Client Update: Nicole hits $1M in sales

Do you wish you could find a sales script that would guarantee you’d close more sales?

You might have seen a previous interview with my client, Nicole. When she came to us for help, she believed she was no good at sales. She struggled to stick to the sales scripts and sell her $297 low ticket offer.

As a result of working with us, she gained the confidence she needed to ditch the sales scripts! Nicole recently raised her prices to $30K and has been able to sell her offer

Nicole recently hit $1M in sales!

I recently spoke with Nicole at one of our live events and she shared how she was able to reach $1M in sales…

In this video, Dan and Nicole will discuss:

  • How Nicole made the transition from $297 low ticket
  • How she’s expanded her niche after reaching a milestone in her business
  • How Nicole hit $1M in sales
Nicole (00:00):
Hey guys. I’m an overgrown bartender. I got onto the call with Steph. It’s been about a year and a half, and it was right before COVID had hit. And I came into the course starting to do a course to teach bartenders. I’ve been a bar consultant for about ten years. And so I really wanted to help bartenders to be better bartenders and make a lot more money. But also wanted to kind of move that into the corporate arena and build out a full training program that would be sold to things like, you know, Chili’s, right? Like, at that higher level and insert COVID, right? Every restaurant in the country went down. So I shifted gears.

Nicole (00:39):
I was actually in the middle of a Facebook ads course at that time and realized that I was getting clients a lot faster than everybody else was. I mean, so fast that I really didn’t know what I was doing. And couldn’t put the pixel where it went at all. I was failing miserably at having clients. But really great at getting them. And that was all from bartender land is I know how to build a bar top. So I knew how to attract customers that were really aligned with me. And I do a little bit of the woo too, so I got a little bit of the woo side going.

Dan Henry (01:10):
Hey, I’m not mad at you for doing a little woo. All right.

Nicole (01:15):
It’s a little bit more than Dan does, but it’s not as much as people just sitting on couches manifesting. Right? And I actually do some things that are tangible. I promise. But yeah, I came in, and I started at $297. I started at $297 for my beta. I sold 20 people in like a baby. But now I just hit a million last week. And I have…

Dan Henry (01:40):
A million dollars?

Nicole (01:49):
Yeah. I just hit a million last week, and it’s cool. Right. It’s cool. So I have a $10,000 offer and a $30,000 offer. I had to make that shift from bartender land. But I actually have bartenders in the program that I taught to the virtual bartenders, and I work with a whole bunch of different experts, starting with my mom as my very first client. She’s a tantra expert. And I helped her to build out her course online and, you know, do the things, so it’s been a hell of a ride.

Dan Henry (02:15):
That is amazing. And you help bartenders?

Nicole (02:20):
Well, now it’s broad, right? It’s experts,

Dan Henry (02:23):
But you widened. And that’s important too, you know, I always say if you can’t master specific, you can’t master general. So, but that’s, that’s absolutely amazing. Thank you, Nicole.


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