How To Stay Motivated After You’ve Made A Lot Of Money

Can you lose motivation to make more money?

Early in my career, my primary focus was to make more money. But did I lose motivation to make more once I reached a certain point in my career?

This is a question I’ve often been asked, so today, I’m going to share my insight into how I view money and what has motivated me throughout my career.  

As I’ve grown both professionally and personally, so too have my goals and motivations.  

If you’re struggling to find motivation in your business, I created this video to share how I continue to find motivation and why making more money doesn’t have to be your primary focus.

In this video, I’m going to cover:

  • Why money is a funny thing
  • Why I’m focusing on categorical money and simplifying our processes
  • How the most successful entrepreneurs view money and find fulfillment

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