Episode 69: How To Deal With Debilitating Stress As An Entrepreneur

Do you deal with debilitating stress as an entrepreneur?

I recently dealt with a situation that caused me so much stress I could feel the tension creeping through my skin. The pressure in my head and ringing in my ears so intense I felt like Mike Tyson had just pounded me to the pavement with his famous leaping left hook. Focus was out of the question.

Then I remembered this quote:

“It’s not that stress kills us. It’s our reaction to it.” – Hans Selye.

I knew the stress was overtaking me, so I decided to change my reaction to it. Instead of sitting in the stress, I decided to pour my energy into something positive that would take my mind off the situation and get my body moving!

Movement is a great way to refocus your mind and work the effects of stress out of your body. I took three walks that day. My focus and productivity improved, and I was able to get back to work!

The next time you feel stressed out, get up, get your body moving and clear your mind so you can get back to work!

In this episode, I am going to cover:

  • How stress can destroy focus and productivity
  • How moving your body can reduce stress
  • How to get more done while you’re working out your stress

How do you deal with massive debilitating stress on those really, really bad days as an entrepreneur? That’s what I’m gonna talk about in today’s episode.

All right, everybody. So how do you deal with debilitating stress as an entrepreneur? Now, the subject of today’s episode isn’t necessarily going to be about how you deal with it on a regular basis. I can talk about that on a different day, but what I’m specifically talking about is those days where it’s really bad, those days where you are so stressed out that you cannot concentrate on your work. So you’re sitting down, maybe you’re trying to write some emails, or maybe you’re trying to communicate with your team or plan, or you’re just thinking, you’re just trying to strategize whatever it is you’re doing in your business, and you just cannot concentrate. Well, this happened to me yesterday. I released another podcast episode talking about this weird issue with my house. And it was, well, we come to find out is the person that was trying to purchase my house is literally a known scam artist.

They don’t have any money. They, we literally looked them up and looked up their house. I mean, they literally put a cash offer in on a 2.5 million-dollar home. And they, their home that we found that they have is about $150,000 and just got out of foreclosure. I mean, all kinds of stuff has happened, but basically what happened was and I have like the best lawyer in town. He literally jumped right on it served them papers. You know, we’re suing them for escrow, you know, pressing criminal charges for check fraud and just it’s this whole thing. But, you know, the reason why I was so stressed out is because I’m leaving tomorrow to go to The Bahamas and Puerto Rico for two weeks. I got a Millionaire Cruise to do, plus I’m scoping out Puerto Rico because I may want to move there just say, you know, for act 21, act 22, all that.

And my house is torn apart, right, like literally torn apart because we had to get everything out by April 1st to go to a storage unit. So that when I got back, I could go into this new home that I was putting an offer in on. Well, because this offer fell through because it was fraud, you know, and they’re trying to do a wire fraud. At least that’s what I thought. And I’ll tell you my theory here in a minute, why I don’t think it’s actually wire fraud, but you know, because of all this, I now can’t sell my home, so I have to relist the home, and that means I have to have it all clean. I have to have everything put away, and I have to have it done before I leave, which is in less than 24 hours, because, you know, that’s two weeks that my realtor will be able to show the home while I’m gone.

And so it’s, and plus fires at the business and all kinds of stuff. And, you know, just, we’re trying to create entities for things that we’re doing. And the IRS has been shut down for like two weeks or, not the IRS. The Florida State has been shut down for like two weeks. They don’t get back to anybody. It’s just a mess. And so I was literally trying to sit down and write email sequences, you know, which is something I like to do. I like to sit down and write because one thing I’m doing right now is I’m redoing our whole email strategy, and I’m writing all these email courses, ’cause I’m going to be honest with you. I’m ranting right now, but I have not been the best at my email game lately. And when I say lately, I mean the past four years.

So I decided to up my email game. When you subscribe to my list, you get a 30-day course on how to be a digital millionaire now. I’m doing other courses like five to 10 to 30-day courses. Like basically, you get an email course, and then you get a little bit of a break. Maybe I’ll. I don’t know, just to be honest, maybe I’ll pitch you something, I don’t know. And then, and then after that, you get another free course, and then I might pitch you something and then, you know, you get another free course. And that way, when you’re on my list, it’s always value. It’s not just; that’s the strategy that I’m doing now.

So with that said, I’m sitting down trying to write one of those free email courses, and I just can’t concentrate. The stress, I could feel it in my skin, you know? So I normally do a 30 minute to one-hour walk every day. Well, I’d already done it that morning. So I decide all right, I’ve got a better idea, ’cause I’m stressed out. So I grabbed my phone, go out, and I start taking a walk, and I literally walk three times, like I do like three walks, four total for the day I got like 30,000 steps in, it’s ridiculous. And at one point, I did a sprint, and as I’m walking, you know, I’m power walking, and I’m letting, you know, my stress is just sort of leaving me. And, you know, obviously, I’m focusing on walking, not getting hit by a car so that that’s taking my mind off of it and just but the activity is likely releasing endorphins or whatever.

I don’t know. I’m not a scientist, but I know it’s helping. The physical activity is helping my stress. So I take my phone, and I start writing the email sequences in my phone. You know, and I’ll clean them up later and pop them into the email sequence, but I just grabbed my phone, the diction, and I just start writing email sequences in my phone. And not only do I get like a ton of emails written, but you know, I got all this activity in and lowered my stress level. I felt way better. So if you have those days where you’re just super, super stressed out to like, to where you can’t even concentrate, go for a walk, literally go run if you have to. Run, sprint, and then walk. Sprint, and then walk, grab your phone, do some work on your phone.

Guys. Our phones have become so massively useful these days. I mean, I put in air pods so that, you know, my diction can be heard clearly, and I just speak my emails into the phone, and I got really good at it. Like, I’ll literally be like, you know, in today’s email, blah, blah, blah, new paragraph, or, period, new paragraph. Blah, blah, blah period, new paragraph. Blah, blah, blah, period, new line. Blah, blah, blah, quote. And you get pretty good at it. And so that’s what I did. And by the way, I’m going to do another episode on my theory of why these people tried to steal my, or not steal my house, but why they did this to me. And, I’m going to try to have a little empathy here for them, while at the same time knowing that they need to be off the street, but I’ll do another episode on the psychological aspects of how far somebody is willing to go to feel wealthy because that’s honestly what I think it is.

Because I was looking into the people that did this to me, and I have a theory, and the theory is sound. And so I’ll talk about that in the next episode. And it’s a big mindset thing.

So anyway, I hope this helps. Just go out and walk. Do some work from your phone. Just try to keep your head up ’cause you don’t want to mess up your neck looking down, you know, try to keep your chin up and look at the phone as you walk. You’ll look like an idiot walking down the street, and people will be like, what is this person doing? But don’t worry about it. You’re going to be rich. They’re not. So don’t even worry about it. All right, guys, see you in the next episode.


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