Are you struggling with charging more for your program or online business?

This may be no surprise to you, but this is the one thing I hear the most people struggling with – finding their own “permission to charge” what they are really worth…

And for my client Dwayne, he had the same limiting beliefs about charging high-ticket for his program that helps other real estate agents learn to do what he does (and very well!)

Once he learned how to overcome those limiting beliefs about charging more, he took off instantly! 

In fact, he recently made $35,000 in just ONE day!!! 

In this video, Dwayne and I will discuss:

  • How he learned to structure his course in a different way that allowed him to “pour more gasoline” on his marketing and secure more clients
  • What he achieved once he started getting a “no B.S.” approach from a coach, and how he got that from being in my program
  • AND… all of the steps he took to get over his mindset about charging and started crushing it with high-ticket!