How One Of The World’s Most Famous Speakers Overcame Stage Fright

Written By Dan Henry

Stage Fright doesn't have to just be speaking on stage. It can be going live on Facebook, doing a webinar, or simply sending an email to my list.

If you're afraid to put yourself out there, the things you want in life won't come easy. It means that everything will move at a snail's pace. Progress will take much longer because you're not able to take advantage of opportunities that require being visible.

In this video I tell the story of a man named Joel that went from extreme stage fright to becoming one of the most popular speakers in the world. Watch this video and ask yourself – When is it time for me to shine?

Here is what is covered…

  • Why Joel took the stage & how you can start your journey.
  • How to find inspiration in even negative comments so you can keep improving.
  • How to overcome your fear and grow your business.


If you've ever dealt with stage fright or just a fear of putting yourself out there that I'm going to show you how a young kid named Joel went from having severe stage fright to speaking in front of a packed Yankee stadium, so back in the 19 nineties, there was this young kid named Joel and his father was a pastor and they own a small church in the Houston, Texas area. Now Joel was into videography and doing all the tech stuff behind the scenes and while his father would you sermons and preach on stage, he would work the soundboard and the video stuff and all that good stuff and keep production going and he always liked being behind the scenes that has bothered his father, always encouraged him to get up on stage and preach a sermon, but Joel never wanted to. He had enormous stagefright and he could never just bring himself to get on stage and put himself out there. One day in 1999, finally Joel's Father had convinced him to get up on stage and preach a sermon, but something happened a couple of days before.

Joel set to take the stage, his father had fallen ill and wound up in the hospital, and so Joel not only had to deal with the fact that he was going to get up on stage for the first time and preached the congregation, but he also had to deal with the fact that his father was in the hospital, but he got up there and he preached his very first sermon and his father watched it from his hospital bed and you know what? Joel did a pretty darn good job.

It wasn't as good as his father yet, but he got up on stage and he did it, but then things took a turn for the worse for Joel's father and a few days later he passed away and in the blink of an eye, Joel went from just appeasing his father and getting up on stage and preaching one sermon to now having to take over the entire church and preach every single week. Now, if it wasn't bad enough that Joel had stage fright and members of the church even said that he wasn't as good as his father and maybe he should just give up. Maybe he should just hire somebody else, but Joel wanted to honor his father's memory. Joel wanted to push through because he knew how much it would mean to his dad and so every week Joel preached and he got a little bit better and a little bit better and a little bit better and more people started coming to the church and the amount of people watching online grew and grew and grew. Joel got better. More people followed him, more people changed the church and it grew.

Several years later, Joel had grown so much that he had packed out the Yankee stadium for a special event and he had preached one of the largest attended sermons history. Tens of thousands of people filled Yankee stadium, and he stepped onstage and preached in front of tens of thousands of people. Just a few short years before that. He couldn't even grasp the idea of stepping up there. Once in front of less than a hundred people at his church today, Joel has the largest syndicated church on the planet and his sermons have been watched by millions, and if you haven't guessed it by now, Joel's last name is steam. That's right. The most well known, popular and complish preacher of all time, Joel Olsteen and used to be a kid sitting behind a computer thinking he would never ever be able to get onstage. So if you woke up this morning thinking, I can't do that.

I can't put myself out there. I can't get on stage. I can't go live on Facebook. I can't write a book. I can't make a video. Whatever it is you think you can't do, I promise you you can and you will. But to have to take that first step, you have to get on stage that first time and begin the journey. Three years ago, I stepped on stage for the first time that I began my journey, and while it wasn't the stage in front of people, it was an online stage. I was able to grow from a small startup company to a multimillion dollar business that is now get, and I'm recording this video from my office in downtown St. Pete and I'm here to tell you whether it's me, whether it's Joel, whether it's sally, Bob, Tom, Harry, and yes you you can do it. So let me know in the comments what have you not done because of fear. What opportunity have you missed because you just didn't think that you could step on stage and tell me what you're going to do about two guys in the next video. Thanks for watching my youtube video. If you go ahead and click the subscribe button now, I will give you $1,000,000 in hugs and kisses.