How I Do Prospecting

Are you looking for the best mentor in the world?

Maybe you are looking for a single mentor who shares the same values and principles you do. The one person who seems to live the life you hope to live that can guide you to success. Maybe you’ve found someone who appeared to be the perfect mentor until you realized they made some choices you disagreed with.

You might feel like you can’t or shouldn’t follow someone you don’t wholly agree with.

If you struggle to find a mentor, you’re likely not taking the proper action in your business. You could be forced to search for success alone, hoping to learn from your mistakes instead of repeating them again and again. You could spend years making mistakes that cost you time and money without a mentor to show you the way.

I’ve been there too. Early on in my career, I made mistakes that could have been avoided with the help of a mentor.

If you’re tired of making mistakes and struggling to find the answers on your own, this video is for you. I created this video to show you how to discover who is the best mentor and get the most out of mentorship.

In this video, I’m going to cover:

  • Who you should choose as your mentor and why
  • What it means if you discover you’re not completely aligned with your mentor
  • How having more than one mentor can fast track your success

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