buy it as a high ticket for a long period of time, guess what? Then you lower the price, but don’t keep yourself at a low price just because that’s what you’re comfortable with. Aim high, you miss, you know, the moon, you hit a star or two. You’ll be good. You’ll be good.

Steph (09:47):
Aim high. That is, you know, aim high. That is what we need to tell everyone. Aim high because they never know what they’re missing out on. And it’s significant. Yeah. And you can tell that this has significantly changed your life. So not just your business, but what are you able to do now in your personal life? How has that changed for you?

Vaughn Brathwaite (10:07):
Oh my goodness. Honestly, pursue other passions. Like I used to hold back on creating my own music and producing and practicing more like there’s a difference between practicing. Cause I teach at a college as well, a very high-level music college. And I don’t have time between that, between the business before, and I could never practice. I could never create. I could never just sit and rest and enjoy my cigars and my whiskey. I couldn’t do anything now. I just find myself, I want to take the week off, but I just do it. I just take the week off. I say, I just want to go, you know, I say, let me just go sit in my car and eat ice cream, and I just go do it. I’m serious. It sounds funny. But my schedule is so packed before when I was really just going hard at the low ticket stuff and emails, and then the phone calls and putting out fires and tech problems and all of this.

Vaughn Brathwaite (11:15):
Now with this, I just get to have fewer clients and more high-quality clients. I have more time than myself, and I can just enjoy life, enjoy family, be there for the family for different, you know, there were some health things that happen in a family. A few months back, I was able to be there for them. There were some emergencies I was able to help out with. You know, like it just allowed me to live a more balanced kind of lifestyle, more balanced than before. It’s still busy, but it’s a lot more manageable. And that’s what I owe. I’m indebted to Dan and you guys for showing me the way on how to really structure it because I got gray hairs from this. I’m a young guy, I’m a young guy, and I got grey real early doing messing with this low ticket stuff and everything. But now maybe they’ll go away that I’m happy.

Steph (12:13):
Well, you can always dye those, right. And hey, that freedom, you can’t put a price on that. Especially, you know, eating ice cream in your car whenever you feel like it. Oh, wow. Yeah. So it’s so good to see you so happy, but I’m going to ask you a tough question. You know, what if? What if you didn’t take action? Where would you be now?

Vaughn Brathwaite (12:37):
Oh God, I don’t want to think about it. I just don’t. I mean, I’m glad I did because I, Hmm. Yeah. I don’t know, man. It was stressful. It’s too stressful. No, sleep, I’d be miserable. I’ll tell you that much. I’d be miserable, stressed out, and not a happy person whatsoever. My business consumed my life, and it’s my purpose. It’s what I want to do, but not doing it optimally in the most optimal way. It saps. It can sap everything out of you if you don’t learn the right way for you and your niche to do it. For me, it’s high ticket. And I’m not going back. I’m just not gonna do it. I live by the sword die by the sword. High ticket’s the sword. I’m not going back.

Steph (13:40):
Well, I’m glad there is no going back for you. Well, any final words or remarks that you have for those people who are watching this interview and are still on the fence about maybe learning more or booking a call?

Vaughn Brathwaite (13:56):
Do it. I mean, I’m in a niche where making money isn’t even, at the highest level in my niche, you can make money, but it’s still not real money. But with that being said, I’m still able to offer that value doing high ticket. So if you’re in a niche that’s not about making money, do not be discouraged. Book a call. Learn about what Dan and the team has to offer you and do it, just do it. Do the steps, just block off everything for like a few days, months, whatever, do the steps. If you fail at it, get better at what he tells you to do and just do it. Execute it; I don’t even do it perfectly. And I’m doing well. It’s things. And I still haven’t done it fully, but I still see great results. So imagine when I get it all together. And I’ll say the same for you, like just do it. Just do it. Just do it.

Steph (15:11):
Just do it. Awesome. Vaughn, I want to thank you for your time. I want to thank you for your dedication, not only to the program but to yourself. And I cannot wait for everyone who’s watching this to go, you know, listen to your advice and take action. So if you’re watching this and you’re still on the fence, you know, don’t hesitate. You could be missing out on so much. Thank you so much for watching and Vaughn, thank you for being here.

Vaughn Brathwaite (15:42):
Thank you very much. Thank you guys so much.


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