How to Refresh Your Ads that Rise in Cost

Written By Dan Henry

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So I just posted a new lesson in my SOC group...

People always ask me what to do when ads stop working...

All you have to do is use this little "refresh" strategy.
No fluff story, just watch the video.


Hey, everybody is so in this quick video, I thought I'd shoot for you. Um, I'm going to show you how to refresh an ad that was working, doing great, and then all of a sudden the cost Rose. So I'm just gonna give you a real life example of something I did today actually. Um, and that, that worked really well. Or maybe I did this yesterday, I don't remember. But, uh, you'll see here in ad, and I'm sure you guys have seen this ad. It is the, I call it my sleeping Stripe ad [inaudible]. This ad did really well for a long time. I'm like really, really well. And as you can see here, Mmm, it's the same copy and my split tests for this, my variations, the only thing I changed was my headline down here. Okay. That's okay. Literally all I changed now, if you look at the lifetime, see, just change the headline.


So if you look at the lifetime results, this was the ads that I was running and this one over here didn't get approved after just a few. Okay. Uh, registrations. That's okay. Casualty of war, I call it. And this one I turned off cause the cost Rose, I believe. And these are still running. Now, just take a look here. Mmm Neil, notice it in terms of lifetime results, all pretty low cost on the cost per webinar registration. But when we go over here to cost per booked call, again, all very good numbers except this one, which did not have any, uh, calls booked and spend about 200 bucks. Uh, I shut that one off. Now again, whether you're running a call, book funnel or you're running just straight to purchase, uh, I measure my end result of the cost per book. Or if I'm running a [inaudible], Oh, it's straight to purchase, uh, you know, a lower ticket one, then it's, it's, you know, cost per purchase. Um, so what we have here, if you notice the lifetime results, if I go to like last seven days, you'll notice the costs dramatically Rose like this. I got two calls for $2 or a $236. [inaudible]


uh Oh look, this one didn't get any, spent one 92. And if you look at the cost per webinar registration, it Rose A. Little bit as well. Now I'm letting this run mainly for a couple of reasons. One, because these are really low costs and so they will feed retargeting adsets plus I'm D, I don't mind paying that to build a list and broadcast too. Okay. But in reality, if I was, I didn't care about that, I would definitely turn these off or or whatnot. But instead of doing that, what I'm going to do is I'm going to refresh them. And so let me just go back to lifetime. And here's what I did. All I did was I highlighted all of these ads and I hit duplicate [inaudible]. Now I'm not going to duplicate them again cause I already did it, but I hit duplicate and literally, Mmm.


Again, I'm just split testing the headlines here. What I did was I created several batches, as you can see here, okay? And I didn't, again, I, I left the same variations of headlines. I left the same exact copy, but I changed the image and I did three, I believe, three images. So the first image, they literally just duplicated it and change the image. So the first image is this one, which is me biting my iPhone. It has like a $10,000 a day or something, or I dunno how many of $1,000 that is. 32,000, I think it's 32 whatever. Anyway. Mmm. And you know, this really stands out, right? And it's like, Whoa. You know, and I tie the image to the pattern interrupt and blah, blah, blah. Pattern interrupt again, same exact copy, right? All I did was change the image. And then I did this one, and this is me and a actually an SOC student I met in Miami.


He let me test drive his Tesla. So I got a picture with him and of course I did the, if you go to the week three or week [inaudible] module on the add basics to talk about the contrasting colors and how to frame your ads using the golden ratio and all that other stuff. Um, you know, of course you'll see that I follow that same method here. And then another one when I was yacht shopping. Um, this one right here. Okay. Again, still following the golden rule. Mmm. Or the, you know, the, the rule of third golden rule, Fibonacci sequence, whatever. You know, there's several different ways you can call it. Ah, and of course the contrast and colors and all that. Uh, and so all I did was duplicate them and change. And as you can see, look at this like, well, like dollar $88, 30 cents.


Like, who the hell gets a dollar 37 webinar registrations anymore? I do because I know what the hell I'm doing, which is why I'm teaching you guys this stuff so that you can know what the hell you're doing. But look, dollar 88 one 37, three 21. Yeah, that one's four bucks. Still good. Three 91, six 19 know all this stuff. These, I, I'm still letting run even though they're a little bit higher. I, you know, there's delayed attribution. Sometimes it's Facebook, so I'm going to let that go. Uh, but literally I just started these ads. It was either today or yesterday. I don't remember. April 11th. What day is this? Everyone's 12 so I started him yesterday. Mmm. And then if you scroll over here, look at this already on this particular ad set with me. And uh, Alejandra here, two booked calls for 30, 21 each.


Oh my God. I wish I could get $3 booked. Call booked calls for a high ticket product all day long. But as you can see it's already doing well and I didn't do anything except change the damn image. And now I should get another probably another month or two out of the out of these ads. And it took me like literally like just a couple of minutes to do this. And so all you do, and I'll do it real quick here just so you guys can see all you do is you select your batch, which I teach again, I taught you guys how to do all this in the split testing module, a split testing section of week two. Um, but you just hit duplicate and um, but it, but it would have been a bit of a, you know, hit duplicate and then literally you leave these all selected over here and you, all you do is go here and you change the image, you grab a new image. Okay.


Um, like for instance, it doesn't matter which image. Well it does matter cause you obviously want it to be congruent. But I'm just going to grab a random image here just to, uh, yeah. Here I'll use this one. Yeah. So, Oh, for some reason, um, actually [inaudible] there we go. Oh, got, turn that previous on. Yeah. So then this right here shows up. Now I like to hit change image, sorry, not change image. I like to hit crop image and I like to do either, I like horizontals, you know, kind of, I've tested this a lot and sometimes horizontal wins. Mmm. But I find that square or vertical wins more. So, uh, I wouldn't use this particular image until I ma modified it again, using contrasting colors and the, the, the rule of thirds and all that. But why can't use the rule of thirds a little bit right here.


So what I'll do is I'll, let me see if I can rule of thirds, right? Yeah, there, that's fine. So a confirm boom. Now that really stands out a lot more. I don't like that image, but whatever. So now I don't change anything else. Literally don't touch anything else. I go back here now. Um, let's see, I did image four. Yeah. So all do here is, I'll turn these on and then I'll, I'll just go here and I'll hit the little a pencil there and I'll do image five. I just grabbed that. Hit copy, saved a draft image five draft. I remember all this, this thing the same, which five, which five image? Fine. Okay. And that's it. Now again, I'm all, I'm literally only split-testing images and headlines here. Normally I'll split test images. Headline, first sentence, Oh, also known as pattern interrupt. Um, and sometimes I'll, I'll also, you know, if it's a video all split test the thumbnail of the video.


Okay. Um, so that right there is know and then I just hit review and publish. And now I have a whole new set that I can refresh. So I'm adding, I'm using the same angle that I know works, but I'm refreshing it by adding in more split tests. So I'm going to hit discard draft real quick. And let me just show you one more. Um, let me see here. This one's not approved yet because I literally, literally just, uh, we just launched it, but you guys will see this ad soon. And you'll notice here that it's, uh, so I'm, I'm testing two copies. I'm testing, um, two thumbnails of the video and to headlines. Okay. So for instance, I'll just show you the difference here. So this one, Oh, here, I'll play this for you real quick. Give you a little sneak peek.


Anyway, it's a funny little play on a full metal jacket, but you'll, you'll see it. So this one right here, uh, the, the, the last half of the copy's the same, but the first half is this whole like, what if we ran our online courses business? Oh crap. Got a freaking typo. You know what, whatever. What if we ran our online course business? Like the military meaning and so I did this whole like, what if we, you know, this angle? Like what if we ran our online courses like the military? And then this other one right here, actually it's in review. So I'll edit it. This other one right here is, Oh, let me just hit [inaudible] preview is do silly ads convert for online courses. So one is like, Hey, does silly ads convert? Well, here's an example of a silly ad. The other ones, Hey, what if we ran our online course business like the military?


So different copy. Mmm. Slightly different angle. Aye. Yeah. But I normally don't put different angles in the same ad set, but in this particular case I am just because I'm using the same video creative, so I do experiment a little bit. Uh, and then also you'll notice that here's the thumbnail for this particular a video. And then that's thumbnail B. So thumbnail a would be this one and it's just slightly different. Uh, and then, you know, different headlines. Okay. And that's it. And, uh, yeah, so [inaudible] then this obviously is a brand new add now because I have 20 ads in here on one ad set. This should last for a long time. Uh, the one with this, with the sleeping Stripe, I only had like six, so it didn't last all that long lasted maybe a month, whereas this one should probably last for a little bit longer.


And then if I ever need to make it continue to last longer, I'll just refresh it again with a different thumbnail or a different copy or different headline or just change something about it and let it refresh. And so this is how you can continuously refresh your ads, especially the ones that are working. Because you know, when something's working, a lot of times people will just turn it off and they lose this awesome converting angle that they could have ran for months and months. I've had ads I've run for over a year and I just keep refreshing it. Um, that's it. You know, that's it. So, um, I and I, I did this back when I was running my agency and I did it for local businesses. I would refresh it and it works the same for online course ads and webinar ads. So hope this helps guys, and I will see you [inaudible] the next sold out courses, coaching call. Look forward to helping, uh, you guys with your ads and, uh, yeah, see you soon.