Feeling like you’ve read all the books and watched all the YouTube videos you can find, just to be stuck in the same place in your business?

Well, that’s exactly where my client Dee used to be!

Dee had done all the hard work and read the books about business and entrepreneurship and STILL couldn’t find the answers he needed.

Stuck, but determined not to go back to the nine to five,
he took one last suggestion and picked up a copy of my book, Digital Millionaire Secrets.

Dee knew he had a choice to make: “I can go back to reading that book, trying to figure that out, staying up all night, every night and writing on a whiteboard, or I can just take a leap of faith because the system has been proven to work for so many people.”

Recently, my team member Steph said down to chat with Dee. So if you’re ready to hear how Dee was able to find the answers and support he needed to get himself unstuck, then watch his interview now! 


In this video, Steph and Dee will discuss:

  • How everything you possibly need to know is in the program, and how Dan answers every question you might ask if you just go through the program
  • What changed in Dee’s life when he started following the proven-system blueprint laid out by Dan and his team
  • How the peer-community and the Facebook group changed the course of his business 
  • AND… how much mindset affects you, your business, and how you show up every day!