Dan’s executive assistant Alice recently sat down to talk with one of our clients, Dwayne. In this interview, Dwayne is going to share with you what being a part of this program has done for him, his business, and his family! Dwayne is also going to tell you about his “a-ha” moments, like:
  • Why he realized he needed to take his entire ego and “throw it out the window”.
  • Where he was when he decided that he needed to implement a one year goal to be able to exit what he was currently doing and get into full time coaching online…
  • AND what Tony Robbins taught him that “clicked” on why Dwayne needed Dan’s program and coaching
One of the biggest takeaways Dwayne has had since jump starting his company, he says, is “It gave me what my ultimate goal was at the end of the day… which was 100% more time-freedom.” If you want to get the same “leg-up” that Dwayne did by making the investment in your future today, then let’s talk soon! We’ll help you map out a plan to fix the problems in your business and get you to the next level. What would 100% more freedom with your time mean for you…?

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