How to use Polarity to increase your ROI on FaceBook ads

Written By Dan Henry

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How to use Polarity to increase your ROI on FaceBook ads


Hey everybody, Dan Henry here, and welcome to this mini master class on how to use polarity to increase the revenue and the ROI you get from your ad spend on Facebook ads. Now before I get started, let me give you a quick overview of what I use this for, what my business model is and how this works. So I sell online courses, I sell my advice, my coaching, my consulting, my information education that I create, online courses, info products, whatever you want to call it. Um, so many names for it, but that's what I saw. And the reason I'm showing you these numbers, like yesterday we did a 15,000, $151. Today we, uh, so far it's about six 30 at night. Yeah, six 30. Uh, we, we've already done 13,000, 981 and this is on complete autopilot to my online programs. And this is just one program.


Um, I have, uh, I have a few. Um, and so, you know, we do very, very good numbers. And the reason we do good numbers is not just because we are good at ads, it's because we are good at what I call organic fallout. So what is organic fallout? Well, I define organic fallout as the byproduct, the organic by-product, the word of mouth, right? The brand building, whatever you want to call it, the organic byproduct of running ads. So you see most people will try to build organically and then run ads, which doesn't make a lot of sense because the way we do it is we run ads and then we leverage those ads to create free organic fallout, meaning word of mouth, brand building, people talking about us, buzz, what have you. Um, without having to actually put any effort into organic meaning without having to do podcasts and build a YouTube channel and all this crazy stuff like that, which means that my business runs very, very low.


It's low maintenance. It's, it's a low stress because we're just running ads. We're not having to like worry about is this YouTube video going to go viral or not? And see, I realized this after I crunched the numbers on where our sales were coming from for our programs. I found that on the ads that had the most polarity injected into them, we were getting a ton of free sales, meaning sales that were not attributed to actual ad spent. Meaning that if we served an ad to somebody, we targeted somebody as a result of them of us targeting them. We would make money. Sure we'd have a positive ROI or what have you. But then people would share, people would comment, people would discuss, people would talk about it in Facebook groups, did you see Dan's add on this and blah blah blah, blah blah. And what would happen is as a result of all of that organic fallout as I like to call it, sales would happen from that, right?


Cause see we poll almost everybody that buys our programs and we say, where did you hear about us? And yeah, we get a lot of people that say, Oh we heard about you from your, from an ad. But we get a ton of people that say, Oh, somebody was talking about you in this Facebook group. And or somebody. We see that a lot of it comes organically. And so once we realize this, we really started using polarity in our ads more. And as a result, last month we did over a hundred thousand dollars in sales, extra sales completely organically. That's 100% profit. That is no ad spend, no effort, no YouTube channel, no podcast, just word of mouth generated from the buzz from our ads because we use polarity. So with that said, let me show you how to use polarity and your marketing. And this works especially well if you sell online courses, coaching, um, any sort of digital product.


All right, so let me show you exactly how to use polarity to increase the ROI of your ads, of your marketing efforts. So let's start with you. There's three elements. Let's start with you. This is you. Okay? This is your ideal customer with a weird, I like that. Sorry about that. And then this is your non ideal customer. All right? This is someone that would never buy from you no matter what, and this is somebody that you do want to buy from you. Somebody that you would love to work with, somebody that belongs in your program, your ideal customer. Now, in order to make this work, what has to happen is to use polarity to make your ads go viral, to make word of mouth happened, to get people to talk about you in Facebook groups, to get a word of mouth going to get your brand built, you're going to have to use the same exact method that Nike used to increase their profits by 30% when they did the Colin Kaepernick ad, okay?


The same thing that got Trump elected when he polarized the country and came out of nowhere and won the freaking election for president, all right? And that is we need to get these two people to argue and debate because the more these two people argue and debate, the more our brand goes up, okay? The more exposure we get. So this person right here being your non-ideal customer, this person is going to make, this is a little speech bubble here, a bunch of noise, okay, rah rah, rah rah, this person's ear is going to hear this noise and they are going to look into your brand. They're going to argue with this person, they're going to spread the word and they are going to potentially buy. Okay, so let me give you an example of how I use this. So just as Nike picked this as their target market and said, okay, we're going to stand with people that are okay with football players taking a knee and this and that, and the people over here who likely may not buy their shoes, decide to go on social media and go crazy.


And everybody's talking about Nike, right? So I've used the same process to get everybody talking about Dan Henry and this is how, so here was me, right? Let me just draw a new line here. Here's me. Here is my non-ideal customer, which is the veteran marketer, right? And this is for one specific offer I had. And this over here is my ideal customer who is a newbie. Now for the program I was selling at the time it was instill is a beginners course on how to start a digital agency. So this person is a newbie. They've never done internet marketing before. This person is a veteran who has been doing Mark internet marketing and agency work for a long time. This person would never buy that product because that product is for beginners. Okay? So there's 0% chance I'm going to sell to this demographic.


Yeah, sure. A few people might buy, but for the most part, no, these people aren't going to buy. So I think to myself, what can I do to get these two people to argue? And I use it as a bar analogy. I pretend that I'm sitting in a bar and I'm having a drink with these two gentlemen or ladies. And my goal is to say something that will get these two people to argue, okay, I need to start a conversation that will get an argument going between the two. So for instance, here's what I did that blew up a ton of my ads. I said the following, I said, don't listen to these veteran marketers that lie and say that you can't get results for your clients as a newbie. The fact is that local businesses will pay you a handsome fee every single month to run their ads, and you don't have to be an expert marketer.


You don't have to spend thousands on getting certified by complicated email marketing softwares. In fact, you don't even need email. You don't even need funnels. All you have to do is run a very simple ad that gets prospects on the phone with the local business and you can get paid thousands. And on top of that, you can do a much better job than these veteran marketers because they are so stuck in their ways that they think it's all about complicated funnels and sequences that really just inflate their ego. Now, if you notice, I did that on purpose. I said something that would 100% piss off this veteran marketer, okay, who is never going to buy my product? And so this veteran marketer goes [inaudible] and this person over here hears the complaints and they jump in and they start an argument, or they simply hear about Dan Henry or hear about that program because this person was making a bunch of noise.


I'll give you a perfect example. One time I saw that there was a spike in sales and we weren't spending any more money on ads. It was just out of nowhere spike in sales. And so I'm like, where's he sales coming from? I find that in one of these popular Facebook entrepreneur Facebook groups, there was a huge threat, right? Somebody had posted in there and basically said, you know, uh, Dan Henry is this, you know, he's responsible for bringing all these newbies in and giving us a bad name. And, and people that don't know what they're doing, uh, you know, running ads for, uh, uh, people and giving agencies that know what they're doing a bad name. And he started this big argument, right? And so I, there was actually people that bought my program that would comment and say, well, I bought Dan's program and I didn't know anything about marketing and we made six figures for our gym client the first six months and this and that.


And then somebody else said, Oh that's, you're probably a paid profile. And then just, it just went nuts. Right. And as a result, so many new people heard about Dan. Henry heard about my 30 to agency program and just kept, you know, it just, it just caused us to get a whole bunch of viral sales that were totally free. Okay. And it was all because I had been creating ads where I specifically called out and pissed off this veteran marketer, this veteran marketer and this, and eat all my ads in groups everywhere. There was just so much noise and debate and viral word of mouth, what I like to call it, organic fallout that I increased my sales totally unattributed to Facebook ad spend. But I increased it because I leveraged my ads to build a name. And you can do the same thing with your ads.


All you need is three things. You need to know who your ideal customer is specifically and you need to have an offer like an online course or or what have you. That specifically speaks to that audience, that ideal customer, not something that is for everybody. Because if you try to please everybody, you'll end up selling to no one, right? Because you have to pick, you have to pick a ideal customer, you have to zero in on who your perfect customer is. So you have to identify that. Then you have to identify who is your non-ideal customer, who's the customer that while in that same market we'll never ever, ever, ever buy from you. And then third, you have to figure out what to say to start a fight. What can you say at the bar that will get them to argue? And then you have to inject that into your advertising so that that polarizes your audience, it polarizes your market and it causes organic fallout.


This is how I was able to make a million dollars in sales my first five months, 3 million my first year from my online course, and I was able to buy an 8,000 square foot house on the water. A lot of people said, well, you have a million dollar business, but how much of that is profit? Well, I had way more profit and I was able to get things and upgrade my life way earlier than most people with a million dollar business because I had a higher profit margin. The reason I had a higher profit margin was because I used polarity to build my business. I used that to create organic fallout and organic fallout is 100% pure profit, and because I didn't create that organic fallout from, you know, grinding away at building a YouTube channel and creating podcasts every day, I was able to focus on something that I could control and scale, which is paid advertising, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, et cetera, and then the organic fallout from that was a bonus.


Okay. Honestly, I could run ads that broke even all day long and I would still live a very comfortable lifestyle if I just had the organic fallout that came from them, the free sales that came from. But I'm profitable on my ads and extremely profitable on my ads. And listen, if you sell your advice, if you sell information, info products, coaching, or online courses, and you think you like this video and you, you thought, you know what? This dude, this dude knows something and this dude's done it and he's trying to do something I'm trying to do, I would love his help. If that sounds like you and you think I can help you more than, I'd like to invite you to book a call with my team and see if we are a good fit to work together. So what I'm gonna do is include a link to book a call with my team.


And when you go to this link, it's going to look like this. It's going to say, schedule your free 45 minute strategy session with Dan's office right now. And you'll be able to pick a time here to, uh, and as you, as you can see, we get booked up. We get booked up very fast for this. We don't even have any slots for tomorrow. Half of this day has gone already. Um, and below here you'll see some results and case studies and success stories from my sold out courses program. This is a program, it's a coaching program where I help you create a highly profitable, highly lucrative, lucrative online course that runs on complete autopilot and where you actually will be able to run this business passively and not have to do launches and all this crazy stuff, but just run ads. Okay? Create a webinar that converts, create an online course that's profitable, use organic fall, all that stuff.


Okay? And you can see, look at this 25, 23% conversion rate on my webinar tonight selling beta for my first course. I made 13 grand for my beta course before I even started creating it. I mean, there's all kinds of case studies and testimonials on this page. Bottom line is I get people results. I've done this. I know how to do it. And on top of that, my first course that did $4 million wasn't a course on how to create an online course. It was that 30 to agency program that I was talking about earlier. Had nothing to do with that. So you're not getting something from somebody who uh, you know, faked it until they made it. I made it, then I help other people make it and now I'm offering this extremely limited, uh, offer to have actual coaching with me. So the reason you'd want to book a call is not just to see if we're a good fit to work together, but to see if there is a hole in your game or if there, if you know there's a hole in your game where, where is the hole, what is it, what is the problem that's preventing you from getting to that next step?


Okay. On this call we will strategize with you and we'll figure out what is holding you back, what is the actual problem? And then if that problem seems like something that we can solve and that this program is a good fit, then we'll tell you about it and we'll give you an opportunity to get into the program. Now we are going to give you our undivided attention on this call. So here are a few rules. Number one, we don't offer reschedule, so if you book a time, you must show up. If you do not show up or you ask for a reschedule, we will not give you a second time, so please only book a call if you know you're going to make it. Number two, please be in a quiet place. Do not be in your car, out at the market shopping kids crying in the background.


Give us your undivided focus attention and we will give you ours. We're very serious about this. Also, please bring your business partner or your spouse on the call because we don't do a second call. Okay? We only do one call. Again, my my, as you saw there, my calendar is very limited. We're only doing this for a short time, and I want to again, give you our undivided attention. So please give us yours. Bring your business partner, bring your spouse so that if anybody has any questions, they can be asked on the call. And finally bring your numbers. If you have numbers, if you, if you have business numbers that, that you know how much you're making, what you're spending in ads, if you aren't spending anything in ads, what you've tried, bring that information on so we can really dissect it and find out where's the problem is the problem, your webinars, the problem, uh, your ads, the problem, your ideal, what's the problem? We'll help you figure it out. So go ahead and go to that link. I've included with this video and book a call with my team and I look forward to talking with you and I look forward seeing you in the program if it's a good fit. I hope you enjoyed this video and I look forward to seeing your success.