Did you know that the most important part of your entire online course or coaching program is the actual offer that you make people?

I hear a lot of people, who are still struggling to get started, tell me “Well, Dan, I’ll join your program once I have my offer figured out.”

But the offer is the most valuable piece and sets all the rest up to fail or succeed! 

In my latest video, I sat down with my new client Chad and we discussed his recent journey and successes…

He shared with me the one thing that helped him most from my program… and that was how together we nailed down the exact offer he was going to put out, and how successful it turned out to be. 

After “banging his head against a wall for the last year”, he joined the program and we went over his existing offer on his first coaching call. We helped him decide on a better offer, which took off and even scaled very quickly.

In this video, Chad and I discuss:

  • Why your offer is the single most critical thing in your entire business structure
  • How the level of support around you is critical to your successes or failures
  • AND… why it is so important for you to seek the help in your business at the right time, without wasting time!