How Casey Made $40K her First Month by Firing the “Gurus” in her Life

Are you stuck feeling like no matter what you do in your business, your wheels are just spinning, and you’re not getting anywhere?

Well, that’s how my client Casey felt for years! 

Casey had spent $30K+ TOTAL after hiring the “gurus” repeatedly, who promised her results and told her things such as, “let’s just hack this one funnel, and you’ll make it big!”

But time and time again, there was no traction

No results

No payout on the big (empty) promises from the so-called “gurus.”

But once Casey stumbled across my program, she immediately knew that my team and I could answer her pleas…

“I don’t know what I’m missing. I’ll do ALL of the work!! Someone, please just show me HOW! Give me the strategy!!” 

Recently, my team member Steph said down to chat with Casey. So if you’re ready to hear how Casey stopped playing it small and fired the “gurus” in her life by taking her future into her own hands, then watch her interview above! 


In this video, Steph and Casey will discuss:

  • What changed in Casey’s business when she transitioned from hiring “gurus” to do the work to learning the strategies and doing the work herself
  • How unexpected community support turned out to be game-changing for her personal mindset and business
  • AND… with the straight-shooter guidance of myself and my team, how Casey is now able to show up for her clients exactly as she really is and get them amazing results, too!


Steph G. (00:00):

What’s going on, everyone on staff would get and I’m here with the amazing Casey ship. And she’s going to tell us how she was able to make 40 K a month her first month after joining the program, by getting really clear on her offer and finding her soul mate, soulmate client. So Casey, so good to have you tell us what it is a little bit about yourself and what you do and about your business. Okay. So per her, and thank you for the introduction and looks amazing. Thank you. So I had this written down because this is what I’ve learned in Dan’s program is what exactly I do. And that is I teach goal-oriented women, how to have it all in life and look really hot while doing it through balancing their hormones and getting to the root problem to break the cycles self-sabotaging cycles.

Steph G. (00:58):

Casey, tell me about the problem that you had prior to joining our program. What were you struggling with?

Casey S. (01:05):

So he had purchased all of the, you know, buy this and get the templates. And I think I’ve spent 30 K on these gurus that w you know, all of these ClickFunnel guys that say they can’t, it’s like a done for you service. Like, Hey, pay us. We’re going to hack this funnel. This funnel is doing 2 million. We’ll just hack that funnel. And you’ll be, you’ll be right there. You know? So I did all that. And I spent probably two years just anguish and pain. Like, it’s not happening. I don’t know what I’m missing. Please show me, I’ll do the work. I’ll find the money. Somebody show me. And you know, it just happened one day. I believe in don’t believe in coincidence.

Casey S. (01:42):

I think everything happens for a reason. I’m scrolling. I see, Dan’s add. And I watched his, I watched his webinar and it’s like, he was talking to me, imagine that. And I said, this is it. I don’t care how much it costs. I gotta find it. I will figure out a way to pay for it. And then I talked to Stephanie and everything just worked out. But I would say that I had just paid all these coaches. I’ve paid all these people that promised me I would get these results. And it just was not there. I was like, can somebody show me just a strategy? Show me exactly what to do, and I will do it. And here we are.

Steph G. (02:13):

Right. So you’re saying that all you, so you invested so much time, you invested a lot of money in right And years and all, you didn’t have the right strategy, correct?

Casey S. (02:23):

Struggling the money, the money was not there. And I was still just struggling. And in that same cycle, I was just in that same cycle, nothing was happening and I’m putting all this energy and money. Yeah, you’re right. Gotcha. So why did you choose our program above all of the other programs? Cause you looked you looked at a lot of programs out there. So what made you specifically choose to work with our team? Well, because I’m heart-centered and woo. I had stumbled across this young guy named someone called us, this guy named Arnie, like probably a year before finding Dan in his program. And I saw Arnie success. Like he was saying, he made like four grand an hour and doing all this and I’m like, wait a minute.

Casey S. (03:10):

I’m putting pieces together. Okay. Got it. Life kept happening, whatever. And then when I saw Dan and he mentioned Arnie, I’m like, you gotta be kidding me. Like what? And that, even though I saw other, other people, I just, I felt, I didn’t feel it. You know, you can feel in somebodies four, you can just feel it. And I felt like, wow, Dan’s direct. All these other people seem very mainstream and fake and they don’t, you know, they’re just had, Dan was just kind of like very direct. He would cuss, he would do all this. And I’m like, okay. And then I was like, okay, I don’t know. It just felt so right. Que Alabama song, country song. But like I knew somebody in the program and it just felt right for me.

Steph G. (03:55):

So what is something particular about our program that has really helped you out? And why was that method so effective for you?

Casey S. (04:05):

Okay. Just one thing I would say, and I know Dan probably doesn’t intend for this, but his program gives me permission to be me and my expert guru, self fully. What does that mean? Well, other people and other marketing experts, other coaches will tell you tell me, they told me, Hey, Casey, you can’t say that word. You need to cover up. You need to do this. You need to do that. You need to do that. That’s probably why, you know, you need to do this. Dan’s like, Nope, it is your call. This is not Walmart. This is not Macy’s. How do you want it to be? And this is how it’s going to be, because you’re the expert, you know? So for me, it was just permission to go big and watching him in the community. I didn’t, I was not expecting the community to be as big of a bonus as it was. So the community. And then Dan going big gives me permission to go big, gives me permission to just be bold. Okay. And the strategies that he has, they’re just like, here’s exactly what to do, people. It’s kind of a know, like, you can’t fail, you can only just not do it, but yes, you’re going to have to I’ve I’ve been refining and you can keep refining, but you can’t deal with his stuff. His program.

Steph G. (05:22):

Yeah, absolutely. And you talked a lot about refinement and prior to the this call, we were, you and I were talking about how you’re selling so that Dan gave you permission to find that soulmate client. Tell me a little bit more about that.

Casey S. (05:37):

Okay. So previously, what will my my hangup in life was not being enough. You know, there’s not doing enough and, and just overdoing everything, just burnout, you know? And I hate that word, just going in all different directions, 90 miles, an hour, high RPMs burn your adrenal, glands out, ruining your health, losing your relationships, money, everything else. But I was doing it for the wrong client. I’m sitting there, throw in life this out to drowning people that don’t want to be saved. I’m turning, I’m digging the way I’m digging the path for people just blessed and a man trying to lead the way. And it was killing me. Right? So Dan and his program has taught me or empowered me to say, no, no, no, no, no.

Casey S. (06:19):

I want the client that knows what they want. They just need some help. And I’m going to be like, Hey, I’m going to go here with you. I’m not going to get in front of you to do all the hard work. I’m going to sit here and I’m going to guide you along the way. Just like Dan teaches about what a coach really is. The jujitsu example he gives about, Hey, just move your elbow a little bit. Okay, perfect. That’s what a coach is for. It’s not doing the work for you. It’s like a mom and the baby teaching him how to walk. You’re not going to sit there and feel responsible for the baby, actually walking in when they fall, you just don’t know you’re the coach like how long you can do it. Come on. I’m going to get here with you. Like he just taught me how to be a coach, I guess. And I’m sitting there coming from codependency lane, trying to do everything for my clients, taking the personal responsibility for my client’s success in Dan’s program. Not only gave me the strategy, but the emotional power to say, no, this is what I’m here for. This is what I’m going to do. I need you to show up and do this too, because my program is good enough. You just have to implement this.

Steph G. (07:15):

Yeah. And I think that’s something that he does for his students. He wants to empower them to be better coaches, not just to have, and you know, make a lot of money, but to be the coaches, to make an impact. And I mean, I think that’s something that you are doing phenomenally me being in your program. And one of the things I also see is that you’re really active in the program and you’re getting a lot of feedback from our students. So how has that feedback helped you in the program strategy point of view?

Casey S. (07:44):

Amazing. Because when something’s not working or you hit an obstacle, you post it or you search the group, somebody has already been there or somebody will chime in. And I almost feel like, wow, they’re helping because I know they’re busy. So there’s that there’s when things are, there’s a tech issue, if somebody else has it. So it’s just, I’m like a 24, seven way better than tech support. And then there’s the emotional connection I’ve met. Shayna, you know, other health coaches or other success, coaches, mindset, coaches, they’re cheering you on. They’re letting you know what’s working, what’s not working. And then to their struggles, you can kind of like have a little bitch Fest together and say, you know what, no, let’s do like, let’s do this. And you’re kinda like teammates

Steph G. (08:29):

That’s right. And yes. Cause I was seeing you network with so many other students. Right. And and I think when a lot of people are like, well, I need that one on one, like help. And if I’m not getting that, then I’m not going to be successful. What would you tell them?

Casey S. (08:44):

Hmm. it’s it’s do you want the type of client that says that? No. Do you want a client that you have to literally wipe their own? You know what, or do you want a client that’s willing to do the work based on the guidance that you give them. So be the client that you want and get in. And if it’s gonna, if you just think of that, you need one on one and it snowballs. Okay. Get in and be the client that you want to attract and make the money and pay for Dan’s private one on one when he relaunches it. Yeah. But you’re still getting the support.

Steph G. (09:18):

And that’s what I was getting the support from the community because nowhere else, I mean, I’ve seen students break down what, you know, I’ve had had six figure months break down exactly what they did and help all of the other members out.

Casey S. (09:30):

Oh God. And then the coaching calls, are you kidding me? There’s like, there’s a, I don’t even know how y’all do it, but you know, just getting on the coaching calls and you actually get your questions answered. It’s all it is is you plan out. There’s like three or four. There’s so many coaching calls every week. You just submit your question and get on the call and they answer. That’s great. So how has your life changed since achieving the success that you’ve achieved with that program? I mean, I’m able to help more people because I don’t word this. I’m not spinning my wheels in the same, the same way.

Casey S. (10:04):

So now I have a different energy and I’m able to spend more time with my kids because there’s this confidence in, I have, I have a team now have more support now thanks to the program and bringing in more money. Like my minimum, my minimum income has increased. So that’s been really nice. So I would say just the whole entire we moved, we moved to a place where people vacation, you know, that’s always been a dream and now it’s actually like happening. So I mean, it’s all around. It’s just going big. Every in every area, it’s just, Hey, we’re going big. And then seeing Dan C and Dan, when seeing these people in the program in the community, I’m like, this is a motivator. This is like daily inspiration, daily motivation that says, Hey, Oh my God, I can do that too.

Steph G. (10:48):

Absolutely. And Hey, I follow you on Instagram. So I’m seeing you like, you’re like, why are you at the beach every single day?

Casey S. (10:57):

I’ve wanted to move here since 2012 never been able to, and then just, you know, we’re, we’re here now. So, and now we’re moving to what Dan’s doing. I want the beach house now.

Steph G. (11:07):

Awesome. So where, where do you think you’d be? Like if you didn’t join a program, where do you think your life would be right now?

Casey S. (11:15):

Oh, back in that place where I used to live. Not, not by the beach. And probably sick. You know, I go from a, your adrenal burnout, right? Adrenal burnout, low thyroid, endocrine crashes, your health, my family, my kids probably wouldn’t get to spend as much time with them. Probably wouldn’t be driving the awesome car that I got to go drive and get myself mad. I can’t even tell you, where would I be playing a small Stephanie is where I would be. I’ll be still playing it small and scared.

Steph G. (11:49):

I’m so glad you were able to overcome that. And we’re to do in our program. Now, if there’s someone that’s watching this interview and they’re on the fence about joining in you know, working with us, what would you say to them?

Casey S. (12:06):

I would say to when well, the concerns, you know, most of the time it’s anxiety, like what could go wrong? What could go wrong? What could go wrong? And then just how the it’s, if it’s a minor, if it’s a money thing, what could go wrong? What could go wrong? I don’t think that they would even, yeah, they don’t need to be doing the program because I don’t know if they’re going to have what it takes, but if they, if they’re willing to see things differently and just for once get uncomfortable and follow what Dan says, it you’re golden because you can’t get back that time money, you can make more money.

Casey S. (12:43):

I’m telling you right now you can make more money. So everything, your relationship with money will change. If you get in this program, he doesn’t even, he doesn’t even promise that. But my whole perception on money has changed because you see these people in there and these students, even with COVID and everybody in this, in this fear about the recession and all that, you get in the group and I’m like, Hey, these people are killing it right now. They’re not letting it stop them. And that was just a huge shift for me. So if they’re on the fence, if it’s about money, come on, are you, are you kidding? Like what? I don’t even understand that, but if it’s on the fence about something else I mean, go, go look at other programs and if it feels better, fine, but Dan, you’re not going to find a more authentic person. That’s that’s, you know, most people out there are just fake and phony. That’s not funny at all. And to me, that’s, I need something quick and very direct. I don’t have a lot of time for somebody to sit there and me to figure things out. Dan’s just going to say it to you straight.

Steph G. (13:37):

That’s all right. He tells it like it is. And if you want results, then you know he’s the guy, but Casey, thank you so much for your time. And I really appreciate you. I cannot wait to see everything that you do cause I know you’re you’re you have some big plans ahead so I can not wait to be on another interview. Call with you. And like months down the road telling you like, you know, you telling me how much you crushed it. So thank you, Casey. I appreciate you.

Casey S. (14:07):

You’re welcome. And thank you. Thank you for everything that you have done. Holy crap.

Steph G. (14:13):

Alright, thanks guys. I appreciate y’all.


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