How Trisha Closed $250K in Sales After Working With Dan For Just Four Weeks

Are you struggling to bring your brick-and-mortar business into the online space?

When my client, Trisha, came to us, she was struggling to bring her coaching and consulting businesses online.

Trisha had built two successful businesses from the ground up, but when she decided she wanted to make the shift from brick and mortar to online business, she struggled to gain any traction.

For years she searched for the coaching and mentoring she needed to grow her online coaching and consulting business…

“For years and years, I signed up to so many programs and so many courses. And everyone said, sell this for $27, sell this for $37. I just couldn’t get my head around it, but I did it because that’s what sheep do. Everyone follows the sheep, and the sheep say, sell it for a cheap price.”

Fed up after years of struggling, Trisha was ready to walk away from her online business. But when she found our program, she discovered the reason she had struggled to gain traction online.

As a result of working with us for just four weeks, Trisha more than doubled her prices and closed $250K in sales! She found the clarity she needed to continue to pursue growing her business online!

My team member, Steph, recently sat down to talk with Trisha. If you’re interested in learning more about how Trisha was able to find clarity and gain traction in her online business, more than double her prices and close $250K in sales, you can check out her interview now.

In this video, Steph and Trisha will discuss:

  • How Dan’s coaching finally gave her the answers she had been searching for
  • What three things she gained from investing in Dan’s program
  • Why she was “blown away” by the quality and support of the community of like-minded entrepreneurs

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Steph (00:00):
What is going on, everyone? I’m Stephanie here with Get Clients, and I’m here again to share with you another incredible story from one of my favorite people that I’ve had the opportunity to meet. Trisha. Welcome!

Trisha (00:18):
Hi, Stephanie. Thank you.

Steph (00:20):
I am so excited to have you here and to like, share with everyone your incredible story because it’s pretty exciting. It really is. I know, whenever you shared it with us, we were blown away. You were like, okay, we got to get you like to share your story right away. So tell us a little bit about yourself, Tricia, and what it is that you do.

Trisha (00:42):
Sure. No problem. Thanks, Stephanie. I’m a business consultant and coach, and I specialize in the area of mindset and messaging. And I really find this work so interesting because when I work with people, whether they’re CEOs of companies or their coaches in their little business, the one thing that I find is common amongst everyone is their mindset and getting the message across what they really want to say in a way that’s meaningful and authentic. And the last 20 years, I’ve been working as a business coach and consultant for very large businesses and also coaching smaller businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs. And I really love it, but I found that there was sometimes a bit of a clash between the two, because in one day you walk into a boardroom and the next day you’re on a zoom call. So, and you’re talking directly with a client in a different location. And I really, I found that challenging, which is where I ended up in this program with Dan Henry and his team.

Steph (01:49):
Yeah. Well, you’ve been doing this for quite a while, and you’ve gotten to go to some pretty exciting places. Right? Tell us about that.

Trisha (01:58):
Yeah, sure. So I’ve been doing this work for about 20 years now, and in the last ten years, my work or 15 years has taken me to places in Cambodia, Vietnam, Dubai, Kazakhstan, London, United States, all around Australia. I’ve been undercover. I’ve done some really interesting jobs. And as a consultant, I’m brought in to solve really complex problems. I work on some very interesting contracts that are worth millions and billions of dollars, coaching CEOs, Vice Presidents, large companies, and then also working with smaller businesses as well. So my work is taking me to places I couldn’t even imagine, you know, that was even on the map before. If you had asked me when I was 15, I would never have guessed that this would be possible. But it’s great. It’s possible. And it’s even more possible as a woman to do this successfully.

Steph (02:55):
Girl power. I love it. Okay. So, you know, you’ve been doing this for a while, and what was the reason that you came to work with our team?

Trisha (03:09):
Okay. So a couple of months ago, I started to look at my options. I have two businesses. One is Business Simplified, where I provide the consulting. And the other business is Million Dollar Messaging, where I coach private clients. I wasn’t sure which direction to go down, whether to just concentrate on the consulting and give up the coaching or concentrate on the coaching and giving up the consulting.

Trisha (03:33):
So I came along to one of the challenges, and I was able to find quite a few questions that I needed answered. And then, I signed up for one of the programs. I got to work with Dan Henry’s team. And what it really revealed to me was that I could actually do both without any problem. I could apply the principles that I learned in the program to both of my businesses. And that’s what I’m really excited about today. I want to share with you some of the results that I’ve had, which I don’t think you’re going to believe how crazy it is what’s happened. It’s been amazing.

Steph (04:09):
All right. So let’s get to it, like tell us about like your journey because, you know, I think everybody wants to know.

Trisha (04:17):
Yes, of course. So, okay. Just to put one thing aside, my consulting work, I’m very, very good at it. I’m very successful. So I’ll put that to one side, but normally I’ve gone through a third party to consult companies. My coaching, I’m very good at that, but where I’m stuck, where I was really stuck with is how do I launch my own personal consulting business, and how do I make that successful? And then how do I turn that into a coaching business at the same time?

Trisha (04:44):
So five weeks ago, when I did the challenge, I actually made some changes to my consulting business. And within four weeks, I got three new organic leads to my business. And I signed one client up in the first four weeks, immediately after starting work with Dan Henry’s team. And that client is $250,000. And I have two more leads worth 1.1 million from my consulting work. And then, with my coaching work, I have a very, very exciting amount of people that are lining up now to coach with me.

Steph (05:21):
Oh my gosh!

Trisha (05:24):
I’m so excited. I’m trying to control myself here and be all professional, but I want to jump out of my chair and throw streamers and have a party.

Steph (05:34):
I mean, you should have a party because you went from like…

Trisha (05:37):

Steph (05:37):
Zero to like now you’re lining up with like million-dollar deals. Insane! And within one month! Guys, are you guys hearing this? Within one month. And what would you say was your biggest, like struggle before getting this?

Trisha (05:57):
I’m embarrassed to admit this, and I think that if anyone’s listening just to keep a really open mind. But I spent so as I was doing my consulting, I started the online internet business. And for years and years, I signed up to so many programs and so many courses, and everyone said, sell this for $27, sell this for $37. And I was, I just couldn’t get my head around it, but I did it because that’s what sheep do. Everyone follows the sheep, and the sheep say, sell it for a cheap price.

Trisha (06:28):
And then I went to the challenge, and then I learned actually, there’s another price point. And that’s the high ticket price point, which is totally different to what I had been learning from these so-called geniuses online. So, after that, I went home, and I sat at home, and I rang a couple of people that I met during the program. And I said you know what, I’m going to double my price. And they said, really? And I said, yeah, I’m going to tender for a job, I’m going to double my price. And they said, well, how much are we talking? I said, maybe $250,000, $300,000. And they fell off their chair. They couldn’t believe it. And then some more work came in as soon as I had quoted and won the work within one week. And it was for a very, very, very big, tough organization. I beat companies like Microsoft and IBM and other companies that tendered for it. I had two more pieces of work come through for $550,000. I thought, well if I can double it once, I can double it again. So within a matter of two weeks, I doubled and doubled. It’s pretty good. It’s absolutely amazing. And my clients, I started to do a bit of coaching with what I had learned from the program and also what I had previously coached in.

Trisha (07:42):
And one of my clients in the beta phase of my coaching program, Million Dollar Messaging, went from earning a thousand dollars a month to earning $10,000 a day, seven days after my coaching. So I know the coaching I provide really works, and it’s fantastic. And there’s so much value in there, but to see someone flourish so quickly and absorb it and embrace it was very exciting. And I have so much to thank the program for. The Dan Henry program and all the people in his team, they’ve been really wonderful and supportive. You too, Steph. You’re like a little angel floating around. You’re very wonderful.

Steph (08:27):
Oh my gosh. Well, you know what a complete and total mindset shift. You know, and that’s one of the things that I get from speaking to you. But what I really want to know is, you know, from working with our team, what was the biggest thing that you feel has made the biggest difference in your business and your mindset?

Trisha (08:47):
Well, I was at the point literally of walking away from having an online business. I thought, oh, my goodness. This is way too hard. How can it not work? How can I walk into a board room or an office, or meet someone, a client and sign them up on the spot, but how come it wasn’t converting online? And that’s when I learned through this program that there’s a very specific way you need to go about it. That was one part. But the other part was actually the clientele that you approach. It’s not about approaching everyone. It’s not about trying to convince the people who were not yet up on that ladder of value. That was the big takeaway for me, definitely.

Steph (09:31):
That’s good. And it’s all about working with the ideal clientele and knowing your worth. That’s what it’s all about.

Trisha (09:41):
Yes. I mean, the client, the corporate clients I work with, call me the unicorn because I have a very unique, and I wasn’t sure that was a joke or not, but now that’s serious. They call me the unicorn because I had a very unique set of skills that solves their problems. And their CEOs, they love it. And, you know, I can bring a man to tears and five minutes just through the coaching, getting him to let down, and let his guard down and really get to the heart of the problem and help him find peace and his next decision that he needs to make whether it’s a really big decision that impacts a lot of people, just a couple of people.

Steph (10:18):
I think it’s so incredible to hear that you went from almost walking away from this business that you are so passionate about. You have been invested in so many years to like completely shifting and like, you know, thriving. You know, landing these incredible clients. So I just want to ask, how has your personal life changed? I know your business life changed dramatically.

Trisha (10:43):
Oh my goodness. You know, if I was to say, this is the best investment in my career that I have worked with Dan Henry’s team, it’s by far the best investment. I’ve taken away three things on from this program. I’ve taken away knowledge and taken away the ability to work with Dan Henry’s team, which has been phenomenal. And also, I have made some amazing friends through the program. You know, we network together, we talk, we help each other every day. And I love them so much. So on a social scene, it’s finally, like I’ve met people that are at the level that I’m at, that are really, you know, ready to accelerate and do the best they can and help people. And that makes me happy. And my family is happy because I’m happy. My neighbors are happy because I’m happy. You know, everyone’s happy. We’re all like feeling good about this. And we all know we’re doing something for a better outcome. So now my social is good. So, so excited. I just tell everybody about it. I can’t wait to tell them.

Steph (11:49):
And I just want everyone to kind of hear that part because that is exactly how I feel about our program, that community. You put it so perfectly. How I don’t see it as just like a program, but this incredible community of like individuals that are so like-minded that are like pushing and striving to be at the very top and not at the bottom.

Trisha (12:12):
Yes, and I think because we are high ticket clients and high ticket coaches in our own way, the way we serve our clients, we come with a certain level of commitment and expectation from each other that we know we’re serious. We’re not just turning up for some Sunday beer and lunch. This is a really serious thing where we all want to do the best we can. And we all are looking out for each other. It’s the first group of people that I’ve come across in any of these online mentorships or programs that I’ve really been blown away by the quality. It’s really interesting.

Steph (12:51):
That’s awesome. That is like that warms my heart so much because that is what we strive to have. You know, a community of people that are like, so like-minded and just want to get to the top and, you know, support each other. Well, Tricia, I love your story, and I cannot wait for everyone to hear this. So there are still some people out there that are, you know, still on the fence about booking a call or getting, you know, more information about working with us. So what would you tell them?

Trisha (13:27):
Okay. I say internet marketing and internet learning is like kissing frogs. You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince charming. Now I’m pretty sure I’ve kissed all the dirty little frogs in the pond, and I’ve come out the top, and I found the prince charming in this program. This program is nothing to hesitate about. It’s by far the biggest and best investment. And I would say on a personal level, I’m worth it, and you’re worth it. There’s no doubt about it. You know, we have to look after ourselves, our mental health, our financial health, our wellbeing, and the best way to do that is to become self-sufficient. And the best way to learn to become self-sufficient as an online business owner is to have the right skills and the right mentoring. There’s no price that you can put on that.

Trisha (14:17):
And I know what I’m learning today. Even if technology changes, these are skills that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. And I would say, just go for it. Don’t hesitate. And just invest in yourself. You know, it’s not a cost. I would probably that’s the most important thing I have to tell you is this is not a cost. This is an investment in you, and you need to make a call and just get that feeling and just trust in yourself that you can do it. But if you have, if you have that burning desire and you really want to be successful, there’s no hesitation. Just go for it.

Steph (14:54):
And stop kissing all the wrong frogs.

Trisha (14:58):
Yeah. All those dirty old frogs in the pond. Oh, nobody wants to kiss those. But you know what I mean, though? They like, we go out, we buy all these courses and all these programs. Kiss another frog, kiss another frog. And then we find their no good. I mean the good for one, maybe one or two things, but this has changed my entire life Steph. I mean, I have made lifelong friends. I’ve learned some amazing skills. I’ve launched my Business Simplified. In one month, I raised a $250,000 contract, which is signed, sealed, and delivered. Please, can I show you something? Do you have 30 seconds?

Steph (15:36):
Yeah, go. Let’s see.

Trisha (15:39):
This is my letter. There I say, yes, I accept. And this is the contract that says. I want to read it to you. “Dear Mrs. Fulton, we thank you for your tender submission. And we are pleased to advise Business Simplified Australia has been chosen as the preferred tenderer for this big job.” So exciting! So I thank you because of this program. If I didn’t do this program, I would have tendered a hundred thousand, and I put my price up to $250K, $280K. That’s more than double it’s like, go figure it out.

Steph (16:12):
You could have missed out on over a hundred thousand dollars if you hadn’t raised your prices. And oh my gosh, they accepted. Yeah. I wish I could have a horn or like a streamer that just explodes because this is super exciting. And I don’t think this does it justice, our excitement. Because I mean, when Trisha first told me about this, we were almost jumping up and down. This is so cool. And I know that this could happen for all of you who are watching today. So don’t hesitate. Book a call with us. Tricia, anything else that you’d like to add?

Trisha (16:47):
Thank you for listening today. And thank you for watching this case study and hearing about my story because if I can inspire you, then you can inspire the next person to take the steps. And if you’re looking for a program that changes your life, you should definitely sign up.

Steph (17:04):
Thanks, everyone, for watching. We have more incredible case studies we want to share with you in the future. So make sure that you’re subscribed to us that you constantly check our, you know, our website because there’s a lot of new things coming up. So thank you for watching, and we’ll see you next time.

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