Episode 82: The End of the Dan Henry Show

Have you thought about what inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

You might have been motivated to build your business simply to make more money or create a better life for yourself…

You might have known you could have a huge impact on people’s lives…

For most entrepreneurs, it’s a combination of both!

But, have you ever asked yourself, how much is enough?

I recently asked myself this question, and the answer inspired me to make some changes!

I created this episode to share why I’ve decided to end the Dan Henry Show and what to expect moving forward! 

In this episode, I am going to cover:

  • Why I’ve decided to end the Dan Henry Show
  • How I plan to serve at a higher level with my company How To Think 
  • And… how to take your mental game and money game to the next level with How To Think
I’m back. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the first episode that I’ve recorded in a long time, but unfortunately, it is the last episode of the Dan Henry Show. I’ll tell you why coming up.

Oh, my Lord. I’m going to miss that intro. You have no idea. I swear that intro is probably the only thing that’s held me back from making this episode as long as it’s been. So you may have noticed that I have not released a podcast episode in a while. There’s good reason for that. And this is actually the last episode of the Dan Henry Show, but don’t worry, a little bit of an announcement that may make up for that.
So here’s the thing I’ll be short and sweet, and I’ll be very, I’ll be, I’ll be very direct.

You know, we all get started in entrepreneurship because we either want to make a lot of money and change our conditions, our living conditions, or we want to make a lot of impact or a combination of both. For most of us, it’s, you know, it’s both, and I think that’s healthy. And you know, I started to GetClients.Com several years ago, and we’ve done just so well. My team has been, I mean, we’ve been through ups and downs, and we’ve done really, really well. It’s helped create a life for me where I can pretty much do whatever I want, buy whatever I want, go wherever I want. And you know, at a certain point, honestly, you have to ask yourself, when is it enough?

You know, when is it enough? Because I’ll be honest with you, the million-dollar days and all this stuff like, dude, I don’t need a million dollars a day. I don’t even need a million dollars a month. Honestly, I just want to help people get out of their situation and grow their business just like I did because, you know, I mean, I wasn’t, I was supposed to be delivering, I’m supposed to be your waiter at Denny’s. That’s what I’m supposed to be. The fact that I made it through is, it’s incredible because, you know, growing up in a small Florida town, no white picket fence, no dinners every night at 6:00 PM, a normal Florida, dysfunctional family. Metallica shirts, playing guitar and smoking weed, and hanging out at Denny’s at 3:00 AM. I mean, this was my life. It wasn’t supposed to be anything more than that. And somehow, I broke through, and that really inspired me because it showed me that if I can do it, other people can do it. And I felt a calling to help them.

And that is what we did at GetClients.Com, and what we will continue to do. And, you know, our business, showing people how to sell their advice, how to sell their knowledge, how to raise their prices and attract clients, whether you’re a coach, course creator, agency, whatever that is something that we’re very, very good at. We’ve created a lot of results for that. And we’re going to continue to do that.

And I just got to quickly interject here. My favorite one out of everybody is a client named Vaughn. He sells a how-to-play gospel piano course. He came to us charging $47. We got him up to be able to actually charge $5,000 for that program. And he makes now like something like 50 grand a month. And as he says, he gets to hang out, drink Hennessy and relax and make a lot of money. And that right there to me is it’s just it’s everything. Especially because you would never think, you would never ever think that you could make that type of money selling how to play the piano. And I’m just so proud of my team and just everything we’ve built together.

And that said, I’m just gonna be honest. The reason I haven’t put out a lot of content recently is because, one day, I woke up and I said, you know, how much money is enough? How much is enough? How many awards are enough? You know, they come out with a new award all the time, a million-dollar award, or it’s a $10 million award or twenty-five million dollar award, $50 million award. And it’s like, dude, how much money do you need? You know, like I don’t, I value my time and my experience and my memories more.

And when you stop chasing that next level, next level, we gotta hit the next level. We got to hit the next level. We gotta hit the next level, we got to hit the next level, and you just enjoy the ride; I found that it becomes a much more enjoyable experience. You know, because you can always make tons of money and enjoy your time doing this business. But when you want to hit record after record, after record, you want to push the envelope constantly, well, it takes up your time because you’re hitting, you’re stretching the boundaries. So, of course, you get to spend less time because you sacrifice that time to hit new heights. And I think I’m high enough, man. I’m high enough. I’m as high as I want to be. Now it’s time to focus, put the shift more on happiness.
And so here’s how I’ve decided to do that.

I hope this inspires some of you who maybe you’ve become lost in your business. Maybe you’ve if you’ve ever asked yourself, like, why do I continue to do this? Like, you know, is this really going to make me happy? Is money really going to make me happy? I will tell you this right now, no. I’ll just, spoiler alert, it’s not going to make you happy. And so here’s what I’ve decided to do.

I have a passion for, you know, helping people that are less fortunate or had experiences that did not give them an advantage get ahead because I didn’t have an advantage when I was younger. Again, I, you know, I grew up in a poor Florida town, but by complete chance, I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people that gave me some pretty awesome mentoring and changed the direction of my life.

And then from there, I was able to acquire, you know, money and build businesses and get good at doing things like that, which then obviously gave me more access and resources to get even more mentoring. And it just compounded from there. But a lot of people don’t have access to that level of mentoring and listen; I’m not going to lie to you. If you sign up to be a client at GetClients.Com, you’re going to pay a premium price, but we’re also going to show you how to really scale your business to a crazy level. But, you know, there’s a lot of people out there that maybe they don’t even want to start a business, but they can still benefit from mentoring. Or maybe they’re just not fortunate enough to have access to that type of mentorship.

And that’s why I’ve decided to take the time that I could be using to scale, Get Clients to new heights and use it to do something else. You know, my new passion is HowToThink.Com. And it’s funny because it’s not going to make anywhere near as much money as Get Clients. And that’s, I’m totally fine with that. It’s, you know, daily success mentoring. All the stuff that most people don’t have access to, I’m giving it away for seven bucks a month. At least that’s the price we’re starting out at it. We might raise it a little bit, but you know, to me, it’s just important to help people learn the mental game and learn how to level up. It’s not just about leveling up your money game. It’s about leveling up your mental game as well.

And so my content moving forward is going to be a lot more about that. Less about, you know, internet marketing, like my ads and stuff that we promote, Get Clients will still be talking about that. But the actual content that I put out will be far, far less about internet marketing because honestly, I believe, and this is the point of this episode. I truly believe that I have more to offer than talking about fricking landing pages and ads. And if you’ve ever felt like you’ve been doing something for so long that you have more to offer and you haven’t taken action on actually enforcing that in yourself, take it from me. It took me a long time, but I’m here, and I’m ready to serve at a higher level. And that’s why I’ve created this company. And that’s why I’m changing my content strategy.

So moving forward, the Dan Henry Show will be no more. It will be How To Think. I don’t know How To Think Podcast, How To Think Show you’ll figure it out. You’ll find out the name when we change the name on this podcast and the cover art. So it’ll, you’ll still have all the old episodes, but we’re going to be uploading the, How To Think episodes. What are the, How To Think episodes?

So here’s what they are. I’ve sat down with some amazing, amazing people. The first episode was my buddy, Eric Toz. He built a $66 million per year business out of this small little factory, like not even a factory, like a warehouse here in St. Pete. And he sells customizable jewelry online. He did $66 million in the past year, a hundred million overall since he started. And we sat down for two hours and talked about mindset, money, you know, entrepreneurship, teams, just everything for two hours. And that audio will be uploaded as episode one. So the next episode you hear from this podcast, that’ll be episode one. I also sat down with Amanda Holmes, who’s Chet Holmes daughter, author of The Ultimate Sales Machine. It’s where the Dream 100 came from. I sat down with Eli Wilde, who was the top speaker for Tony Robbins, sold tens of millions of dollars worth of Tony Robbins events and worked with him closely, even lived with his son. I sat down with him for two hours. And I’ve got so many more amazing guests I’m bringing on because I’m really fascinated by how successful people think. Because that is the engine that drives all these things that you learn all these tactics, tactics are the lowest level of growth. The mind game, the mental game, the engine that drives it is what makes those tactics work.

And I love talking to people who think at a higher level, and I love sharing that so that others can think at a higher level. And so that it’s going to be these podcasts episodes moving forward as well, we’ll be uploading the full video episodes of those to our, How To Think YouTube channel, which you can find at youtube.com/howtothink. And we’ll be posting some of the highlight clips on my Dan Henry channel. And my Dan Henry channel, you know, I’ll be talking about, I might talk about crypto. I might. I mean, really, I’m going to talk about things that interest me and not just stuff that’ll make you watch a video, and then you buy my stuff. Like I’m no longer interested in marketing for the sake of marketing. Cause that’s what marketing is, right?

That’s what internet marketing is putting out content that makes people want to buy your stuff. Great. Awesome. Well, what if I want to put out content that I want to talk about? What if I want to put out content that I think will help people, even if I don’t think they’re going to buy my stuff? Yeah. I think I like that better. And now that I’m in a place of abundance where I’ve taken care of my family, bought my Mom and Dad a house, my life is so financially secure. I mean, you know, like I don’t need to sacrifice the value that I can bring simply to get you to buy something. You know, if you want to buy something, buy something, we’ll take care of you. We’ll do an amazing job for you, but ultimately I want to put out content that I believe will help people.

And that’s sitting down with these people. That’s me talking about leveling up your mind and money game. And I’m very big into entrepreneurship. I’m big into crypto. I’m big into, you know, the new NFT wave and just all the stuff that’s going to change the very face of this earth and how we do business and how we interact with money. And just everything. I love talking about it. I love talking about, you know, how to think like a successful person, so that’s going to be, you know, a lot of the content that I put out and not so much internet marketing. But obviously, we’ll leave all that content up.

And I’m holding myself accountable for this because I don’t want to be known, you know, I don’t want to be like Jason Biggs, who got known as the guy that, that F’d the Pie, and that was the only thing he could do. This is the only acting he could do. I don’t want to be typecast as the internet marketing guy. I know I can serve at a higher level, and I’m going to do so. And so the content you’ll be seeing coming out from me will be very different. And this podcast will change. It will be a new type of show, a new type of format, and I really hope you like it. I really do. And I hope I can serve you at a much higher level and not just talk about fricking landing pages and ads and all that. I just, I’m really excited about this. I’m super, super excited about this.

And so that said, this is the last episode of the Dan Henry show. Who knows, maybe one day I will reignite this so I can use that intro again. But moving forward, this is what to expect from me. And the next episode, you will get to hear my buddy, Eric Toz, talk about how he built this just massive, massive, a hundred million dollar, like crazy. It’s just; it’s just really cool. And he used to like, I mean, just like me, he was not you know, he was not a wealthy person. He came from very, very humble beginnings. So I can’t wait to share that with you. And I look forward to seeing you in the next episode, make sure to subscribe. And I’m going to go ahead and play this outro one last time. I’ll talk to you soon.

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