How Dee Went from Not Having a Course Idea to Making $20k+ Per Month

Feeling like you’ve read all the books and watched all the YouTube videos you can find, just to be stuck in the same place in your business?

Well, that’s exactly where my client Dee used to be!

Dee had done all the hard work and read the books about business and entrepreneurship and STILL couldn’t find the answers he needed.

Stuck, but determined not to go back to the nine to five,
he took one last suggestion and picked up a copy of my book, Digital Millionaire Secrets.

Dee knew he had a choice to make: “I can go back to reading that book, trying to figure that out, staying up all night, every night and writing on a whiteboard, or I can just take a leap of faith because the system has been proven to work for so many people.”

Recently, my team member Steph said down to chat with Dee. So if you’re ready to hear how Dee was able to find the answers and support he needed to get himself unstuck, then watch his interview now! 


In this video, Steph and Dee will discuss:

  • How everything you possibly need to know is in the program, and how Dan answers every question you might ask if you just go through the program
  • What changed in Dee’s life when he started following the proven-system blueprint laid out by Dan and his team
  • How the peer-community and the Facebook group changed the course of his business 
  • AND… how much mindset affects you, your business, and how you show up every day!

Stephanie (00:00):

Hey everyone, this is Steph with and I’m really excited today because I’m here with one of my favorite students, Dee Green and Dee is going to share with us how he went from not having an idea of what course to teach, to making 20K a month with the idea that we help them develop in the coaching program. So, Dee welcome.


Dee (00:23):

Hey Steph, how are you doing?


Stephanie (00:25):

Dee, it’s great to have you, so tell us a little bit about yourself and what your business is, and what you do.


Dee (00:33):

Yeah, so right now I have a coaching program that basically helps pastors thrive online with their social media growing their online ministry.


Stephanie (00:41):

Okay. I love that. So, Dee what was the problem that you had prior to joining our coaching program?


Dee (00:49):

So before joining for the past four years, I had a social media marketing agency, basically. It was a done for you service. So I would go to the local businesses. I would actually log into their Instagram. I was going over the top. I was recording videos for them, everything. I mean, it was decent money, before that I was working at the mall for $10 an hour. Then I started doing that and it was pretty decent money. I was like, “It’s so time-consuming, I have to actually go in there and do all this stuff and I’m only able to help so many clients because I don’t want to have this big ol’ team of people.”

So I decided, I want to have a course. So that was last year, towards the end of the year, I told my wife, I was like, “Yo, I want to do something different, let’s move downtown Orlando. There’s going to be more opportunity.” We’re already in Orlando but not downtown. So she was like, “No”, at first, basically and I kinda had to talk her into it. I was like, “Yo, it’s not about the cost.” It’s gonna be more, but for me, I knew I needed that environment. That’s gonna put me around motivation, inspiration, and other people. So we moved and then I was like, “I want to create like a course.” I kept seeing, hearing about courses, like that’s the way to go.

So unfortunately one of my grandma’s passed away actually. I went with my family from Orlando to Indiana, and I was like, “I’m going to take a book with me.” I ended up taking, I think it was Expert Secrets, it was either Dot Com Secrets or Expert Secrets. Right? But I didn’t read it the whole time. So then on the way back, I was like, “Oh, wow, I’m going to start. I’m going to actually read it.” I realized, wow, this is everything that I need to know to do a course. So I started doing the live webinars as he says in the book, every Thursday, and I started making a little bit of money and then it just got super hard.

I was exhausted. I’m like, you put all this time into every week, send out all these emails, getting all these people, doing a live webinar and, then one or two people were showing up. I was just telling my wife, I was like, “Yo, I’m so frustrated.” So, around that time COVID hit and that’s when I was like, you know, I need to get around other entrepreneurs. So I started doing my podcast and one of the guests that I had after we were done, he was like, “Yo, have you ever heard of Dan Henry?” And I was like, “Oh, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of that name before really. Maybe?” So he says “He has this book, Digital Millionaire Secrets, you should check it out.” So I’m like, okay. So I checked it out that day.

I was already investing in myself, but nothing major like a thousand dollar programs and under, so and mainly trying to YouTube and read my way to success. So I checked it out. The next thing was the whiteboard webinar that Dan has. So I tried that because I didn’t have the book yet. Nobody bought anything and I was so frustrated, so frustrated. I was like, “I feel like it’s because of this RMS that he keeps talking about”, it was the statement to let people know what I do because when I talk to them I can’t explain it. I know I can help them, but I can’t explain it. He kept saying, Hey contact our team, contact our team, contact our team. So I eventually booked the call and that’s when I talked to Kally. That was basically how I got started, I didn’t even have the book yet. I didn’t have the book or anything, I just knew that I needed help with the RMS. I kinda knew my skill set, but I was like, I’m completely stuck. Basically. I remember just telling her, “I’ll put in the work, but I’m stuck.” That’s where I was at.


Stephanie (04:23):

Right. And you didn’t have an idea just yet. You were still trying to figure that out and you were trying things out and Kally was able to give you that clarity on the call.


Dee (04:33):

So yeah. So a little bit of both. So basically I told her what it was and she was like, “Yeah, that doesn’t really make sense.” So I was like, “Yeah, that’s how I feel.” She told me what the program was and I had no money at that time, at all, it was on the 29th like we were talking about. I was like, “Man, my rent is literally due in two days and I don’t have money for the rent. I don’t have money for groceries. I don’t have money for anything else that I need, this is going to be it.” I remember I told her, “Yo, I can’t do this.” She’s always worked with everybody as far as not giving up.

So I just sat there, I had the book right next to me and, I realized either I can get off of this call and I can go back to reading that book, trying to figure that out, staying up all night, every night and writing on a whiteboard, or I can just take a leap of faith because the system has been proven to work for so many people. So the only variable is me. If I put in the work, I should be able to get the results. So I went ahead and figured out a way to make it possible. Then once I was in the program, I feel like Dan probably got frustrated with me ’cause I was asking questions all the time about my RMS.

He was like, “Dude I helped you already go, go, go, go, go, go.” So at this point, I was trying to get into Facebook groups and figure out my niche and my offer, things like that. So basically my RMS before was going to be helping entrepreneurs with their video content. Right? How to speak online and make sales, doing videos. I joined this like random social media group for churches and the advice in there was terrible, it was awful. One day, I don’t know why, I guess God was just calling me like, do this video, help them out. So I just did a live video and I basically said this is like the way churches should be using social media, not the way that I saw other people posting here.

And I said “Based on how I’ve been able to help entrepreneurs, this would help you guys.” and my phone didn’t stop going off that whole day. It was the pastor’s calling and even cash apping me money saying “Oh, this information helped me.” Fortunately, that day was a coaching call with Carla. So I got on it and I was like, “Look, I know I’ve been working with this RMS for the past almost a month or two weeks or something like that. What do you think?” She said “Typically when you get that type of response, that doesn’t happen often. People have to work to get that. So if you just naturally got that, then that’s a path that you should go with.”

Then from there, Dan was able to help me make sense of it. Right? ‘Cause I was like, I don’t know how to explain it, I still didn’t know the RMS. For me, it was still like a big leap of faith because I’m like, “Yo, I just spent all my money thinking I was going to do this one thing, then now I have this whole opportunity.” So it was like a risk on top of a risk because okay, I already took a risk. Now if I go off of the path already thought that I was on? Fortunately, Dan, I remember he got on a live in a group and he was like, “Yo, I’m going to help you with this RMS and kinda jumpstart your journey with this.” He was really able to point me in the right direction as far as how to package all of that and to go. So, yeah, Kally and everything helped me, and then in the middle or like two or three weeks in was when I just had kind of a random shift really.


Stephanie (07:59):

Yeah. Well, it’s like a series of you taking risks. The risk to join the program, a risk to change your offer, but then once having that guidance from the coaches, that was what helped you. Tell me about what was inside of the coaching program that helped you particularly and why was it so effective?


Dee (08:24):

The first thing I think is obvious, right? I think what I’ve noticed now that I’ve invested is people are trying to just do things by themselves self and it just doesn’t really make sense. So it’s not that people are lazy or they’re not working, but it’s what are you working on? Right? You need to have a blueprint. I feel like that’s the smartest thing. If you have a blueprint, especially if it’s proven, it’s just up to you. So if you don’t have confidence in yourself it’s not a good fit, but if you believe in yourself, you’re gonna make that money back. Right? It’s just going to happen. You have a blueprint. So I think for me, it was I never had that.

I never had a step-by-step, this is what you do, this is what the system looks like. I think that for me personally, and for anyone else, you need that. But I think the the reason why we’ve been able to have success is the mindset shift. I think that’s the biggest thing and, I think there’s a lot of gurus or coaches out there that they try to make it seem like everything is easy and Dan’s not like that. He’s like, it’s going to be hard. Right? Every time I’m about to complain about something I’m like, well, what would Dan say? ‘Cause he’s always like, “Really you’re going to cry about this little thing?” And he’ll say, “You know, you just, you just made three sales in a month and one person it doesn’t go well and now you’re crying?” And it’s like, you have to figure out what to do, you’re an entrepreneur, this is your journey. You have to figure out these things. I think before it was easy for me to just give up and to be like, “Oh, this isn’t working.” But what Dan showed me is there’s no such thing as it’s not working, it’s you’re not doing it right. So you have to have the blueprint, but you also have to follow it. You can’t just be lazy and be like, “Oh Dan, I joined the program so I’m guaranteed results.” No, that doesn’t happen, you have to do the work.

I think the community of the group of the DMC Facebook group is just amazing, and I think that’s what helped me. A lot of people, so many people reached out and got on phone calls with me. Like yourself, Kally, Bruce, Felix, Ricky, so many people I talked to every day and we even had a Slack channel I think at one point. I was just motivating each other. Like, “Yo, don’t give up today, keep pushing.” and that’s what helped me I think a lot. You know, before I was surrounded by a lot of people in my life that are working at Disney or even if they had a job they’re making like 30, 40 grand, just typical things. To go into a group with people that are making a hundred K, plus a month, I never knew people like that personally. So that made me say, if they can do this, I can make eight K I can make 10, I can make 20. I always love seeing that people are doing better than me. It’s not a jealousy thing for me because it lets me know there’s more and I love how everyone’s always giving back.

So that helped me really stay focused. There’s a lot of times, I remember our first month when we decided to go, at first I was like I’m never doing high ticket. I think I talked to you about this, but I was like, “I don’t want to do a high ticket, I want to vacation, I want to take my time.” Again, it was a mindset thing where you know, you talked to me about it, Dan was talking about it. I remember that first month our close rate was like 7%, and outside of this door, there’s a piece of paper that’s taped on the wall cause I threw this speaker through it. I was so frustrated and I was feeling like, you know, it’s not working.

Everyone else is making money and they’re killing it, we still owe bills, all this stuff. I remember my wife was just like, “It’s just a bill, It doesn’t matter if we can’t pay the lights, if we can’t pay cable, if we can’t pay rent. It’s gonna eventually pay off.” That’s when I was like, I got to get really serious and it’s up to me. That’s when I started just really diving into the program, getting books, podcasts, everything like that, and then since then everything just started taking off. We’ve been hitting 20K months after that, and that’s just me really recognize seeing that Dan provides us with everything that we need, but you have to do it right or it’s not going to work.


Stephanie (12:35):

Yeah, absolutely. It’s a proven blueprint. All you have to do is follow it and a lot of people try to deviate and we just…


Dee (12:44):

So many people messaged me about that, they’re like, “Yo Dee I have a question for you, Do you think I should skip this part?” I’m like, why would you skip a part? Dan’s not just going to take an hour out of his day to record a video, to put it in the course for no reason. I don’t think that’s what he considered as a hobby or fun. So, if it’s in there, it’s in there for a reason. Everything that I followed has worked and when I say worked, that doesn’t mean that it’s overnight. You got to put the time in it and it takes in it and it works eventually, but you also have to think of the things that people are doing.

10 to 20K a month for the people that are put in the work is on the low end of what people are doing. So as long as you are putting in the work, you’re doing things that almost no one that you know is doing. How many friends, family members do you have that are making 10K a month? Most people we know are not doing that. So don’t expect that it’s not a seven day, get rich quick scheme. For me, it took like four or five months, and for two of those months, I was really struggling, not depressed, but really stressing out, but two months to now make 20K a month? It’s so worth it. You know? So I think it was just, for me, it’s the mindset really helped too.


Stephanie (14:06):

Yeah, and to be honest, you had a very challenging niche when it comes to working with churches. A lot of them are nonprofits and pastors, so yeah, you kind of had a little bit tough, but you did it. That’s a testament in itself because you were able to take a niche that’s a little bit difficult to crack, but just by following a proven system, making 20K months without even knowing what you were going to teach a couple of months before, that’s pretty good.

Dee (14:40):

So I know some people obviously are going to go back and watch this. I think an important part, what you said was like, “Oh, it’s a tough niche.” I think what I realized with Dan is that’s not necessarily true. I think it’s that really this mindset of us thinking like, “Oh, their churches, they don’t have money. They’re a nonprofit.” That is not true. I remember at first I had trouble selling a $37 program that I was going to do almost the same thing, and then I had trouble selling them at $297. Then when I shifted that mindset, people pay three grand, up-front, even 5k, you know? So I think for anyone watching this and for myself that’s, what I’ve learned from being in this program is its mindset.

There’s no such thing. It really is people who don’t have money or they can’t do this. Even if there is, if you have a high ticket program, three to five K let’s say, how many of those do you need to sell every month to live a good life? We’re talking four or five, so that’s one a week. So with a proven blueprint like this, you can do it. So I think that’s important. I know we’re going to talk about this for people that are on the fence, don’t sit there thinking “Oh, I’m in this niche, I can’t charge people, they don’t have money.” If you think that they don’t have money, you think that you can’t provide them with the service. You can’t, but if you believe that you can, you can.

I think that’s what Dan really that’s one of the things I appreciate him helping me see. ‘Cause at first I was like, “Dan, they’re not gonna pay this, bro. They’re not gonna pay three K, you’re crazy.” And he’s like, “Dude, that’s your mindset. You’re thinking that you’re putting that on them.” So I remember our first calls, I was going to do $697 or $997, thank God Felix was like, “Bro, don’t do that. Just go for it.” and we went for it and it’s been working and I’m really learning it’s all mindset. You have the blueprint after that, it’s all mindset. There’s no such thing as all this other stuff, these excuses we make up.


Stephanie (16:41):

Oh exactly. You overcame that and what people need to know is that we also help you build that structure that will get you to that high ticket coaching program investments. So that’s all covered in the program. But yeah, I remember having all those conversations and how everyone was making that shift to high ticket and now you’re doing it and like, Oh, I can even do it even more. So I love that.


Dee (17:09):

Yeah. I thought at first, I’ll be honest. I thought, why is Dan like having us do this? It just doesn’t make sense. I don’t want to do it, he’s trying to push us into this to make more money or something. And then I realized, well he does it though. He has you, Kally, and other people. I’m like, he’s not going to run his business like that if it doesn’t make sense. So I just had to start thinking, I told my wife, “Are we not going to do high ticket because let’s be honest, we’re lazy, we don’t feel like doing it, or because it’s not the right decision? If it’s not the right fit, I’m not going to do it. But if it is, but I’m saying oh, I don’t want to do that I don’t think that’s the right thing.” So, yeah, I think when people say high ticket, it’s not this thing where Dan’s like, yo, you need to do a high ticket and you gotta figure it out. No, you get the funnels, you get the script, it’s so much stuff that it’s all you really have to do is be willing to improve your skills. It’s funny because so many people that I know will ask me a question and I’m like, it’s in there. It’s literally there, go to the video, watch the video, put the action in and, and then improve as you go. But yeah, I think for me, I’m excited that we did it. I remember we took my aunt and uncle out, they took us out to eat and I told them, this is like, when we had like no money, right?

Nothing, not a sale, or I had made a couple of sales with the beta, but that was two K total, three K total maybe. So I still had some money that I had to pay for the program. Right? I still had like $8,000 in rent that we were behind. We still owed the IRS like one or $2,000 or whatever, like a lot of money. So I remember I told them at dinner, I was like, “Hey, I’m thinking about like selling over the phone, but I don’t really want to do it, but I’m thinking about doing it.” I remember my aunt was like, “Well, you’re good at talking to people you should do it. It’d be better than just sending them to a….” She doesn’t know any of the terminologies, but she was talking about a sales page or whatever.

So I was like, all right. I was like, “Okay, I’m going to try it and I guess in the future we’ll know like whenever we meet” So me and my wife, as soon as we left we’re like, “Hey, whenever we have our first like 10K month, let’s take them out to eat and give them an update.” So this Saturday, today’s Wednesday. We were going to take them out when we did 10K, but, we ended up doing 20K. So now we’re going to take them out to eat and be like, “Yo, this is what we decided to do, this is the outcome that’s happened so far.” That was only like a month or something like that, or a month or two ago. So it’s been a crazy journey so it’s kind of cool to see where we’ve been able to take it.

Stephanie (19:46):

That’s exciting. I can’t, I mean, I wish I was a fly on the wall at that dinner table. So what else? So that’s a great outcome, but I saw that you booked a trip. Tell me a little bit more about that.

Dee (19:59):

Oh my gosh. So when I first joined the program, I think I keep saying mindset, but I think it’s very important to talk about. Oh my gosh. I was really like yo, this has to work. I’m not going to go get a nine to five because I hadn’t worked for somebody for like five years at that point. So a lot of the times I would be really frustrated. If something didn’t work, the Click Funnels didn’t work, if someone didn’t buy or whatever and I just started going on, these walks around the neighborhood and going on these runs. One day I just felt like God was like, yo plan a big trip, and write it down, put it on a board in your house, and use that as motivation to stay focused.

So I came back to the house and I told my wife and I forget where it was but I felt like God was telling me somewhere in Europe. Right? So we looked at some places and we wrote it down and that’s where we were going to go for our anniversary, which is in November. Then I don’t know the time, but a little bit later Barbados was like, Hey, we’re going to give people a year-long visa if you come. I don’t know what month it starts, but it was like a year-long visa. So we’re like, Oh wow, that’d be awesome if we could do that. Mind you, we haven’t made any money yet, but I’m in the program. So we’re thinking you know, once everything starts going we can move to Barbados for a year.

That’d be awesome. So then we’re like, yo, we’re open to doing that, let’s look at other places. Then we started learning more about digital nomads and like being able to just travel the world and do different things. So we saw a lot of people going to Tulum, Mexico. So I was like, yo, let’s change our vision. This was four or five months ago, I have a video on YouTube about it, where I’m like, “This is what we want to do but I have no money right now, but I just invested in this program”. So we put Taloon Mexico November 2020 first-class tickets though ’cause I was like, I want us to like dream big. So this month was like I said, we had a crazy good month. So there is somebody that I was supposed to have on a call and they no-showed, they didn’t show up.

So I was like, “You know what, I’m not going to be frustrated. Let’s just buy that trip right now.” So my wife was like, “Really what? We can do that?” So I was like, “Yeah, like look at the bank account right now.” So we bought our first-class tickets to Tulum going there and coming back for our anniversary in November. That was something that was huge “cause we wanted something to like look forward to. All of this work that we’re putting in, sitting in those seats is going to be like the best fresh air, the best like, “Oh my God, we finally did it.” Then next year that’s what we’re going to do is we’re just going to become digital nomads and just travel. It’s all because we have this income now and this blueprint, this structure that allows us to do it. So for us, it’s like a complete life change. As you said, we went from no money at all thinking what the heck are we going to do to now where we just hired two people this month too. So it’s been crazy.


Stephanie (23:05):

Well, I can’t wait to see all the pictures from Tulum Mexico and that is exciting. So definitely a big life change. Now, where do you think that you would be if you hadn’t taken action if you hadn’t joined the program?

Dee (23:21):

That’s the question that I never want to ever think about. Honestly, I think about that sometimes and then I’m like, nah, we can’t, we gotta keep that negative energy over there. Honestly, I think as a human, as an entrepreneur, you like to say, Oh, I would have figured it out like another way. Maybe that’s true, but I think history has shown that people, they tend to just wander, you know what I mean? Maybe I would have found another coach, if I would’ve found another coach maybe, Right? I think without that blueprint, without this structure, I think I would have just gone back to reading books and maybe I would have figured out how to replace my income with my previous business, which was like three to 5k a month.

So maybe something like that but I don’t think that I would have figured out how to, I think that we’ve made in the past like two months, what we made last year. So I don’t know if I would have been able to just figure that out. Just willy nilly, just reading Expert Secrets. You know there’s nothing wrong with the books, but I just don’t think without this program that we would be able to make this type of income and, we’re just getting started. We’ve been on the phone for two months. So it’s like, what happens like four months from now, five months from now, like is 50K possible? Is a hundred K possible? That’s to me blows my mind that that’s even a legit thing.

We’re making as much as our family and friends one month, you know what I mean? I remember on the coaching call before I joined Kally was like, “You know if we helped you, what’s a goal for you in the next year?” I was like, “Man if I could make 10 K within a year working with you guys, I’ll be so happy.” And she was like, “Are you serious?” And I was like, “Yeah.” And she was like, “No, you must not know the results that people are getting.” And she was talking about Tin Man. She was like, “You know, he did 30 K in his first launch or something like that. So 10 K a month, that’s easy. We can help anybody do that.” So it’s funny to see where our life is now. At first 10K a month was, that was almost unimaginable. We’re like what? That’d be ridiculous. So we’ve already doubled that, almost tripled and it’s crazy. It’s crazy. I don’t think we would’ve been able to figure that out on our own.


Stephanie (25:39):

Well, you went from booking a strategy call with us to being on a student interview with us. So it’s pretty awesome. Think about that. Yeah. That is amazing. That’s exactly where we want people to go from booking a strategy session to being one of our students who gets interviewed and share their stories. So for those people who are still on the fence about booking a call with our team, what would you tell them?


Dee (26:11):

I think to answer that question, honestly, I think what they need to do is think of what is the worst-case scenario that you want to avoid, that joining the program would cause right? So some people are like, “Oh, I can’t pay my cable bill or I can’t pay other bills.” Is that the worst-case scenario? I told my wife, I’m willing to honestly even if I had to be homeless for a little bit, cause like we’re in America. Right? So what is the worst-case scenario? If you pay the money to join this program, what is the worst case that you think is going to happen? You’re not going to die, you’re not gonna die from it. Then you have to compare that with what’s the best-case scenario? So you see, you can go through all the testimonials. I haven’t watched all of them, you can just scroll through them. There are hundreds, people making, almost every testimonial is somebody who’s making 10K a month, 20K. So if you take that and you multiply that times one year that’s 120, $120,000. So if you’re going to have your business for more than one year, think about how much money that is. So what are you really worried about versus it’s a proven system. If you believe in yourself just do it. I think a lot of the things that goes back to what we were talking about with mindset and I think a lot of people, I would say, if you’re on the fence, don’t get in the way of your best life.


Dee (27:35):

You know what I mean? I feel too many times, we overthink it and it’s like, “Oh, well, what if this happened?” Quit worrying about “what if…” Most of that stuff ain’t even going to happen, focus on right now. Most of the things that we’re worried about are super reversible, right? We couldn’t pay the rent. So my thought was if I can’t pay the rent, what’s going to happen? Am I going to be homeless on the streets? No, I’d probably live with my wife’s mom or my mom or my uncle. So most people don’t want to do that because it’s pride. Right? “Oh, well I don’t want to tell my friends that I’m living with my aunt and uncle,” but is that really going to get in the way of you becoming a millionaire, really? You’re not willing to do that for two or three months? So I think you’ve got to ask yourself, what’s the worst-case scenario and then what are you willing to risk? If you take that risk, I mean, I didn’t have an idea and it worked.


Stephanie (28:29):

Yeah. If you take that risk, you could be booking a first-class trip to Tulum Mexico.


Dee (28:34):

Right. And if not, you’re gonna, you’re gonna watch me on Instagram having fun, saying oh, man. I wish I would’ve done it. So don’t be that person.


Stephanie (28:41):

Exactly. Don’t be that person. Dee, it’s been great talking to you having had so many conversations with you, I was really happy to have you on this call. So thank you for being with us, and I appreciate you. Thank you so much.


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