How To Read A Book A Day In Under 12 Minutes

Written By Dan Henry

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How do you read a book a day in under 12 minutes a day?

Sounds impossible, right? Well, I'm going to show you that it's not! 

All of the best marketers or influencers out there usually rely on telling stories or experiences from the past and relating that to their niche in today's world. 

And how do they do that?

Because they read books and fill their brains with knowledge!

And this is the reason why reading and studying everything you can about your audience, market, and business niche are crucial to your success. 

Furthermore, the great news is that I have a super ninja secret hack that will allow you to consume information in a streamlined way and up your game super fast.

In this video, I'm going to cover:

  • Why listening to an "audiobook" while doing another task at the same time is actually negative to the productivity of both of those tasks, and what you can do to change that
  • How to get a ton of ideas and golden nuggets from books while only spending 12 minutes or less a day on it
  • AND... how to use this secret ninja tool to up the game on your storytelling abilities in your marketing and messages!


How do you read a book a day in just under 12 minutes a day? That's what I'm going to answer in this video, by the way, don't forget to subscribe to my channel. If you like videos on how to grow your business, how to grow companies.

All right, guys. So how do you read a book a day and under 12 minutes a day, my name is Dan Henry and I am the author of this book, digital millionaire secrets, how I built an eight-figure business, selling my knowledge online. And one of the secrets to being an entrepreneur, a successful entrepreneur is, you know, you gotta, you gotta fill up that noggin with knowledge, with skills, with strategies, you gotta know this stuff and believe it or not reading a book a day is actually the most Ninja thing you can do for your brain. Especially as an entrepreneur. Now, Warren Buffett says that he reads 500 pages a day and that he, you know, that's the secret to his success. Well, I don't have time to read five pages a day. I literally like run multiple seven-figure companies, my main company, but I have other companies that I've built and I've consulted with and you know, I'm busy.

And so the thing is, is how, how do I read a book a week, let alone a book debt? Well, this is, this is how I figured this out. And this is actually a really, really, really, really cool. So when I work out in the morning, I usually, this is how it started until I figured out this, this cool Ninja thing that I'll share in a moment. But I started out thinking, well, if I can read a bit, every day, I'll really get the skills up. So every morning when I work out, I would put on an audiobook, I played over my little JBL party box speaker, and I would listen to it. And so I'm working out and I'm listening to it. Now here are two problems with this number one, I really wasn't getting jazzed up for my workout because I'm listening to somebody read a book and not, you know like seven dust or, or, you know, rock music or whatever to get me pumped up.

So that sucks. But the other thing is that I would think about the things that they're saying, and I would get distracted thinking about it and thinking about how I can implement it. And I wouldn't focus on my workout. So I came across and I'll be honest. I don't remember how I learned about it, but I came across this app called blink list. It's a little app you can download on your phone. It costs, I think like 89 bucks a year, which is nothing for, for what you get and what they do is they take books. Okay, they'll take a book and they'll summarize it into a little audio file. So imagine an audiobook, but instead of listening to eight hours of the audiobook, it's 12 minutes, 12, 13 minutes. So what they do is they, the biggest points, the biggest, most, you know important points of the book and they share them in an audio file.

And so you listen on, on the different chapters, it's like a summary and you can get the main gist of the book right on your phone. So what I do is every morning I pick a book, I have coffee and I listened to the book and I get all kinds of ideas, all kinds of things that, that helped me, you know? And, and yes, it's not as good as reading the entire book or listening to the entire audiobook, but here's, what's cool. When I sit down and read a book, sometimes the book isn't that good. Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's okay. Sometimes I get one golden nugget. So here's what I do. I listen to a book a day with the blink list. And then if there was one chapter that was really good. And I was like, Ooh, that's good. I need to buy this book and read that chapter.

I do it. Or if the whole thing was good, then I buy the book and I take the time to read the entire book. Maybe, you know, maybe I read for a few minutes every night or, or I, on Saturday, I might read the book. So, but how do you know which books to take an entire couple of hours out of your day, sit down and read that book. Like it's hard and it gets, it gets daunting because you're like, well, what if the book sucks? What if I'm not interested? But when you listened to the blink list or the blinker, whatever they call it, you get the whole summary. So, you know, whether or not it's, you know, it's worth it to sit down and read the book. So that's, what's really, really, really cool about that. And that's how you can read a book a day in just under 12 minutes a day.

And then again, the important books that you want to really delve into, even listen to the audiobook, or you can get the actual hardcover book. Now, not every single book is on this app. Like for instance, my book digital millionaire secrets is not on it. I don't know how to contact you. I haven't looked into contacting them about it, or if I want to have to think about that, cause I really want you to read the whole book. But the thing is, is that not every book is on it, but the major popular books, all the New York times bestseller stuff like that, they're usually on there. So it's a great, great, great resource. And the other thing is, you know, when you're telling stories in your marketing, you know, you know, a lot of stories that you tell when you're doing marketing and you're doing advertising, they're rehash stories that have been told hundreds, thousands of times, often the, like in my book, I tell stories about, you know Alexander Pope and poets and, and how, how things people did things way back in the day that remained true today and illustrated, you know, what happened in history and how that affects today and, and how that affects marketing today and the psychology.

And, you know, these are examples that have been shared many, many times in many, many books, made videos and movies, perhaps. Where do you think people get the ideas to use these stories, to leverage these stories? They read books, but again, you're busy, right? You're super, super busy. And you're, you're, you're, you're chugging along to try and build your company. So this right here is literally like the most amazing freaking app I've ever, ever looked into. I've ever seen I've ever used because I can read a book a day. And if I find one that is amazing, I go buy it. Now, listen, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna leave a link below in the description where you can check out the blink list. And also if you want to get my book, digital millionaire secrets, which unfortunately you'll have to, you'll have to actually get this book.

Here's what I'm gonna do. You will have to read the book and I do have a full audiobook, but I'm not going to charge you for the book. All you have to do is pay shipping. And I will give you this book for free. This is literally all my knowledge or at least, well, not all of it, but the biggest things that helped me build an eight-figure digital pro, sorry, I got contractors in here at doing drywall work. But this right here, this book literally is the biggest things that helped me grow a, an eight-figure digital product business. I pack them into one book. It's a short read. It's about 200 pages. I'll give you the book free, just pay for shipping. And I'll leave a link below where you can grab a copy of this book and you'll have an opportunity to get the audiobook as well.

There's a little, a little option for them. Okay? So that is how you read a book a day. And I promise you if you can do this, if you can do it every morning, over coffee, you will be smarter every single day. You'll have more ideas for marketing, advertising storytelling, and you'll just get smarter. I don't know. I was an idiot. I was in my early twenties. I wasn't yeah. Position. I was just one of those. Like if I talked to myself, then I would probably think I was dumb. I probably wouldn't even give myself a time of day. Do you think I just waved a magic wand and got smarter? No, I read books. I consume things from smarter people than me, and I just became smart. So if you want to become smart, which is kind of required to build a million-dollar company, read a book a day, Warren buffet did not have this little app. So you do so take advantage of the time. Take advantage of technology. I'll leave a link to all that below. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe, seeing the next video.