Free Masterclass: How to Scale Your Online Education Business

Having trouble scaling?

You know you have a fantastic product, and people are buying, but how do you scale with predictability?


Maybe you’ve been running live webinars, but you are getting burnt out. Or you’ve started to invest in paid traffic and things are ‘OK.’ But as soon as you spend more, it all falls apart….


What if I told you it didn’t just need to be ‘OK’?


What If I told you that scaling your education business to impact more lives didn’t have to take from your profits or cause stress?


Well, lucky for you. In today’s masterclass, ‘How to Scale Your Online Education Business’ I’ve put together everything you need to make that happen in your own business!

Here’s What I’ll Be Sharing With You:

  • Why Most Education Businesses Misunderstand “Scaling”
  • How To Avoid Common Myths About Ad Operations
  • How To Turn Your Leads From a ‘No’ to a ‘Yes’ Using Nurturing

Hey everybody, Dan Henry here, and welcome to this masterclass on scaling your online course or digital product. Now you’re likely watching this because you have a course that maybe selling, but it’s not scaling. It’s not selling as much as you’d like and you want to scale. And that’s exactly what this is going to help you do. Now, the reason you want to listen to me and you want to listen to the three things that I’m going to share with you today is because we’ve done over $10 million selling and scaling our online courses. As you can see here, over 8.3 2 million on Stripe. We’ve done another two, two and a half million, uh, on PayPal. And so, you know what I’m about to teach you is not only what I’ve learned from scaling my own programs, but also we work with a ton of course creators, experts, and people that sell digital products in our sold out courses program.


And I help them scale. So I see the problems in different industries. And after working with hundreds of course creators, I’ve narrowed the scaling issue down to the top three reasons why your program can’t scale. And that is what I’m going to go over today. So what we’re going to cover is we’re going to cover why most of you are misunderstanding what scaling actually means. And once you understand what scaling actually means, then you can begin to actually do it. But most people actually misunderstand what scale means. And that is why they have so much trouble. The next thing we’re going to talk about is ad operations. Most people think that when it comes to scaling Facebook ads or even YouTube ads, it doesn’t matter that it’s all about buttons and tech and you know, CBO and you know, do you know all this, all these, all these tech things.


But in reality, the things that have moved the needle the most, uh, for me, scaling ads has really had little to do with Facebook changes, what buttons I press, new features, CBO versus this and that, blah, blah, blah. And on acronyms and all this stuff. Very, very little to do with it. I’m going to cover what, what actually moves the needle in this second secret. And then I’m going to cover why most of you are doing a lack of nurturing. Most sales come after people have said no to your initial sequence, your initial webinar. There’s so much money in that period after I’m going to show you how we are able to pull so much profit out of our list and out of, um, you know, people that have said no, but maybe on the fence. All right, so let’s get started. By the way, most people, uh, when they do webinars or presentations like this, they’ll talk about their, their client results and testimonials and all this stuff.


I’m not gonna waste time on that. In this video, I’ll put some testimonials from our clients in sold-out courses program below. You can check them out at your leisure. But for the purposes of this video, let’s just get right to the content. All right, here we go. So the first thing is misunderstanding scale. So most people think that they’re spending say 100 bucks a day, and they’re like, all right, I’m spending $100 a day. But every time I try to scale, it falls apart. It doesn’t matter if it’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, whatever. You’re spending money on paid traffic. Um, you know, $100 a day is nowhere near scale. Okay? Scale is five, 10, $15,000 a day. So when I look at people and I hear them and they say, well, Dan, I, I’m spending $100 a day, but for some reason my campaign falls apart at $200 a day or 300, 400 or a thousand.


The fact is you’re, you’re not yet at scale. What scale means is that you have a product that you can spend a little bit of money and you can be very profitable. So scale means you have a loop. It’s been a little bit of money, but you make back this much money. And when you scale, that margin shrinks. But because you’re spending more, you make more in volumes. So if I spent $100 a day and I made 500 back, that means I’m, I’m make a five to one return return on ad spend or our ROIs. So I spent a hundred I make 500 back, that’s five X, that’s pretty good. But when I start to scale and I’m spending thousands per day, that five X shrinks down to say two X. So now I’m only making two X. Now you might say, well two X is nowhere near as good as five X. But the thing is is if I spend $1,000 and I make 2000 now I’m making $1,000 a day instead of 400 a day.


Or if I spend 5,000 and I make 10,000 bag, I’m making 5,000 a day at two to one versus 400 a day at five to one. You see what I’m saying? So what this means is if you cannot spend a couple hundred bucks a day at at least at a minimum minimum of a four to five X return, you are nowhere near scaling. You have an issue with your offer because your offer should have a return that is four to five or more acts at a low ad spin. When you scale, you will lose profit. That is just how this works. Okay? So you have to have enough profit at a low spend to be able to spend more and shrink that profit, get make more money. So if you’re spending a hundred bucks a day and you’re profitable, but then you spend 200 a day and you’re not profitable, that is not a scaling issue.


That’s a, your offer doesn’t sell. Very good issue. Sorry, I know that sounds harsh, but that’s the truth. We need to fix the offer to convert better and the ads to convert better, not worry about scaling. Scaling is when you have a five, six X return at add a few hundred dollars a day and now you want to spend a few thousand a day that scaling. So unless you understand that you’re going to try to scale and think it’s scaling as you want. It’s not, it’s an offer issue. Okay? It’s a, it’s your business. So that said, and I promise you a promise you, I’ve seen this across the board, time and time and time and time again with other people’s offers. My offers, that is the truth. All right? So we need to get a good ROI at a low ad spend first. Then we can worry about scaling.


So let’s move on to secret number two here, ad operations. And this kind of ties into secret number one. So the thing is what makes ads work, whether it’s YouTube or Facebook, especially the more you spend is you have to have fresh angles. Okay? Yes, there’s little targeting tricks and yes, there’s, there’s these, you know, different acronyms and all these new features. But at the end of the day, ads eventually burn out. The more money you spend, I don’t care what method you use, I don’t care. It’s going to convert really good and then less good and then less go. And eventually it’s not going to convert it all and eventually it’s going to cost you. And it’s just how it works. So I learned a long time ago that if I can create more ads, more angles, I can always experience that initial freshness of an ad that gets me a high ROI because I always have another one in the pipeline.


And on top of that, on top of that, an ad that stops converting, that you shut off a month or two later if you turn it back on because you have a fresh audience coming in, it may convert again. Okay. We’ve turned off ads that were three months old that just were completely burned out. We turn them back on and they worked. This doesn’t happen every time, but it happens enough to keep that in your back pocket. So the question is how do you create more ad angles? So this is my personal system. What I do is I look at an everyday event in my life. I look at event in the news, doesn’t matter what it is and I think of an angle. I will then post it on Instagram with a picture associated with it and I’ll check out the engagement. If the engagement is good, I send it over to my media buyer and I say, run this as an ad and we run it as an ad.


And think about it this way. 16 year old girls post 30 times a day on Instagram. Maybe you’re watching this right now and you post at least once a day on Instagram. Imagine if you could come up with a brand new ad angle every day. Okay, I’ll give you an example. One of our best ads, um, is a, is my Tesla ad and I had purchased a Tesla from um, well Tesla and uh, it was a great car. It’s a great car. It drives me to work every day on autopilot. It’s beautiful. You know, it’s, it’s a great car, but everybody that works at Tesla is like 12 years old and they have terrible customer service. They barely ever get back to you and it’s not a joy to really interact with them. But I love the car. And so I got an idea. I said, let’s take a page out of Elon Musk is a Elon Musk book.


Um, at the end of the day, if you have something that solves a problem, something that people want, like a car that drives itself, people will buy it regardless of if your other aspects of your business are imperfect. Um, people will buy it. Look at Tesla. This guy can go on Twitter and say something crazy and everybody hates him for what he said. He can go on Joe Rogan and smoke pot and get all this flack. He can have 19 year old kids working at all of his dealership providing subpar customer service. Yet he still sells tons of Teslas. Cause at the end of the day, it’s the car that drives itself. And in that, in that ad, I talked about how the most important thing is to craft a great offer that people want. When you do that, all the other stuff, the ads and this, and then that becomes so much easier because people want that offer regardless of the individual bells and whistles, right?


Because if it takes bells and whistles to sell your offer, you’re, you’re not going to scale your business. You have to have at its very core something that people, a certain market really, really truly wants. And so, um, when it comes to ad operations, this is, this is what I’m talking about. All I did was look at the fact that I bought a Tesla and came up with an angle attached it to what I sell. And, and then at the end I said, listen, if you would like to get help with your online course and making it sell and creating great offer, click here and watch my webinar. Click here and book a call, right? And I do this over and over and over again. Um, because it just ha like every day it happens. Okay? There’s something in your life every day that can happen that you can create an ad angle out on absolutely everything.


You could grab this coffee cup, right? You could grab this coffee cup and you say, why will somebody pay $20 for this copy coffee cup when they’ll only pay $2 for this coffee cup? Well, it’s simple. This coffee coffee cup has added way more value than this coffee cup because this coffee cup entertained you. It can be shown around, uh, it can be used as a novelty and it just makes people laugh. So let me ask you, how can you add value to your product to, you know, make it more desired, whatever. And then I could just go somewhere with that and tie it into selling online courses, which is my offer and blah, blah, blah. Done. Okay. So the more you can look at your life and the more you can come up with different angles, more fresh ads you will have, the more you will have ads that will convert.


And let me tell you something. The longer copy, and I know everybody talks about short copy. The longer copy lasts longer. Okay. A short copy ad will generally last me a couple of weeks. A long copy ad will last me a couple months. All right. So again, if fresh ads create a high ROI and then eventually they burn out, then why not just create more fresh ads? Why not come up with a system to creating more fresh ads. Now, here’s the thing there. There’s an art to this. There’s an art to taking those, those things and creating, crafting, great copy. There’s an art to building out a team to where the these, this content is revolving and it’s getting uploaded your ads dashboard and it’s being tested. There’s a system to, uh, being able to see things in life that you can turn into an ad. All right? And we work with people in our sold-out courses program every single week to do just that, to come up with more ad angles, to look at their everyday life and create new ways to bring customers in to lock that down into a science and into an operational system so that they can scale.


All right? Every single person I know that is at eight figures or above, they put out lots of ads, but they don’t, it’s not a lot of work because they have a system. And I would love to map out that system for you. And I’ll tell you how you can get on a free call with my office where we’ll take a look at your course business and we’ll get on the call and we’ll map something out for you to show you how you can scale. Okay? So I’ll tell you how to get a time to take advantage of that at the end of this presentation. But first we have to talk about number three, the lack of nurture. All right, so this is what I call the fence method. This is very, very misunderstood. Let’s, let’s map this out real quick. So let’s say you have a, uh, let’s, let’s use blue ink here.


So let’s say you have a, a Facebook ad, okay, here’s your Facebook ad, right? Here’s your ad. And that goes to, you know, a, a, a webinar funnel, right? Here’s your, your whole webinar funnel right now at this point, you’ve paid, I dunno, five bucks for this lead, whatever it is, and you got them to watch your webinar. Now after or whatever your funnel is after this, there’s three potential scenarios. There is, yes I will buy and they body there is hell no and they’ll just never going to buy. They did not resonate with your offer. They don’t want it. They don’t need to know. And then there is maybe now maybe is the vast majority of the people that are going to come out of your webinar. Most webinars converted anywhere from one to 5% and then maybe another 20% saying no. And then the rest, the vast, the, the lion’s share of your leads, they’re on the fence. So here is this fence. Now here’s our little customer right here. They’re on the fence and right now they are wondering what side of the fence they want to jump on. The yes or the no, they’ve already gone through your webinar. They’re on the fence, which means that we can start chucking things at them. Emails, videos. Okay.


Stuff like this, that as we Chuck it at them, they begin to Teeter. And eventually if we Chuck enough stuff at them, they fall over to the yes side, okay? And when they fall over, they now become a customer. So now if you’ve spent $5 on a Facebook lead, you’ve got them to watch your webinar and people said yes and let, let’s say that’s now worth $7 you’ve made a plus $2. Well now, once you do this method and you set up a system to continuously get people off the fence, maybe that $7 turns into $17 okay? And so now the value of this customer goes up because you’re not only making sales in your main sequence, but you’re making sales in your fence sequence, okay? And so now you, you this, this becomes more profitable than it was. So you may be asking, okay, that’s great Dan, but what if I say the wrong thing?


What if I, I give them the wrong content? And instead of falling off the fence to the yes side, they fall off the fence to the no side. Well, that can happen. And that can happen because you just may not know exactly what say. And we help people every single week in our sold-out courses program know what to say. We help them understand scale so they can map out a plan to scale and so they can get their offer converting and prepped for actual scale. We help them with ad operations so they can come up with a constant supply of high converting ads so that when they’re ready to spend a ton of money, they can do so profitably. And we help them with their nurturing so that they can put into full practice this nurture sequence to get them to purchase or book a call if it’s a high ticket offer, whatever.


So they can get more value out of their list. So they can take an average $5 if your average subscribers with $5 we want them to be worth $15 and the only way to do that is to take the fast majority of people that are on the fence and start knocking them off one by one. All right. So listen, if you’re interested in any of this and you would like help implementing it into your business, then I’d like to invite you to click the link below and book a call with my office to free call. You’ll click the link below, you’ll answer a few questions about your business, and then you’ll pick a time to talk to our team. And we’re going to do two things. We’re going to look at your business and we’re going to try to find out what the actual problem is.


And if it’s a problem we can solve, we’ll map out a plan of action and show you how we can help you. All right? And once we show you how we can help you, if, if you like it and it seems like we’re a good fit to work together and you want help, then we’ll show you what that looks like and you can decide to become a part of it or not. No pressure. Um, but either way you will get a lot of value out of this call because you’re going to find out, you know what’s wrong. All right. So I recommend you click that button below. We only have a limited amount of spots. Uh, this office may look big, but it’s actually not. I like to think keep things nice and cozy. Um, and we don’t, we only have like two or three people that take calls in my office. So there is a limited amount of calls. So if you’re watching this right now, it means we’ve opened up some spots, uh, but they don’t last long. People do book them up quickly. So go ahead and click below and, uh, pick your time to talk to my team and we’ll, we’ll see if we can help you implement this and get that course scaling. All right. Talk to you soon and can’t wait to see your success.

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