Client Update: Ken closes a $12.5M contract

Have you ever considered raising your prices and charging your worth?

You might have seen a previous interview with my client, Ken. When he came to us for help, he was selling a $500 low ticket offer.

As a result of working with us, he raised his prices to $5K and was able to get a taste of what selling high-ticket can do for your business.

Today, Ken charges a minimum of 6-figures for his cybersecurity consulting!

I recently spoke with Ken at one of our live events and he shared an exciting update…

In this video, Dan and Ken will discuss:

  • How Ken’s business has grown as a result of raising his prices
  • How Ken modified his current offer
  • What lead to Ken closing his $12.5M sale
Ken (00:00):
Yeah. Hey Dan. Thanks. I’ve got to be kind of brief. I’ve got other stuff today, but yeah, so when I first started chatting with Steph on the team, I had a $500 offer I had created for small business owners during COVID, when it first came out, just to try to help out. It was a pain in the ass, total pain in the ass. Everyone didn’t do any work, wanted refunds, all that stuff.

Ken (00:19):
So I kicked it up to five grand when I started working with you guys. It was very easy to sell high-ticket. Now I focus more on my cybersecurity stuff. And so now the deals are multi six-figure, usually, seven and eight-figure deals, sometimes, in the business. So we went, basically, from $500 bucks to millions in the average deal size. And that’s less than a year, less than a year.

Dan Henry (00:44):
So, Ken, just so we have clarity for the rest of the group, your coaching program, or your consulting, it’s a cybersecurity offer for who’s the client?

Ken (00:54):
Yeah. So it’s a service-based offering. Clients are business owners. So usually medium to enterprise-level businesses.

Dan Henry (01:03):
And what is the highest you’ve ever sold your offer for?

Ken (01:07):
We’ve done a 12 and a half million dollar package. Well, basically that’s, that’s a multi-location for pen-testing on an annual contract.

Dan Henry (01:18):
So would I be accurate in assuming that when you came to us, you charged $500, and now you charge upwards of $12 million?

Ken (01:31):
Correct. Yeah. And you know, we’ve, of course, modified the offer. Right? I used to help with marketing and stuff, and now we focus solely on the cyber stuff. But yeah, we’ve gone basically from that to a very happy business. So we went from a sad business to a happy business.

Dan Henry (01:44):
Well, if that’s not a round of applause, I don’t know what is. Okay. $500 to $12 million. My goodness.


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