Episode 74: Is Calling Out a Poor Mindset the Same As Degrading Poor People?

Are you offended by wealth and those that have acquired it?

I’ve noticed the topic of “poor mindset” is gaining more attention, but is that attention moving this topic of conversation in the right direction

I’m not so sure.

See, “poor mindset” is frequently associated with actions or, lack thereof, that would hold someone back from achieving wealth. These attributes of this mindset have been observed to be accurate time and time again.

Calling attention to those actions or, more importantly, calling attention to the actions that could be taken to elevate someone from a “poor mindset” to a “rich mindset” is becoming offensive…

Why is this topic gaining such negative attention, and what is the true intention behind calling out the actions of a “poor mindset”?

That’s what I’m going to share with you today!

In this episode, I am going to cover:

  • How a meme caused controversy in a marketing Facebook page
  • What your thoughts on that controversial topic can indicate about your mindset
  • Why I share my insight into building wealth despite potential backlash
Is calling out a poor mindset the same as degrading the poor? Ooo, it’s going to get a little controversial in this episode. Let’s go.

Oh, all right. I haven’t done a controversial, polarizing episode in a while. Let’s see how this works out. All right. So the funny thing I was checking out the Click Funnels group, which if you’re not familiar with what the Click Funnels group is, there’s a software called Click Funnels. They have a Facebook group. It’s got like a ton of people in it like, I dunno, two, yeah, 263,000 people, huge group. And it’s a marketing software. So like obviously, you know, this group is, I mean, the group is really for people who are trying to make more money. And so I find what I’m about to tell you quite odd, but I saw this meme posted in the group, and I don’t normally do podcast episodes on memes and drama in Facebook groups, but I found this to be something worth talking about.

So this person posts in there and says, which side are you on? And there’s this meme, And it says rich versus poor, which side are you on? So you have the rich side on the left and the poor side on the right. So let me read you the meme. And then I’ll comment on why there was so much backlash to it and what it really says on a higher level. So it says rich versus poor which side are you on? So I’ll read the left side, and I’ll read the right side. So first I’ll read the rich, and then I’ll read the poor. Okay.

So success is an obligation; success is evil. So rich says success is an obligation. Poor says success is evil. Invest money, spend money. You know, the rich say use debts for investments. The poor say use debt for spending. Rich is think with both. Poor is think with one or the other. Rich is having some financial strategy. Poor is, has a budget. Rich is expands. Poor is contracts. I’ll just read through this real quick. Makes things happen. Things happen to them. Reads and studies. Refuses to study. Responsible. Blames others. Focuses on the future. Focuses on the past. Thinks in solutions. Thinks in problems. Buys time. Wastes time. Multiple flows of income. Single flow of income. Net worth driven. Income-driven. Pay self first. Pays others first. Goal-driven. Work driven.

Okay, so that said, there was a lot of backlash, and I’ll be honest with you. I don’t quite understand some, like three or four of these. Like, I don’t get what that means by expands, contracts. I mean, I get what it means, but it’s, it’s not specific enough for me to comment on to any level. So there are a few of these I’m going to skip over, but there was a lot of backlash over this, and I’ve seen this lately. I’ve seen, you know, people really reacting super, super aggressive and negatively and hostile to any sort of, you know, any sort of criticism of a poor mindset. Which, I think we can all agree, is the indication of a poor mindset.

But here’s what I want to say. You know, you have this, these communities full of people trying to make more money, but they’re also full of people that are offended by wealth. And if you’re offended by wealth, you will never obtain wealth. If you think that being poor is outside of your control, you will never not be poor. I mean, telling yourself that you can’t control it. So then you’re not going to take the actions to try to take control over it.

And I find the idea that you can’t improve your mindset is, or that we, that we are now offended by the concept of improving our mindset, it’s quite disturbing. So let me go through a couple of these points here and try to, and look, I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor. I’ve been poor, and I’ve been rich. I’ve been really, really poor, and I’ve been really, really rich. So I kind of know both sides of these. So let me just take a few.

Rich versus poor, investments versus spends money. Look, nobody is trying to say poor people are bad because of whatever. They’re trying to say that, look, if you spend money on things that don’t bring you a return, like packs of cigarettes. And I mean, look, I live in St. Pete, and I know a lot of people in the service industry. I used to work in the service industry. You know, people like, I know a lot of people, like a lot of people, that will work at a bar they’ll make $200, and then they’ll go out and spend $150 of it at another bar after work or on their night off. I mean, it’s, you know, and because they love their fellow hospitality members, they’ll tip big, and they’ll do this, and they’ll buy shots. And it’s like, I get that. But man, you know, if you just keep spending, I mean, imagine if you would’ve just put a hundred dollars a week into Bitcoin three years ago or into a stock. I mean, these are the things that no matter how much offended by them, no matter how much you try to call it class warfare or whatever, it doesn’t make it any less true.

If you invest your money, it will turn into more money. And if you spend your money on crap, it will not, period. There is no that’s truth. That’s a fact. And rich people tend to invest their money a lot more than poor people. That’s why they’re rich versus poor. Nobody’s trying to call anybody a bad person. We’re just stating facts because, look, I was poor, and I used to spend my money all the time on crap. And now I invest my money. I mean, it’s a simple thing.

Use debts for investment versus use debt for spending. Again, when I was poor, I had the mindset of, Hey, I’m going to finance this couch because I really want this couch instead of that couch. And so they have financing, I’ll finance it, or, I want this TV. Whereas now I’m like, well, I could buy, I’ll give you an example.

I just sold my house. Right? Hopefully, we close, you know, knock on wood. But I have a lot of choices. I could spend four or 5 million on a palatial house, or I could spend 1M or 1.5M on a still a nice condo and take the rest of it and invest it into crypto or funds or whatever. So that, you know, in five or ten years, I can literally take care of not only myself but my entire family for the next 50 years. And in my head, I’m like, why am I going spend, I can get a great place for 1.5 million, or I can get an obnoxious place for four or 5 million. I can totally afford a four or $5 million house without blinking, but why? Why? My money can be spent better used elsewhere.

I’ll be just as happy in a 1.5 million. I mean, you know how many people would kill for a $1.5 million home? That’s a nice home. And well, I mean, I guess it depends on where you’re at. In New York, it’s probably like a shack, but you get what I’m saying. So nobody’s trying to say that poor people are bad. Most of us came from poverty, came from being poor. We changed the way we thought about things. We decided to build a business, and we learned a lot of these principles. And these principles allowed us to grow wealth exponentially.

And when we point out these principles, there is backlash. And that’s because when you are poor, and I have been poor, you get angry because other people have more than you. You get depressed because you feel like it’s all out of your control. You get upset because you feel like you’ve put in the effort, but you don’t seem to get any output. You don’t seem to get any result, and the anger and the resentment build inside of you until it clouds the way you think so much that you get angry when somebody is trying to encourage you. This is a group of people that are trying to basically get rich. That’s the community. We’re trying to make more money. We’re trying to build million-dollar businesses. And there are people who are literally rich giving advice to those trying to get rich. And they’re saying you hate poor people.

And look again, I get it. I used to have this mindset, but if you’re somebody that has this mindset, you got to understand, if you ever do get rich, you will change the way you think. And honestly, that’s the only way to get rich is to change the way you think, because nobody who has millions of dollars cares to single you out as somebody who doesn’t and say, you’re terrible. Like we don’t wake up in the morning, jump in our a hundred thousand dollar vehicles and go, I need to make fun of some poor people today.

Like we don’t care. Nobody cares about that. But when you give advice, true advice, and look, you need to rise above, okay? If you’re in a group of a hundred people and everybody’s shouting and yelling and saying you hate poor people, that one person, and this is why we still do it, because look, I’ll be honest with you. When I give advice, and I see people saying, well, you hate poor people. You hate poor people. And it’s like, dude, like I know, man, I used to be poor. And so when I look back, I say, if there are a hundred people that are angry, that I or anybody else is trying to give advice on how to better your situation. And 99 of those people are angry and yelling and screaming. And, but just one, just one goes, man, that makes sense and begins to take the actions that we all took to get where we are. It’s worth it.

If you can save just one life, I guess, I guess is what I’m saying. It’s worth it. And so I encourage you. If you’re somebody listening that likes to give advice to people who are in the shoes you used to be into, don’t be discouraged by the people, the vast majority, the masses that get angry, because sometimes there’s that one person that really did listen to you, really to take it to heart and make a change in their life. And even if it’s just one, it’s worth it.

And if you’re the type of person that is angry, that has a criticism, or whatever, bottom line is, truth is truth. Fact is fact. If you are offended by wealth, you will never have it. If you believe things are outside of your control, you will never take the actions to take control over those things. And nothing is going to change that whether it’s 50 years ago, 50 years from now, a hundred years from now, nothing will change that.

And so you have two options. You can tell yourself the story that, you know, it’s not your fault. And maybe it isn’t your fault. Maybe you’re right. Maybe there are things that put you at a disadvantage, but guess what? The people that grow, the people that achieve the greatest things, achieve them despite their disadvantages. Because at the end of the day, if you had a completely clear path, if nothing was in your way, then success wouldn’t be that special. It just wouldn’t. It would be easy.

And look for some people it is. Some people have massive advantages. I mean, trust, fund babies, whatever, people that were in the right place at the right time. Yeah, they do. But what, what does it, what good does it serve you being angry that some random person over here had more advantages than you? Like, I get it. I totally get it.

But at the end of the day, you will never achieve that thing you want to achieve. If you don’t set that aside and work and look, if you don’t want that thing, that’s fine too. If you’re happy if you’re content where you are great, but if you want more, but you’re offended by what it takes to get more, you will never have it.

All right. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I’ll see you in the next one.

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