How Dwayne Made $35k in One Day After Breaking His Limiting Belief Around Charging More

Are you struggling with charging more for your program or online business?

This may be no surprise to you, but this is the one thing I hear the most people struggling with – finding their own “permission to charge” what they are really worth…

And for my client Dwayne, he had the same limiting beliefs about charging high-ticket for his program that helps other real estate agents learn to do what he does (and very well!)

Once he learned how to overcome those limiting beliefs about charging more, he took off instantly! 

In fact, he recently made $35,000 in just ONE day!!! 

In this video, Dwayne and I will discuss:

  • How he learned to structure his course in a different way that allowed him to “pour more gasoline” on his marketing and secure more clients
  • What he achieved once he started getting a “no B.S.” approach from a coach, and how he got that from being in my program
  • AND… all of the steps he took to get over his mindset about charging and started crushing it with high-ticket!

Dan Henry (00:00):

Hey everybody. Dan Henry here, I’m super excited today to have Dwayne Roberts on who did something very, very amazing. Got around his limiting beliefs on charging, more on raising his prices and as a result at his best sales day ever 35 K in one day. Dwayne, thank you for coming on. How are you doing, man?

Dwayne R. (00:26):

I appreciate you letting me on the call. Dan. I’m doing amazing jacked up and excited to be going through your coaching program. Like you mentioned earlier, 35,000 in one day. And it was mainly because I had this limiting belief that it couldn’t happen. But once I changed my mindset and changed the belief pattern, it happened instantly.

Dan Henry (00:43):

That is awesome, man. I’d be excited too. I’d be fired up. Cool, man. So let’s just dive right in. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your business, like what your offer is and what you do.

Dwayne R. (00:54):

Yeah. I’ve been a real estate agent for 17 years and I realized that my passion is really teaching other agents how to duplicate what I do. So my course is designed to help agents not only learn to attract buyers and seller leads, but most importantly, how to actually convert them. The average agent in the industry is going to retire their license within the first 18 months. And I’m hoping to make that a non statistic. So by giving them the tools and the resources that they need help with those individuals meet their individual goals, dreams, and hopes that they had, the reason they got involved in real estate in the first place.

Dan Henry (01:25):

Got it. Got it. All right. So let me ask you prior, and I know you’ve been following me for a long time. You actually came to some of my events that I had years ago the ad con events that I held. So I know you’ve been following me for a long time and you’re in our, our main coaching program. Let me ask you, what was the problem that you had in your business prior to joining our program?

Dwayne R. (01:53):

It was really scaling Facebook ads. And one of the reasons that attracted me to you is your ability to be the character online that people seem to want to follow and interact with. So learning how to structure my course to a point that is going to allow me to pour gasoline on the ad spin and then fuel that up is the main reason that I decided to join your program.

Dan Henry (02:15):

Awesome. Awesome man. Killer killer. And so was there a reason why you specifically decided to join and work with us over anybody else out there? Cause there are a lot of options out there in the market. Was there any reason specifically why you decided to work with my team versus anybody else?

Dwayne R. (02:35):

Definitely. the main reason the attraction point to working with you and your team, Dan, was that you were real, you were honest and most importantly you were raw. I get turned off by the people that are flashy and all of the main, our success stories when half of them are wearing fake Alexis. When I got introduced to you and what you were doing, you seem to be very authentic and the type of person that’s not going to be a no BS. And I love it. How you call BS out when the, when the BS is actually exists. And that’s what I was looking forward to coach. I was looking for someone that can identify a problem and tell me what I need to do to fix it rather than sugarcoating things.

Dan Henry (03:17):

That’s awesome, man. Yeah. I tend to have that, that a raw, no BS style to me, I’ve always been that way. So I decided to stick, stick to it with the marketing. So was there anything about working with us in particular that was that really helped you like one thing or one aspect that was, you know predominantly effective

Dwayne R. (03:42):

When I decided to take my course evergreen, I’m a PO before going high ticket, the entire framework and the structure that you had in your course in order to do that with the different tools and elements together to make that thing, evergreen was a, was a lifesaver. I imagine if I were to try to do that from scratch, I would have spent, you know, three times the amount of time and probably double the money in trial and error to make that happen. With your course, you laid it out. Step-By-Step with easy to follow videos that if you wanted to get an evergreen product, this is the direction that it needed to go. So once I did that, allow me to put some sales on autopilot and basically just duplicate what you’ve done. I’m a big believer of if you’re wanting to be successful with the fall, someone who’s already had that success with this mirror, their shoes to old teach from Tony Robbins.

Dwayne R. (04:32):

And I truly believe that heck, you’ve already done it. So why am I going to try to reinvent the wheel? So I’m watching you closely things that you do and realizing that, Hey, you know, if Dan’s going this direction, then maybe that’s the direction I need to go as well because you’ve outspent me. You’ve been there, you’ve done that. You know, what works and what does it, that’s the great part about being in your course is you’re going to get rid of the fluff. I can comfortably say, there’s probably nothing that you haven’t tried. And then you’re going to highlight to us the ones that are working the best and what you took is your energy also. So you can scratch the rest.

Dan Henry (05:00):

Awesome. Well, that’s a great reason. And by the way, just for anybody watching, I know Dwayne here said course, but it is a coaching program. I know sometimes people will hear that and they’ll think, Oh, I need coaching. Well, it it’s a, it is a coaching program. So, but you know, of course coaching.

Dwayne R. (05:17):

Yeah, you’re right, dad, I guess I should have really caught it a coaching program. What the great thing about, well, you’ve got someone,

Dan Henry (05:23):

This stuff from me, you bought multiple courses from me in the past several years, so I can understand why you would say that, but you buy everything from me. You come to my events. You know, so you’re, you’re, you’re one of my longest standing customers. And we were talking before the call, you said ad con. And that was, and that was years ago. You know, that was I, that was before I knew how to dress and cut my hair.

Dwayne R. (05:45):

Yeah. I was at the first act on when you came out in a unicorn.

Dan Henry (05:50):


Dwayne R. (05:51):

No, no, no. Don’t Al fail the goat balls. Right. So I came out and there was a guy

Dan Henry (05:58):

Dressed as a goat and he was like throwing stuff to the crowd and we had a lot of fun. It was, it was fun. We even, we had that session where me Ryan Stewman, Cody near like we all, it was like we were all drinking and doing Q and a. And when I look back, I’m like, Oh man, that was terrible.

Dwayne R. (06:19):

But what’s really great about what you’re doing now, is that on a weekly basis, if I feel stuck in something, I can actually jump on a call and you’re always there to answer those types of questions, where with the course my, as, as accessible. So a lot of times, you know, you can get what you need out of a course, but the coaching program just takes it up another degree. Cause that way you can jump on, ask those types of questions to get, you know, immediate responses that help in I’m aware, there’s not many programs out there that’s going to give you that level of support that a lot of people are going to need.

Dan Henry (06:48):

Well, we have w you know, I try to give people everything they need. I mean, we have a beginner call. We have an advanced call. We have a tech support call. We have a sales training call for helping you deal with objections on your sales calls. I mean, we have a lot that in we’re always adding new stuff. We actually, we’re adding something new next week that for the Facebook ad training, we’re adding something really, really cool. That is going to ensure that when you set up ads, you do it 100% correctly. Is it like a sort of an interactive thing? And it’ll be really cool. You’ll, you’ll see it within a week or two, but let’s get back to your story. As a result of being in the program, let’s talk about the outcome. You know, you mentioned to me before we started recording that you were on. Cause we did a live event called DMC live for everybody in the program. And we did this live event and you said that what happened at that event was what really shifted your mind to allow you to more than double your prices. And then a week later you went out and did $35,000 in a single day, even though you more than doubled your prices. Can, can we talk more about that?

Dwayne R. (07:56):

Yeah. Be honest. You have to, I’d be happy to. So I truly believe that a lot of times in business, it’s our limited belief patterns and think people are in different stages of their lives to be able to bust through those limiting beliefs. The event that you’re referring to, I watched you make a million dollars in one day. And what I found interesting about that is that a lot of it was cold audience that had never heard of Dan Henry before hadn’t been following you for a while, but because of your messaging and your value that you were adding was quick to pony up $35,000 or whatever the price was at the point,

Dan Henry (08:31):

Because we actually had people from the program that come in and then we gave them guests tickets. So we had quite a few people on that had never bought anything from me. They got into the event for free because the people in my program got guests tickets. And

Dwayne R. (08:44):

That’s amazing. Well, when I watched you do that, I looked at my wife. I said, I’m doubling my price. And she looked at me like I was crazy. And here’s what I find the most interesting. When my prices were lower, I attracted lower quality clients. I had more customer service. I had more issues. I have a whining, I have more chargebacks had all those things that incorporated those lower priced tickets, the individuals that are paying a premium to be in my coaching program. I never have a problem out of them. They love it. I love them, you know, every now and then they’ll box me with a question, but for the most part, they’re self sustaining and they actually do the work that I asked them to do. It’s a whole different type of client.

Dan Henry (09:28):

Oh, absolutely. In our, in our, you know, we used to have back when I had the low ticket stuff, we would have sometimes, you know, a hundred support tickets a day and now we’ll go, you know, a whole week without a single support ticket for our high ticket clients. And we have over 500 people in the program. Actually we have more than that. I don’t have to, I have to check maybe it’s 700. I’m not sure, but it’s, you know, it really is incredible that we can go a week without a single support ticket because it’s a premium client and, you know, they’re getting a higher level of service. They’re getting everything they need on the coaching calls. They’re getting everything they need in the program. And you know, they’re not, we have 0% refund rate, 0% chargeback rate. When you sell a, for a higher price, you have the ability to give your clients a better experience and get them better results and a better ROI.

Dan Henry (10:26):

Whether that ROI be monetary or, or personal development, waste, weight, loss, whatever it is, and you attract better clients and you start to love your business rather than you think of your business as a burden. I love what I do, you know, I didn’t used to, I do now. So let me, let me ask you this, having that $35,000 day and not just that, but knowing in your mind that the next month, the next two months, quarter a year is going to look significantly better than the last year, because now you’re, you know, that you can charge more and you know that you can sell it. Let me ask you how, how has that changed your personal life? Cause you know, it might change your business, but that trickles down to your daily life and how things are at home. Can you talk more about that?

Dwayne R. (11:17):

I’ll be on shout out, look, I’m jacked up. One of the reasons I even got involved with full time internet marketing and I wanted to, in a little bit of the hustle, I was doing a real estate and I have a better quality of life. So I sold a house, paid off all our debt, moved to Florida. All I have left is the house right now. I’m 11 life. Now that I have broke through that silly with that mindset, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that next year my house was being paid off. And then, and from that point forward, I’m this banking. There’s no reason in the world out there doing the numbers that I did, especially once I’ve trained some high ticket closers. There’s no reason even at a 20% close ratio and I’m not cash flow in a hundred, $150,000 a month and that’s going to happen immediately.

Dwayne R. (12:00):

I just wrote my book based off your recommendation. I’ve got an entire book funnel, got a book launch that’s coming up soon. There’s no reason in the world that I can not do. What I wanted to do is, would be 100% complete debt free, which ultimately is pumped down to my final result is spending more quality time with my family. I vacation and I do it a lot. And if I have a business that has allowed me to do that, then I’m hitting my, my dream target. Corona slot has kind of slowed us down a little bit, but I normally take seven to 10 vacations a year and have done so last three, four years. But, but I’ve done that with debt. So now next year with this high ticket that I’m about to do my house is going to pay it off. So I’m 45. By the time I’m 46, I could be 100% completely out of debt and I’d be able to travel the world. And that’s what I want to do.

Dan Henry (12:49):

Hey, man, that is incredible. Let me just ask you, you said your wife thought you were crazy. What did she say when you did 35 grand a day?

Dwayne R. (12:57):

Surprisingly, she said, I need, you can do it. I’ll do G I think it was most interesting is when I previously I had a big launch, it was a six figure launch based off some of your, some of your coaching. And I remember that that night extensively, I was, I was thrown out to red bulls to get jacked up for this live webinar. And she she, she heard the pitch going on and we got to the the price drop and, and she walked away, you know, she she went to the store or something and then she came back and she said, well, how did you do? And then I remember, I, I I logged into my Stripe account and I showed her this big number. And she’s like, but here’s the funniest part. A minute later I hit refresh and the number grew.

Dwayne R. (13:43):

And so she wasn’t there when that happened. She was an instant believer at that moment that, Hey, you know, this thing, this thing’s a reality because it’s important to know. I think, I think it would be important for me to share that it wasn’t always that way. I had trials. I had errors. I had webinars that no one showed up to. I had, you know, lives that I completely botched, you know, but I was too, I was too stubborn and determined that I was going to make this work that has kept following the system process of refining my messaging until I found the right hour chart. I’m looking for, I got my messaging down and once that happened and everything kinda took off from there and that has been growing ever since.

Dan Henry (14:19):

That’s awesome, man. That’s awesome. And speaking of that, let me ask you, where do you think you’d be right now, if you didn’t join the program and take action.

Dwayne R. (14:31):

That’s a very good chance that I’ve may have given up on my hopes and my dreams. I was at a Tony Robbins conference and you know how Tony he’ll Jack you up, right? And this was actually a conference called it, wasn’t the UPW where you’re walking on fire. This is called date with destiny. And that date with destiny program, one of the exercises he has you do is, Hey, you know, if time wasn’t an issue, money was an issue. You know, what would you do with your life? And that’s when I realized that, Hey, I don’t want to hustle real estate my entire life and where my true passion was, it was internet marketing, a bit following Rosa runs for a long time, but hell I wasn’t making any money. So when I decided to jump back into this thing, as I mentioned before, and I saw you at funnel hacking live and then call it falls, you said stead, it’s really been preparatory to me, being able to see your growth, mistakes, you’ve made the successes, you’ve made model what you’ve done and get a glimpse of where my life can actually be in the future.

Dwayne R. (15:24):

So those are really good chance. Dan, if I had been following you since, you know, the ad con day is that I probably, I may have given up at this point, but I’m so glad that I did and that I’ve hung in there because this industry has allowed me to experience the lifestyle that I’ve always wanted to have and not give up my hopes, my goals and my dreams. And I’m just looking forward to what’s happening, you know, next year I’m gonna have my I’m gonna have the best year ever next year. I mean, I really think will cash flow to me in dollars. There’s no reason that we don’t.

Dan Henry (15:54):

Oh, you will. I absolutely have 100% faith in you. You absolutely. Well, I’m so excited to hear about your success. This is, this is fantastic. Let me ask you one final question. If there was somebody watching right now and let’s say, they’re saying to themselves, yeah, I’m not sure I’m on the fence. Should I book a call and talk with Dan’s team about working with them and getting in the program?

Dwayne R. (16:16):

What would you say to them? Book the call if you’re on the fence right now, and you’re wondering, Hey, should I be booking the call? You’re already wanting the success. You’re already wanting what Dan may have the offer. You’re just afraid to be hard, closed, or you’re afraid that you won’t be able to afford the program. But let me explain something to you. Everyone is watching right now. The program is more than affordable. It’s going to get you the advice and the coaching that you need. So just like I had a limiting belief on doubling my prices. You have a limiting belief by taking the call. He’s not going to hard sell you. They’re going to have a conversation with you. And if it sounds like something that’s going to help you in your business, they’ll talk about what it looks like, work together. But I promise you that if you make that call, you have to take that first step. Nothing’s going to happen to that first hap happen. So if you’re watching this right now, you’re thinking, Hey, shut up the call with dad, booked the call. You’re not going to regret it.

Dan Henry (17:06):

Awesome, man. Awesome. And by the way, before we end here today just on a personal not a personal note necessarily, but you, I heard you mentioned that you were going to begin training a sales team will, you’ll be excited to know that least releasing some new training in the program for how to train your sales team. And it’s going to be a little manual that you can use to train your sales team for every new sales hire. There is a multiple week process to get them all trained and up to speed, as well as get rid of anybody that isn’t going to work out. So look forward to that. I’m actually working on that this week. It’s going to be awesome. So, Oh, that’s exciting. Yeah. Yeah. I like adding new stuff, you know, and cause I figure out new stuff all the time, you know? And, and so when I figure it out, I like to add it to the program. Constantly. So anyway, thank you so much, Dwayne. I, this is a great interview. I appreciate it so much. And I look forward to doing it again when, and by the way, you’re, you’re just to, just to, before we, we leave here, you’re only very short amount away from a million dollars in a year

Dwayne R. (18:16):

Business, correct? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. So the coveted two combo award there’s no doubt in the world. I’ll be walking stage next year. I’m excited about that. I should probably hit it with the next 60 to 90 days. Awesome.

Dan Henry (18:29):

Congratulations. Thank you so much. And thank you for coming on. I’ll talk to you later. 


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