How Carl Went From Struggling Rockstar to near 7-Figure Course Creator


Are you struggling to believe you would be able to raise your prices and charge more for your course or coaching offer?


My client, Carl, used to struggle with that limiting belief too.


Carl built his course from the ground up through years of trial and error, tweaking and refining. But, he knew what he had to offer was worth more. The proof was all around him…


He watched as countless others in his niche raised their prices, but Carl just couldn’t wrap his mind around how he could charge more and sell more. This left him selling all his hard work and countless hours of refinement for less than $1K! 


Carl had followed Dan through the years but had always opted for other low ticket offers from the “gurus.” But he never saw any results with those offers…


“I bought all these low-ticket courses. Sure enough, they did nothing for me. They didn’t help me in any way. Only when I invested in Dan and the premium service that he provides did I actually make that shift.”


That’s when Carl came to us for help… 


“It made sense. Like why toss and turn at night thinking, how am I going to do this? I knew that there was someone out there that had already been to where I want to get to. That’s why we get coaches, isn’t it?”


As a result of working with us, Carl went from struggling Rockstar to successful near 7-Figure course creator! 


My team member, Steph, recently sat down to talk with Carl. If you’re interested in learning more about how Carl was able to overcome his limiting belief, raise his prices, and close more sales, you can check out his interview now.


In this video, Steph and Carl will discuss:

  • Why Dan’s coaching was the go-to choice
  • How Carl transitioned to high-ticket after implementing what he learned in just one module
  • How the delivery of Dan’s coaching and course material made the transition effortless


Steph (00:00):
What is going on, everyone? I’m Stephanie with GetClients.Com. And today, I am with Carl. And not only does he have the most fabulous hair that I’ve ever seen in my life, but he’s going to share his story with us on how he became a rock star marketer. So he went from Rock Star to Rockstar Marketer. And Carl, take it away. Welcome. Good to have you. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Carl (00:29):
Hello. So, yeah, I was quote-unquote, a Rockstar for almost 20 years. I spent the world traveling, touring with like Metallica and all these cool bands. And breaking my body, definitely, but I had a lot of fun along the way. But, obviously, it didn’t pay very well ’cause I was in a metal band. So I needed to make money. I wanted to do something exciting as well. And I started to dabble with marketing and e-commerce, and everything under the sun, basically to try and figure it all out. I ended up launching a couple of courses, struggled with those courses, and found Dan, loved Dan, and here I am on this call.

Steph (01:07):
That was definitely a big career change. Going from the music world, having lots of fun destroying your body, then into marketing, you did a lot of different things. Why focus on marketing? Did you find your passion? What was that like?

Carl (01:23):
I was definitely always a nerd. So alongside the band, I actually moonlighted as a games tester at Microsoft. So I was like testing, like X-Box games and things like that for years. So I’ve always been a complete nerd at heart, so I always did the digital side of stuff. And then, yeah, I just obviously saw like the classic webinars of like e-commerce and various different things, marketing agencies and dabbled in everything and it started to click the world of marketing and it kind of went down this rabbit hole of trying all these different things for like five, six years.

Steph (01:58):
Awesome. So what inspired you to become a coach and help other people, you know, with their businesses?

Carl (02:05):
Through my own pain and suffering in the early days of doing it, and knowing I didn’t know how to do it. So I had to figure it out by myself. And it took me many years of again, tweaking, failing many, many times. And got to the point that I had a nice refined way of doing what I was doing. And I wanted to help other people do that. I naturally had friends and family asking me, so my first course was on e-commerce. And I had friends and family asking me before I did the course how was I doing so well with these e-commerce stores? So I knew right then, and now I could show them one to one, or I could just record the process in a quick kind of screen-share thing and just give it to them. And that was kind of the spark. I was like, give them the course and then just coach them alongside the content. And that’s kind of what started this road for me.

Steph (02:57):
Great. So you created a course, and then you had it going. You were doing okay, but then you got stuck. Tell me a little bit more about that.

Carl (03:07):
Yeah, it’s classic. I struggled with my pricing and also, you know, selling more, of course. But I was stuck with the mindset that there was no way I could charge more than I was. So I launched my first course. It was, you know, sub $1K, and I just couldn’t break that barrier. I knew I could charge more. I saw all of the people around me charging more in the same industry, but I just couldn’t mentally, you know, just change the price. Do the process of changing the price and going down the different route of high-ticket. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t fathom charging more than I was.

Steph (03:45):
And is that the reason that you decided to seek help and find a coach that could show you the right way to do it, to raise your prices?

Carl (03:54):
Yeah. It made sense. Like why toss and turn at night thinking, how am I going to do this? When I knew that there was someone out there that had already been to where I want to get to. That’s why we get coaches, isn’t it? We want to go the most efficient route by following someone that’s already been there. Just like, you know, climbing a mountain, a classic analogy. You wouldn’t climb a mountain without a sherpa because they’ve already been to the top of the mountain. Otherwise, you’ll get lost, and you know, bad things will happen. So that’s why I sought help to get through this.

Steph (04:27):
Yeah. Getting help is the right way to do it, and, you know, getting a coach that has done it before, knows the process, and can take you there. Why Dan? There’s a lot of coaches out there. So what made you choose our program?

Carl (04:44):
So I’d followed Dan for many years. So I’d seen all of his colorful and amazing videos throughout the years of all these various different courses that he did back in the day. I just loved him as a person. I knew that he could get amazing results for his students, but also I resonated with him as a person, resonated with his own story. And yeah, when I kind of pick and chose who I wanted to work with, he was the go-to guy for many different reasons. Yeah, it had to be Dan.

Steph (05:16):
Very colorful indeed. Have you seen this new music video?

Carl (05:20):
Yes, I have. It’s amazing. Yeah. It’s, it’s the best ode to Step Brothers in the world.

Steph (05:26):
If you guys haven’t seen the music video, check it out. Fair warning, you will not get the song stuck out of your, I mean, you’ll get the song stuck in your head and not get it out for a very long time, but it’s pretty funny. All right. So, you know, you joined our program, you became part of our family. What do you feel like has been the biggest thing that has helped you, you know, with your business in our program?

Carl (05:54):
So obviously, for my personal struggle, it was the transition to high-ticket. I knew that he had a specific module that taught high-ticket. So I went, I made a beeline for that module and just researched, implemented the entire thing from start to finish, watched it all over and over and over again. I watched all the training on the sales calls, look to all the, just anything and everything he had in the program, basically to do what I was stuck on. And sure enough, I followed it, implemented it, and jumped on some of the support sales calls as well. The coaching call story in the, in the program. And it did the trick as I knew it would.

Steph (06:34):
So Carl, are you telling me you haven’t implemented all of the program?

Carl (06:39):
I’ve definitely watched all of it. Absolutely. But I was, you know, because of my position, I knew that I needed to just go straight in. I could kind of pull out like the chapter, just like watching a particular episode of a series. I knew that was the chapter I could just inject into my business, and it would get me over the hump, and true it did. And it was, yeah.

Steph (07:02):
And that goes to show you that about, I think 90% of the students have not even gone through the entire program. But one thing, one thing that they focus on, they know exactly what they need help with. And of course, we guide you to that, to exactly what you need. And you focus on that. You implemented and look at where you’re at now.

Carl (07:21):
Yeah. It’s yeah. It’s why I joined up. I knew that just watching that particular module. And I mean that module alone, it was just, it blew my mind. Just the amount of content that’s in there. Obviously, it’s very easy to follow. I know the support and the team that helped him build out that module in terms of how they deliver the training and the step-by-step setting up of all the funnels and things like that. I knew that it was delivered very succinctly, and it was a very effortless process for me.

Steph (07:51):
Awesome. What do you feel like has been the, you know, the biggest change in your life, you know, going from a low ticket to high-ticket?

Carl (08:01):
Monthly revenue has been the biggest change. Yeah. I mean, you know, it’s no secret. It’s kind of part of why we, why we do this. It’s not the full reason, but you know, everyone wants to hit these various different milestones and allow them to do things that they want to do. And yeah, sure enough. I did a huge shift from my initial revenue that I was doing at low ticket to high ticket. It’s been, yeah. Astronomical change.

Steph (08:26):
Do you find that the clients that you work with are completely different than the low ticket clients versus the high ticket ones?

Carl (08:34):
Oh, yeah. I mean, it would take me days, if not weeks, to try and convert someone on messenger. Even having watched my auto webinar to a sales page to buy my low ticket offer. Like it was just ridiculous. It really was. Whereas high ticket, sure enough, jump on a call for 30, 40 minutes and in no questions asked. And when they jump on a high ticket offer, they’re that much more invested in what I do, in me as a person, but they implement all of my training. They actually take it much more seriously as a result. They get even more amazing results at the end of it. It’s just, win-win. It really is.

Steph (09:15):
Such a win-win for your business. But what about your personal life? You’ve had some significant things happen recently in your life. Tell me a little bit about that.

Carl (09:25):
Yeah. So for decades, I lived in a town called Redding in the UK. Not Redding PA, but Redding UK, which is okay. It’s just a run-of-the-mill town, like next to London, very congested and gray. Again, as a result of implementing high ticket revenue increased. It’s got me to the point where I’ve just purchased my first ever home. You know, even two years ago, I never thought I’d be able to move, let alone buy a house from scratch. But within like two years, I’ve just moved into this amazing new home brand new build. It got finished like two days before I moved in. So it’s on a cliff edge, overlooking the ocean in the south of Devin, which is southwest of the UK. It’s just amazing. The view is the ocean and like pine trees and stuff. It’s ridiculous. It really is.

Steph (10:20):
I know you kind of showed us a little preview in the community, and I was like, okay, Carl, you and I are instant friends. And I am going to go visit that view is the most incredible thing. And you get to wake up to that thing every morning and just work from there. I don’t think I could have picked a better place, to be honest.

Carl (10:39):
It’s yeah. I’m still wrapping my head around it. We’ve been here just over a week now, but yeah, I wake up, the bedroom is just this huge, like double like bi-fold thing. And it’s just cliff, ocean, pine trees, sun coming in, waking me up in the morning. And then we’ve got little steps that go down to a private beach, and it’s yeah, it’s ridiculous.

Steph (11:02):
I, again, I’m going to visit you because you’ve extended that invitation and I will definitely take you up on that offer, and you’re like, I’m going to regret this.

Carl (11:14):
Bring it. Yeah. I’ve got a nicely kitted-out guest room already, so it’s all ready to go.

Steph (11:19):
That’s awesome. Okay. Well, I want to know, like, I always ask this question to everyone and here it is. Where would you be if you hadn’t taken action if you hadn’t implemented this program?

Carl (11:33):
Probably still selling it low ticket, probably still just going mad, frustrated. Yeah, I can guarantee it. You know, I probably would still not be doing high-ticket. I would still be just stuck in that little, little bubble of low-ticket, dealing with painful customers that are just a pain. Yeah, it was just a no-brainer. Like if I wasn’t working with Dan, I would 100% still be doing low-ticket. Still be just, yeah, struggling, struggling big time.

Steph (12:08):
Yeah. Dan gives you that permission to go high ticket and obviously almost demands it of you because he’s like, you’re worth this much. You can do this, and he sees the value in you. All right. So there are some people that are going to be watching this, and they’re still going to be on the fence about booking a call to talk to our team, or maybe just they’re still unsure. What would you tell those people?

Carl (12:32):
So I’ve definitely been in the marketing space for 5, 6, 7 years, I think now. And I’ve seen it all. I’ve heard it all. I’ve seen all the gurus out there, but I resonate with Dan because he’s just one of us. He’s just an everyday guy. That’s just figured it out. He’s been consistent. He’s putting the time and the effort, and he’s gotten to this like he is the benchmark essentially. So why would you not want to work with anyone that isn’t the benchmark? You know, you get what you pay for.

Carl (13:03):
Again, from my experience, back in the day, I bought all these little low-ticket courses thinking, ah, I’ll save the proper stuff for another day. And I bought all these low-ticket courses. Sure enough, they did nothing for me. They didn’t help me in any way. Only when I invested in Dan and, you know, a premium service that he provides did I actually make that shift. And because of Dan, now I see the ocean out my window. So, you know, if that’s not a, you know, a book, a call now, I don’t know what is.

Steph (13:35):
So you heard it, you know, Dan sets a benchmark and, you know, working with our team, you’ll get results. So Carl, I really want to thank you for being here on this call, sharing your story. And I promise I’m going to take you up on that offer because that view is phenomenal. Thank you for being here.

Carl (13:56):
My pleasure. Great talking to you, and thanks again to the whole team and Dan, and here’s to many more years of amazing success.

Steph (14:04):
Here’s to many more years of success. Thank you guys for watching. There are more case studies that we have available for you. So if you’re still on the fence, you know, watch this, watch all of the other ones, and there’s more to come. Take care and have an amazing day.


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