How to Use the Reverse Launch to Sell Millions in Online Courses

Written By Dan Henry

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Everyone is always talking about how to "launch" your course...

They say that is where the big money is...

But I don't believe that. I believe the money is in "growth".

Almost every billionaire would agree with me...

In fact, that's how Warren Buffet (and every other investor) puts a valuation on a company.

One word.... GROWTH.

Not spurts of income, GROWTH.

For the last 2 years, I was stuck at about $200,000 per month (Not that I'm complaining).

But I made a few changes that broke through the ceiling...

I stopped launching side products, I stopped doing promotions. I just focused on getting more people into my machine and letting it run...

But I did one other thing that worked REALLY well...

I took the psychology of a "launch" and did it in reverse...


Hey, what's up everybody? Dan Henry here. And in this video I wanted to go ahead and show you how I use the concept of reverse launches to sell millions of dollars in my online courses. All right, so let's go ahead and jump in. Okay, so normally when it comes to say a launch or even if it's just email list building, right? Both of these I would consider an old way to market, especially when selling online courses. So let me show you, let me draw out how this thing usually goes down. So normally what you have here is you'll have something like a squeeze page or some sort of way to, you know, get the email. We'll just call that like squeeze page. It could also be you're giving away a cheat sheet. You're giving away a something or other challenge or whatever it can be. A variety of things they want.


This does is it leads into a series of emails. All right? Email after email after email after email. And these emails will generally go to a, a variety of videos, right? And you have to film and shoot these videos. And these videos, uh, obviously go one into the next and these emails point into these videos and this all happens over the course of several weeks or what have you. And then eventually there is a, you know, um, I'll put SP for sales page and it's this really long sort of page and it'll have like multiple things on it and you know, that dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, all this text, multiple things, multiple videos, whatever. And then eventually after all this has set up all these videos or films, this huge long sales pages written and all this time has passed. Then eventually we get to asking for the sale and making some money, right?


And then you go back into this whole process again months later and you just do it all over again. And it's just, to me, absolute chaos. So let me show you what I do instead. And I call this a reverse launch. So the reason that people do this is because they believe that if you build up enough value ahead of time, when it comes time to ask for the sale, then it's very easy for the customer to say yes. And that is true. Absolutely. If you build up a ton of value over time, it obviously it's much higher percentage chance that someone will say yes. But you also have to deal with the fact that during that time, during that time, you've also lost a lot of people that potentially could have bought because they got shiny object syndrome and went somewhere else. They found some other way to solve that problem now.


And so they bought that. They did a variety of things, right? And when you really balance that out, I don't personally think you make that much more money. In fact, I think you lose money. And I've tried both ways. So let me show you the way that I do it. Now that is generated an extraordinarily high value per subscriber. So what I do now is simply this, we have an ad, right? A Facebook ad and that goes to a webinar right now, this webinar goes directly to a sale, okay? Now this process right here is you know, very short and if somebody comes in and this makes sense to them, they're going to buy no sales pages, no long drawn out content and videos and all this stuff. Just add a webinar sale, okay? Now, if they don't buy, when they watch the webinar right away, then there are a very small amount of emails that will convince them to go back and make that purchase within a very short amount of time.


Now, if they get through this whole sequence and they don't buy, they don't buy, what we're going to do is we're going to throw them into a very long what's called Seinfeld sequence. Now, the person that came up with this idea, or at least the person that's most often credited with it, is Ben settle. And what Ben settle does is he's a, he's a popular email marketer. What he does is he sends an email a day, every single day and he somehow ties it back to his product. And the reason it's called Seinfeld emails because it's essentially emails about nothing, right? And what you do is you find something in your day, uh, and you tell the story and you somehow relate it back to your product. And so if you're selling one product, then you would relate that back to that product somehow tell a story or whatever.


Now that's what I do, but I do it in a slightly different way. Instead of just talking about nothing. What I do is I set up a series of emails and these emails are not based on any sort of launch mentality. They're not based on any sort of sequence. They're just value, right? They're just value after value after value. Like this video you're watching right now and these videos, our one a day, or at least at least five times a week, and it's one per day and I just give some value or I overcome an objection or I motivate or something like that. I generally don't do emails about nothing. So I guess, I guess I wouldn't call it a Seinfeld sequence, but essentially what I do is I look at all the various objections that my client could have and I come up with a video or an email or some sort of content and I just keep stacking that and I just literally keep this email sequence that goes on forever.


Every time I have a new idea, a new way, I can answer an objection, I'll film a video or I'll do something like that. And all of these will go back to where the webinar, why? Because this right here, this is the machine that I've built, that is what's making me money. And there are so many people that when they get past this sequence, they're on very simply offense. They're on this fence right here. Here they are, right? And so here's the difference between and why I call it the reverse launch, is because generally when somebody comes in to a launch sequence, what you're trying to do is you're trying to override the fence. You're trying to make the fence something that is not going to be a problem because you give upfront value, so when it comes time to buy, then there is no fence, right?


That's the whole idea. What I'm doing is I'm getting the buyers that are ready to buy right now through this seasoned process and then I create a bunch of ways to get them off of the fence and to buy period because once they get into this, they're on the fence. That's where they are. They've watched the webinar, they've gone through the emails, they've gone through the sequence, they are now on the fence and these emails are meant to get them off and when I drive them back to the webinar this time when they watched the webinar and they're offered a chance to buy, they're essentially in the same position as if I did a launch and I built up a whole bunch of upfront value. And so what this does, it allows me to do one very special thing. It allows me to spend money on Facebook and make money using this process and getting those buyers that are ready to buy right now with out having to wait days and weeks for, to know if my ads are working.


Because at the end of the day, you can look at your ad spend. You can say, Oh, what's my cost per lead? What's my cost per click? And all this stuff. But the bottom line is that means nothing. What matters is your cost per sale. You can get the greatest cost per lead and cost per click, but if your cost per sale is too high, you're screwed. Right? I cannot count the amount of ad sets I've looked at that have had, you know, $3 leads that have had a $1,200 per sale on nine 97 product. But then I'll have $15 leads and I'll have a $300 per sale. So the bottom line is you, if you're going to spend money, you're going to scale your online course. You absolutely need to be able to make money within a day or two of you spending it. And that's what this process is for.


And that's why we do this first, right? We do it first. We get our ad money back, we make a profit on our ad money and in the backend, profit comes in here and that's without any upsells, right? Like I don't even have any upsells to this currently. And maybe I'll add one, maybe I won't. But the bottom line is right now we're doing it without upsells. This right here is where the backend money is. You have to have all this crate. That's one thing that gets people on back, uh, on backend products. Like, Oh, I need to make my money on the back end. Uh, you know, because, uh, you can't make any money on the front end, so now I've got to create all these other offers. No, you don't have to create these other offers. You just have to get better at selling your front end product.


I made $3 million before I ever had a second product. You see what I'm saying? Like all this, this idea that you have to have this, Oh, you can have the best you can hope. Do is to break even on the front end and then you've got to create all these backend products. No, that's BS. That's crap. That just means the people that are telling you that aren't good at selling that one product, right? So let's get good at selling our one product. So listen, if this was valuable to you, and if you are here, you are off the fence, I'd like you to get off of this fence and I'd like you to click the link included with this video and book a call with my team. All right, it's going to be a free call. We'll go over your existing online core strategy and what we think we can do to change it and take it to the next level and get you producing, you know, wherever it is, that next level, if you're brand new and you need to start making sales, we'll get you there. If you're, if you're making tens of thousands of dollars a month and you want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, we will get you to that step. Like, we'll look at what you're doing and we'll craft a plan to get you to the next step and tell you how we can make it happen for you. All right, so you guys soon, Dan Henry out.