See Behind The Scenes of a Sold Out Courses Coaching Call

Written By Dan Henry

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If you are considering Sold Out Courses, then I’d like to invite you to see a segment from one of our recent coaching calls…

In this call, a woman came on needing help with her ad copy...

To be quite honest it was pretty terrible.

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But first, watch this segment from a recent coaching call and see if it resonates with you…


Hey everybody, Dan Henry here. And if you're watching this video, it's likely that you watched my webinar on how I grew my multimillion dollar online course business. Uh, and you may be considering my sold out courses, programs. So what I like to do in this video is show you a little behind the scenes of what happens on these sold out courses, coaching calls every week. We have, right now we have two calls. One is with me and one is with my media buyer that runs my Facebook ads and sold out courses. Students can come on the calls, ask questions, show us their stuff, their ads, funnels, webinars, slides, whatever and get, um, feedback if they have issues or problems running their campaigns, conversion, whatever. So what I'd like to do right now is I'm going to show you a little clip from last week's coaching call where this woman brought on her ad that was not doing very well.


It was getting disapproved and it just wasn't working. Now I want to give you a little context to this. First of all, you must understand that the way I coach is very, very unique. I am not like most coaches where I'm super nice and I'm super encouraging. I am nice. I am encouraging. Yeah. Yeah. I am really direct and really blunt. Uh, I want to make sure everyone gets there. Question answered on these calls and I want to make sure they get the right value and it's not just a bunch of raw, raw, so I'm very blunt, very direct and sometimes I can be pretty harsh and so I want you to keep in mind that that is the tone of these calls. But everyone in the sold out courses program loves it because they come to me for, you know, the raw real stuff.


No hype. Um, so what you're about to see is actually a bit harsh and the reason it's harsh is because she had hired another coach before she got in, sold out courses, paid that coach a lot of money to help her. Okay. Learn to write copy for her ads. That coach then looked at her ad copy and said this is great. Okay. [inaudible] when I looked at it, I saw that it was completely the opposite. And to be quite honest with you, angered me. It angered me that someone out there was taking people's money and teaching them how to write terrible ad copy. And that's reflected in the advice I'm about to give her. So what's you're about to see is me looking at her ad, evaluating her copy and then suggesting different copy and also kind of not being too shy about the fact that I thought whoever she hired wasn't that good.


So, uh, just keep in mind, I am direct, I am pretty harsh on these calls. Um, but I'm here to fix your problem, not give you a bunch of motivational rah rah. So with that said, I'm gonna go ahead and show you the clip now and you can see behind the scenes of what it's like to be on a solo courses coaching call. Do I have this some way I can go look it up? Yeah. So actually you really do want to change this because I think what's getting it disapproved is this get help the body you want. Okay. That's what's probably doing it. So I would, I would change that first and resubmit. Um, and yeah, and yeah, but here's the thing, like, like look at the, the name of your cheat sheet. Um, gain energy by timing your meals. So like this copy, it's just bad.


Like I don't know where you learned copy, but let me give you an example of what good copy would be for this. Okay. Um, something like I had this approved, but don't worry, I'm not going to mention a person and I'm fine with just saying don't, I don't want to embarrass them. So, uh, you know, I would say something like, I dunno, seven years ago I was sitting in a gym on a bench looking down at myself wondering why I had been here for months and nothing had changed. Every day I would walk into the gym, look in the mirror and never once would a smile stretch across my face. I had been eating much better than I ever had. I had been choosing my meals carefully. I gave up carbs, I gave up sugar, I did everything. And then this person sits down to me, sits down next to me that I instantly wanted to slap.


She was my age but looked far better and she had a bag with her and in this bag was a burger, a freaking burger, and I couldn't help myself. It took every little ounce of me not to jump over and tackle this woman, but instead I kept myself calm and I simply asked, ma'am, can I ask you a personal question? She turns around and says, sure. I've really been trying to get in shape and I notice that, well, you look like you've been making a lot more progress than me. I've seen you around and I've seen you make much faster progress yet you're holding a burger. How are you making this much progress in eating like that and that and that and what happened next? Changed my life forever. What this woman told me, set me on a completely different path. That changed everything for me and eventually led me to the progress I truly was looking for.


She said, it's not what you eat, it's when you eat. And the conversation that happened over the next 30 minutes was the most eye opening and insightful thing I've ever learned about health. In fact, it inspired me so much that I went out and got certified as a health coach to learn even more. And since then I've helped dozens of clients get healthy through proper nutrition. Not just about what you eat, but when you eat. Would you like to know what was covered in that 30 minute conversation? Would you like to know what she told me that changed my life forever? If so, then I want you to click the link included with this post and download my cheat sheet that goes over seven things, blah, blah, blah, whatever that is. Good copy. This is great copy. Well yeah, because I'm good at this and the guy you hired, his shit at it.


That's the bottom line. Like some people are good at this and some people aren't. I'm good. Listen to me. Okay. These calls are recorded. Yes, they're all recorded. Wonderful. Where do I get the recording? It'll be uploaded in 24 hours. Okay, great. Yeah, and fire. That other dickhead who doesn't know what he's doing. It's already done. That's why I'm with you. Awesome. Yeah. Sometimes you just gotta work with better people. It's the bottom line. Thank you. Thank you. Of course. That's exactly what's happened to me. I keep saying why is it that a new eating, a packet of fries or you know, eating chips or something. Well what do you do you do that? Um, cause I have a personal trainer. We always talk about the [inaudible]. You do the, what do they call that? Uh, intermittent fasting. I do that from time to time. Yeah.


But I'm, I'm not doing it right now. Yeah, whatever. You're the health coach. So anyway. Cool. All right. I hope that helps and adds a great deal. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Fantastic. I hate to be harsh like that, but it really aggravates me when somebody charges somebody money and they're just not there. They just suck at what they do and they, they take people's money and you know what I mean? Like it's aggravating. Like I, I hate that. It's like if you're going to take somebody's money and tell them that this copy or that ad or this funnel is good, you better damn well know what you're doing. It just like, that's why I do what I do because I don't like pisses me off. I have to go fix it. I got to fix the world's shitty marketing anyway. All right, so if that little clip that I just showed you resonated with you and maybe it doesn't, maybe, maybe I'm a little too brash for you, maybe I'm a little too direct.


Best, totally fine. That's why we look for the right people to come into the program. Okay. [inaudible] really resonate with, you know, my coaching style. So if it did resonate with you and, and you want to be on the next sold out courses coaching call. Okay? And I'd like you to click the button below this video and fill out a few short questions about your business, about your online course idea or business. And then on the next page you will book a call, choose a time to talk to my team. We're going to get on the call. Look at your business and see what is preventing you from getting to the next level. And if those problems are problems that [inaudible], we think we can solve that, the sold out courses program consult, then we will show you what's included and what's, uh, what that looks like.


And then you can choose to be a part of it at that time. No. Okay. So go ahead and click the button right now and apply for the of that courses program book your free 45 minute strategy session. And at the very least you will get a ton of value out of this strategy session because we will figure out, you know, what's really preventing you from [inaudible] getting to the next level. And like I said, if we can help, um, we'll tell you what that looks like and you can make the decision at that time. Okay. But go ahead and click the button now because we are going to be raising the price of solar courses very, very soon. Mmm. And so if you click the button now and you get it on a call, you will get offered our special pricing that we have right now before we raise it. Okay? So I look forward to speaking with you. I look forward to seeing you on the calls, and I wish you the best of luck with your online course business. So see you soon.