How To Solve Problems In Your Business Using The SCNA Method

Written By Dan Henry

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Do you struggle with solving problems in your business?

Maybe you aren't sure which problems to solve, get distracted while trying to solve problems, or perhaps even spending your time solving problems that don't contribute to the forward movement in your business.

It's a common issue for a lot of business owners, just like yourself. 

However, the great news is that I have the PERFECT method to show you, which will help alleviate all stress related to problem-solving! 

In my latest video, I'm going to show you how to take any problem in your business, run it through the SCNA Method, and determine whether the problem is worth your time and energy to solve. 

In this video, I'm going to cover:

  • How to determine if your problems need attention now, or if they can wait (or if they aren't even problems at all)
  • How to think like a millionaire, and not fall into "minion mindset"
  • AND... the exact method I use when solving problems in my business!


In this video, I'm going to show you how to systematically solve problems in your business, using the Schnapp method. By the way, if you like videos on how to grow your business, make sure to subscribe. The only reason you wouldn't subscribe is if you hate money,

Hey everybody. My name is Dan Henry and I am the founder of get and the author of digital millionaire secrets. How I built an eight figure business, selling my knowledge online. And today I'm going to show you how to solve problems. Now let me know in the comments real quick, how many of you struggle with solving problems in your business? And you don't know which problems to solve. You get distracted solving problems. Maybe you find that you're solving problems that aren't really contributing to the growth of your business. Well, if that is the case, let me know in the comments. If you've ever felt that way. And in this video, I'm going to show you how to take any problem in your business. Run it through the Schnell method. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it works. This is something I've been using for years and I've grown right now, $15 million in sales.

And I can't wait to show it to you. So forgive me for my terrible handwriting. We have one sheet of paper left. I messed up the age, but it is S C and a schnapps. Now let's say you have a problem. Let me run you through what this method is. If you start at the top and you go down a lot of times, you won't make it to the end, which is great. Because a lot of times we solve problems in our business, or we try to solve problems that either don't need to be solved, aren't a problem or there's other problems that will move the needle in our business further. And we're busy solving BS, superficial problems when we could be solving big problems. So let me show you what each one of these stands for. So as stands for, so what, so what C stands for cause N stands for needle and a stands for anything else.

Now I'm going to explain what each one of these means. When we have a problem, we're going to ask ourselves, so what, so we have this problem and we say to ourselves, okay, so what, what negative thing is happening because of this? Let me give you an example. Well, you know, my, my, I don't like my logo. I just, I can't launch my online course. I can't launch this or I can't launch my coach until I have a nice logo. All right, let's back up. Let's run it through snap. So what I don't like my logo. Do you honestly think that your customers are not going to buy you think you're going to present this amazing offer. You're going to do everything right on a webinar or on a sales video or whatever. You're gonna present this amazing offer. It's going to solve all your customer's problems.

But then at the end, when they get to the order page or they go to book a call or whatever, they're going to say, well, you know what? I didn't like that person's logo. So I'm not going to buy no. Okay. Again. So what, right? I don't like my logo, you know, do you know how many entrepreneurs I have met that? Sit there for weeks on end worrying about what their logo looks like that right there. If you have ever been in that, in that mindset, if I were to give you if there were five stages of a disease stage, one being, you know, early stage five, being your terminal, worrying about your logo would be stage five. Probably if we could create a stage six stage six, it is literally the worst mindset you can have. It is a minion mindset, not a millionaire mindset.

Minions, worry about what their logo looks like. Millionaires don't care. They throw something together and they go, okay, you don't own Coca-Cola alright. You are not Nike. If you are, then you can worry about a logo. If you are a coach and online course creator a consultant, no one cares about your logo except you. No one, not even your dog. Okay? Nobody cares. So you have to ask what negative result will happen. If I don't fix this well, nothing, nothing. The worst case scenario people will be like, well, his logo kind of sucks, but here's my credit card number. No one cares. All right. Look at my logos. I've made over $15 million now selling my own online courses, consulting, coaching. My logos are terrible. Look at my logos. They suck. I don't care because I don't, it doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter. All right.

Now, if you sold a graphic design course, well, now you might say to yourself, well, if my logo doesn't look good and I saw a graphic design course, already logo design course, that could be a problem. So again, that is the one exception where you might want to fix it. But again, that's why you run it through the snap of it. So what if there's no negative effects to the problem? They don't solve the problem or set the problem aside when you don't have any real problems. And we don't have any real problems. Now you can fix the little teeny, tiny, superficial petty problem. Don't be a petty entrepreneur. Be a real entrepreneur. Don't be a minion. Don't think like a minion, think like a millionaire. Now let's say there is a negative effect. Okay. Well, what's the cause. So let's say, you're saying, okay, my ads are, my webinar's not converting.

Right? My webinar's not converting. Alright. Well, what is the cause? Really thinking of really think what is the cause? So let me give you an example. I had a client once who paid to get in our program and he, he watches the videos. Apparently he makes his webinar doesn't convert. He comes on one of the coaching calls and he asked me, he's like, Dan, he's like, my webinar's not converting. So what, okay. Obviously that's an issue because that's how you make sales. What's the cost. He's like, I just don't know what the cause is. And I said, okay, well, let me ask you this. We have this entire training on webinar mastery where I literally create five different webinars, slide by slide from scratch in five different industries for people at a live event. And that is like an MBA in webinars. Did you watch that?

Well, no, not yet. Okay. Did you watch the lesson on how to create a webinar? Well, I skimmed through it. Okay. Did you download the template and watch the 30 minute walk through of the T? Like there, I think there's like, if you want to get started, right. You download the template, you watch the 30 minute overview of the template. Then there's the lesson on how to do it. Then there's the mastery, which is, I mean, there's levels here. Right. And I, and he's like, well, he's like a downloaded the template. You know, I did watch the 30 minute walkthrough. I put it on two X speed. I didn't watch the lesson. He had. I mean, I kind of skimmed through it and I haven't watched the webinar in a weekend event recordings. And I said, wait, what do you think the cause was before you came on this coaching call?

Well, I thought maybe that my customers, you know, weren't or I thought maybe I took too long to get to the close, or I thought maybe I should have done it. Live action and set of slides or all this superficial BS. I said, okay. So what do you think the cause causes now, we'll go through the training. I want to see, do you think if you would go back, log in, go through that training, watch that training really commit yourself to learning how to do great webinars and follow the instructions. Do you think your webinar would be better? And do you think you would make more sales? He said, yes. I said, so what is the cost? I said, it's your laziness. It's your, your you're unwilling to put in the effort required to get good at the thing that you need to get good at it to solve your problem.

That is the cost. Okay. So now we have identified the cause we moved to the needle. Does fixing this problem, move the needle in your business. Well, if your webinar converts better, since that is the main method of sale, then of course it does. Of course it moves the needle. So we moved to the next one. Is there anything else in your business that if we worked on it before solving this problem, it would move the needle more. You say yourself? Well, since my webinars, my main method of sale, and right now we don't have any income come in because it's not converting. No, there's not. Okay. So now you solve that problem and you use what you found as the cause. But a lot of times you won't get here, you might say, okay we have our, we have an issue where for, for some reason our, our website isn't working and when somebody goes to reset their password, they can't do it.

So we have to we have to manually send that whatever. Okay. All right. So, so what, well, obviously that's a big deal. Cause you know, even though you can get your, the customers they're logging in password, your, the team has to do it manually. The customers have to wait longer and it takes time for the team. Okay. So what's the cost. Well, the cause is it, you, you, you, you didn't set it up properly from the beginning and you hired somebody that wasn't good and you'd hire somebody better to figure out the problem. Okay. That's the cost. Will it move the needle in your business? If you fix this kind of, because it will definitely provide a better experience for your customers while at the same time you know actually allowing you to save time on your employees so you can grow.

Okay. So yes it does. Is there anything else right now that can move the needle more? Well, if everything else is going good, then the answer would be known. You'd want to fix it. But if, for instance, your merchant account got shut down and you can't sell anything because you can't process orders as well as, as, as amazing as it would be to fix this problem. So your customers don't have to wait as long. Unfortunately, if you don't have money coming into the company, you can't pay your employees to fix anything. So if so at that point, I would say, you need to fix the merchant account issue first. Then we can go back to this. And as long as you want it through the [inaudible] method, you will not solve problems that are petty. You will solve problems that matter. You will solve problems that matter the most.

And you can systematically go through each problem and you will move forward and progress faster. So, so what is it really a problem? What is the cause? Does it move the needle? And again, you don't always get through the whole thing, but if you do and you see us, it will move the needle. Okay. Well, before we solve it to try to move that needle, is there anything else we can solve in our business right now that will move the needle more? Let's fix that first. Then let's solve this. As long as you stick to this framework for every single problem you have, you will solve the most important problems, the quickest, the fastest, and instead of trying to move at a snail's pace, it's like a hot knife through butter for your problems and the better problems you solve, the faster, the more you grow and the higher you ascend. Okay. So that right there is the [inaudible] method. No, it sounds ridiculous, but that's what it is. If you'd like to learn more about growing profitable business, I'll leave a link in the description where you can get a copy of my book for free, just pay for shipping. And don't forget to subscribe. If you want more videos like this one, see you in the next one. Yeah.