How to Sell Online Courses If You Have No Money for Ads!

Written By Dan Henry

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Can you really get customers for your Online Course if you have no money for ads?

The truth is... YES! In fact I made my first six figures without ads...

Now I want to clear here...

This isn't a strategy you should be doing long term...

But it's a great way to get an initial boost of momentum for your course.
So if you don't have an ad budget and you still want to sell online courses...

Then make sure you check out this video immediately.

Even students in my high-end program face this issue...

But once they implemented the strategy I reveal inside this video...

They started getting sales!

And they didn't have to spend a dime on ads.

Even though I highly encourage you to run paid ads to grow your business...

This is a great strategy if you're just starting out.


Hey everybody, Dan Henry here and today I want to answer a question I get quite a bit, and that is how do I get customers for my online course if I don't have any money for ads? It's a great question. Um, luckily I have the answer because my first $100,000 I made with an online course really didn't come from ads. I might've spent a couple hundred bucks on a retargeting ad, um, for an Encore webinar, but it really wasn't much and it was largely organic. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna tell you the quick story of how I did $100,000 in Mmm. In about 30 days. Uh, and that'll kind of give you an idea of what's possible without ads. So basically what I did was I started a little community and I got people into my community and aye started testing theories out. Yeah. So, you know, I knew that I was going to do a webinar.


I knew that I was going to sell a course, but I wanted to make sure a, that the course was good and B, that it would sell. And so what I did was I threw together a really simple kind of stripped down webinar. It didn't take me much time at all. And in my group of people that were following me for a little bit, again, total organic methods, I did this beta webinar, I guess you would call it ms beta webinar to them. And I sold a beta version of my course. And the promise there was that I would, you know, teach it live. They would not get the course immediate access. They would, they would, you know, not get immediate access to it cause it wasn't created, but they wouldn't be able to hear me teach it live. And then they would get the recordings and they would also get [inaudible] the refined version when that came out.


And so I did this and I sold, you know, I don't know, maybe 12 copies, but that was enough. That was enough for me to get some beta students in and really figure out, you know, I would do, I would do a lesson live and if people were confused, I would, you know, redo the lesson or I'd rephrase it. And I would figure out what really is going to get them results. And by the time this process was done, I had people that not only, you know, I loved my course but they got extra special attention because they were, you know, first in the door. And so they got some good results right away. And I had some good testimonials to start off with. And also as well, you know, even though I threw the marketing together real fast because it was sort of thrown together and it's still sold, that told me that the idea and the offer was good. And so I did this beta group and then once I knew that, you know, I had the, the marketing where would sell and the people liked it, I got encouraged to then really put in the time to refine it. And if I didn't do that process, if I didn't sell it and get a quick win, I probably would have not been in car. I probably would've got discouraged trying to create this program and all this stuff and not knowing if it was going to solve it. It got super discouraged.


So what I did was I went ahead and really put in the time and effort to create a refined version of the program and of the webinar. And when I went in my group and I said, Hey guys, you know, as you know, as you know, a few weeks ago I sold my beta webinar or I mean I sold him a beta access to my course, what we're going to do a new webinar and we're going to share some success stories and this, that, the other thing. And I finally did a live webinar, uh, based on the feedback I got from beta and everything like that. And when I did that live webinar, I did $48,000. Uh, that day I did an Encore of that webinar. I did 52,000. So in a 10 day period there, I made about a hundred thousand. So it was all said and done. He was about 30 days to a hundred grand, uh, you know, couple months if you want to count some of the basic research I was doing and little audience building.


But I really worked my butt off and I grind it and I really didn't spend hardly anything on ads. And then of course, now I had a hundred grand in my pocket. So now I had the money to spend on ads and I did. And from there I grew to now nearly 10 million completely automated. Like I, I made it may have done my webinar once live after that. And that was for a JV and that was just not [inaudible]. I don't like JVs. It didn't really do well, not especially not compared to mine auto webinar. So from there I literally just automated my course and took that money as my starting point and spend it on ads. And the great part was that as soon as I started spending money on ads, because I had really done the research, uh, from the beta process, I really knew what to say in my ads and [inaudible] and have my webinar convert.


And from there, um, as soon as I spent money, I would get it back cause people would buy. So it wasn't like I had a hundred grand budget. As soon as I started spending money, I got sales. So then I had more, again, even more money to spend. And I just scaled it from there. And you know, we did a last month we did over a million in revenue and 731,000 in cash collected. Really good, you know, and that was, that's about a three years. It took me to build that up. Thanks. About three years. Mmm. And now I'm, I'm, I'm scaling and, and flying. Yeah. Uh, and so it all started with me not having money for, for ads. So if you think that you have to have money for ads to get started, you really don't. But what you do have to have money for is your basics.


And yeah, that's going to be things like a few pieces of software and whatnot like that. But really it's more the right help because I could have done this so much faster if I had help. And the thing is there was no real high level help available for me at that point. And that's why I decided to create my sold-out courses program. And I love this program because I can get on calls every week with people. And I created a program where I break down literally step by step the exact strategy of how I did my Bay and how I did my live webinar, how I do my automate and how I master ads, how I scale ads, um, how I make sure the, it's gonna sell how I teach and make sure people love the court. Just everything. It's all broken down and sold out courses and people can get on every week and talk to me about um, questions they have about the program, you know, issues they have with their ads or whatever.


Mmm. It's getting bright out here. Uh, and so that's, you know, that really is a program that I love doing because I love teaching other people how to sell their knowledge. So if you are interested in learning more about the sold-out courses process and if you have a course idea or you sell an online course and you want to see if this is a good fit, then I invite you to book a call with my office. What we'll do is we'll get on a free 45 minute strategy session. Okay. And we'll look at your course idea or your course business and we'll dissect it and we'll start looking at it and figuring out what is wrong or what could go wrong. And if what is wrong is something we can help with. We'll tell you more about the sold out courses program, okay. And what that looks like and what it looks like to work with us.


And we'll only tell you that if we, if we really feel that we can help you. So if you want to click the link, I'll include, uh, with this ah, podcasts or video or whatever you're watching right now. Then you can book a call and simply fill out a few questions. Tell us a little bit more about your business. You'll get on and call my team and they will go ahead and find the problem. And then if the problem is something we can solve, we'll tell you what that looks like. And you can decide at that point if you want to be part of it. It's pretty simple. All right? But we have a ton of success stories in the sold-out courses program. A lot of people have already hit six figures. And, um, I just, I just really love teaching people this stuff. It's like, it's like a huge passion of mine, you know, teaching webinar and ads and all this cool stuff and how to be a better teacher.


I just absolutely love it. It's my favorite thing. So, uh, I hope this know dis episode today was helpful to you and I hope you realize that you really can't get started without a huge ad budget or any adequate budget at all. And as soon as you start making money, you can, you know, you can then use that to scale your ads and, uh, and really make some real money. So, and of course, that's all covered in sold out courses. So if you're interested more in that, you can book a call. Uh, just click the link with this, uh, this episode today and book a call and we'll get on the phone with you and see if we can help. All right. Love you guys and see you next time.