Are you struggling to believe you would be able to raise your prices and charge more for your course or coaching offer?

My client, Carl, used to struggle with that limiting belief too.

Carl built his course from the ground up through years of trial and error, tweaking and refining. But, he knew what he had to offer was worth more. The proof was all around him…

He watched as countless others in his niche raised their prices, but Carl just couldn’t wrap his mind around how he could charge more and sell more. This left him selling all his hard work and countless hours of refinement for less than $1K! 

Carl had followed Dan through the years but had always opted for other low ticket offers from the “gurus.” But he never saw any results with those offers…

“I bought all these low-ticket courses. Sure enough, they did nothing for me. They didn’t help me in any way. Only when I invested in Dan and the premium service that he provides did I actually make that shift.”

That’s when Carl came to us for help… 

“It made sense. Like why toss and turn at night thinking, how am I going to do this? I knew that there was someone out there that had already been to where I want to get to. That’s why we get coaches, isn’t it?”

As a result of working with us, Carl went from struggling Rockstar to successful near 7-Figure course creator! 

My team member, Steph, recently sat down to talk with Carl. If you’re interested in learning more about how Carl was able to overcome his limiting belief, raise his prices, and close more sales, you can check out his interview now.

In this video, Steph and Carl will discuss: